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McLaren boss Zak Brown has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the performance of his top dollar Formula 1 race winning driver Daniel Ricciardo, who, apart from a win at Monza last year, has been disappointing since joining the team. In fact, moves are in motion at Woking to remove Ricciardo from his race seat.

When Daniel Ricciardo left Renault at the end of 2020 to join McLaren, it was difficult to imagine that a year and a half later, the Australian driver would be in such disarry. Since his arrival at the Woking based Formula 1 team, the ‘Honey Badger’ has very often finished far behind his teammate Lando Norris. The biggest gut kick for the Australian is that he left Red Bull because a young fast team mate, only to find himself in the same postion at McLaren.


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Apart from his brilliant victory at the Italian Grand Prix last year, the former Red Bull driver is struggling and cannot find the right rhythm. This season, Ricciardo has only scored 11 points, compared to 39 for his British teammate. A situation that does not please Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing.

It is rumoured that already moves are being made to remove Daniel Ricciardo from his race set at McLaren, something that has been on the cards for many months now as reported by this website some time ago. Certainly another young Australian’s name has been linked to the seat.


Speaking to Sky Sport F1, Zak Brown said:

“We would obviously like to see Daniel a lot closer to Lando and have a good internal battle. Daniel is just not comfortable with the car yet. We are doing everything we can; again, it was a disappointing weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix.

“Apart from Monza 2021 and a few other races, it’s not up to his or our expectations,

“All we can do is continue to work hard as a team, keep the communication going, continue our efforts and hope that whatever is wrong at the moment will be resolved soon.”





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21 responses to “Ricciardo removed

  1. OUI, il serait grand temps que Ricciardo prenne sa retraite comme on veut introduire de force un Piastri par exemple !

  2. It is sad when journalists disguise personal opinion as fact. Give your opinion but clearly indicate it as such and not fact.

  3. I don’t know what it is with Danny Ric but since the arrival of Verstappen it has only been downhilll with him. Every move he made, made it worse. If it does not get a lot better very soon, his F1 career is over

  4. I never rated him as a good driver. He does like the limelight and lives interviews. As a driver I have never seen anything outstanding about him. Mind you I could say that about half the field these days. Ok yes they can drive better than me, I never claimed to be an F1 driver. And in my opinion he would not be in my team if I owned one. I see Russel, Norris, Hamilton, Verstappen, and Charles as the main drivers our their and could possibly outshine in a great car like Verstappen and Hamilton did before. If I had the money and a team I would just take Norris and Russel as both are young and have plenty the add . Ricardo I believe has beaten Norris a few times new one in the first race and vaguely remember a couple more. I believe Sainz is incapable of doing it every race and Chico won’t be allowed but is capable. I also see Mexico GP where he will be told to stay behind max all season and in that race the fans in Mexico will boo him this year

    • Considering how many times Riccardo has had mechanical failures, it’s well within any right to assume that his distrust in his cars exists. It’s also common knowledge that any driver with relentless mechanical issues is never going to do well. How can you get points with a piss poor car? A broken car? Daniel has proved time and time again when the car is good, he’s on fire and can hold it to the top tier teams. Stop painting it in any other brush. Most Aussies have been let down time again by F1 teams. It’s a known fact.

  5. On the subject of team orders, allowing teams to decides who will win the race is against the integrity of any sport lotus, ferrari and mclaren once employed
    the best driver and let them race.
    But now it is not left to the best man on the day who wins how can divers claim to be the best if the pits are calling the shots when this happens it is no longer a race so what is the FIA doing, change the name to the grand perade.

  6. Daniel didn’t leave Red Bull because of a new young team mate. He left because the team grossly favored that team mate despite Daniel beating him their first three seasons together.

  7. Hamilton can go to hell he is the BIGGEST asshole alive as he always has an ATTITUDE problem.

      • Clearly you don’t like the truth. That’s ok, he’s not alone then in having his head up his arse…..

        • The truth is I don’t really care for Hamilton but when I see someone supposedly an adult speaking like a spoiled 3rd grader throwing a tantrum about a person he doesn’t know, I put it straight and the more you offend me the more you fit the bill.

          • You dont really care, but yet, the more someone offends you…….comical.
            You call people 3 year olds, and you’re no different via lashing out. Hypocrisy at its finest. You fit your own bill. Sit down, get back to your corner, and just stfu.

          • Once you learn to read better, try to see if you can understand what I wrote, then compare it to your own utterings.

          • I read exactly what you wrote, you just fail to realise you’ve been called on your bullshit, further more proving your utter ignorance, naivety and ill ability to comprehend anything outside of your narrow perspective. As I stated before, go back to your corner and stfu.

          • You seem to be very fascinated with feces. Maybe you are on the wrong forum?

  8. It’s baffling and sad to see a driver as talentet as RIC appear defeated by the previous MCL35M and current MCL36. As I write this, I’m reading of his shunt into the barriers during Monaco FP2. Could HAM also end up completely defeated by W13?

  9. I have been an avid race enthusiast since the late sixties and i qualify myself to critique the current F1 situation. A SHAMBLES! Petty bilionaire bullshit. What about the sport guys? The one i remember took its roots at Mont Tremblant in Quebec. The hay days of Jackie Stuart. The name of the game was a class act. Our club racing saw the likes of Gilles Villeneuve start his rise to stardom. Cobras Mini Coopers Formula Ford Formula B and people like Roger Peart who gave of their time to grow the sport. Alas todays F1 looks like both a failure and the end of an era. Let it be. Because i don’t see the value of paying to attend an event that thru its antics and in-fighting have left an indelible stain on a sport that once was the greatest show on earth.

    • Brilliant James, absolutely spot on not like most of clowns that make such inane comments

  10. It’s sad to see the decline that has happened to and with Ricciardo, but he’s still young and there’s still hope. As for this article, that title is quite misleading. Maybe the clickbait like title was a bit much. Either way, hopefully Danny gets his stuff together and either makes Mcclaren work or he finds a team that can get him where everyone knows he can and should be. He has the talent to be every bit as good as verstappen or Hamilton. I just think he’s either lacking confidence or with the wrong team.

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