New evidence: Lewis hits Magnussen

During the opening lap of the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamiton and Kevin Magnussen made contact at turn four of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya resulting in both drivers dropping towards the back of the field. For many fans, the finger was firmly pointed at the Haas driver Magnussen, despite the stewards declaring it a racing incident with no further action. New evidence appears to show that it was in fact the Mercedes driver was most at fault, with clear footage showing Lewis hitting Magnussen.

After the contact, Magnussen was forced off the track and into the gravel, resulting in the Dane falling to the back of the field. Hamilton slowed significantly nursing a rear puncture and limped into the pits for new tyres. The British driver then fought his way back through the field, finishing in fifth place ultimately, despite asking the team to retire the car initially.



A lot of Lewis Hamilton fanatics pointed their collective finger at Kevin Magnussen, blaming the Haas driver for causing the failure of perhaps the brightest start to a Grand Prix for Lewis this season. Indeed the onboard footage did appear to show Magnussen close in on Hamilton, forcing contact near the apex of turn four, but new evidence has emerged with onboard footage taken from the following car of Mick Schumacher.

The footage clearly shows Hamilton losing control of his harder tyre shod Mercedes and hitting Magnussen who had given plenty of room whilst trying to go side by side through the turn, the Dane no doubt hoping to then get the favourable inside line of turn five afterwards.

Regardless, the biggest loser turned out to be the Dane who failed to make any real impact from the back of the field whilst Lewis scored good points for Mercedes.




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  1. Ham is a past master at pushing other drivers off track and making it appear as if the other dtiver was at fault. With this new evidence, Ham has to be handed a severe punishment. He has been getting away with it for far too long. Drivers like him are a shame in F1, not withstanding his undeserved multiple WDCs and equally execrable knighthood.

    • To put politely you are a total moron..Hamilton is one of the fairest drivers there has ever been, did he make a fuss about being conned out of title …no, does he ever put down another driver …Vettel Risberg and in History SCHUMACHER !!!! one of the biggest cheats around …no, wise up you nit…

    • Magnussen has already said it is his fault after reviewing all the data. He has far more evidence than anyone outside of f1. And hamilton maybe aggressive but he’s always been fair, he’s no Verstappen or Montoya

  2. I totally agree with your comments Vijay. Is this another one where the stewards knowing Hamilton was at fault and pushing it under the carpet. Or do we now have incompetent stewards

    • No comments, but hey, my Brothers you are entitled to your opinions..!!!

      and I can’t wait to read your follow up…. 😏

  3. Still K-Mag’s fault as Hamilton barely made any steering movement through the corner.
    This was pretty evident on his T-cam replay footage.
    However, the racing incident call was ultimately fair.

    • It is now even clearer with mick Tcam that K-mag is at fault. Look at K-mag driving line vs lewis vs racing line. He is clearly driving into Lewis from the outside of the curve and he got plenty of space to the left which the racing line will extend out towards the end of curve.

    • Moving over can also happen when you over estimate the grip of your tires. So a steering movement is not required to be at fault. Look at the car in front of Hamilton: stays perfectly on the inside, close to the kerb.

    • Looks more like Hamilton had oversteer to me, so just racing incident. And I am NO Sir LH fan BTW.

      • It would be understeer in this case. And indeed that is possible.

        I am not blaming Hamilton, I just disagree that someone needs to make a steering correction before that person can be at fault.

  4. What an arse you are… or maybe your blind aswell judge. Take a closer look at who stays on their line. Fool!

    • The two cars in front of Hamilton stayed close to the kerb when Hamilton moved wider. We’re those cars on the wrong line?

      • This is similar to Ricciardo v Sainz at Imola. I seen to remember Ric took responsibility for that one and apologised. So, we’re waiting Lewis, man up.

  5. I dunno what you guys were watching. Mag cut in from the outside and Ham rear end drifted out but easily controlled. Every one of those cars do that, that’s driving on the edge.

    I guess thejudge is either a Ham hater or a Mag fanboy since he’s a one sided argument.

    • We’re not children here. ‘Hater’ is a troll expression. We know what you are

    • Kev’s line was consistent. Lewis clearly lost the car. It may still be a racing incident (?) but don’t go laying blame at the door of the innocent party. I know some people find it impossible to believe but Lewis isn’t God, he makes a lot of mistakes.

  6. No mention of KMags u turn on comments then.
    At the ifvMagnusen saw that Lewis has nowhere to go he probably wouldn’t have made that move since he was much more at DNF risk if any contact happened. Obviously he judged/seen it wrong. on cold tyres cars will drift first on the first lap due to some understeer. It’s obvious in the footage, and Brundle said the same thing. It was risky for Magnussen to get that close, and Hamilton didn’t do anything wrong.
    But if you understood F1 you would know all this.

  7. I was shocked by the initial response as to me it looked as Hamilton moved over during the corner. Not the first time this has happened when on the outside of Hamilton mid corner. Hamilton would have known he was there and had plenty of room on his inside.

  8. Haha. Some one with absolutely no clue about F1 writes an article about an incident, tries to evidence it with a cars lateral movement, after it’s clearly already been struck by the front wing of the Haas and then tries to double down on the claim by posting a Twitter link of the onboard showing that the Mercedes steering wheel never moved during the corner. Phahahahahaha. This is why the internet needs censoring. Too many 9 year olds with computers.

    • Quite,
      What is being perceived here as Lewis’s move to the outside and INTO Magnussen, is the oversteer / twitch AS A RESULT OF the contact that has already been made.
      During the dual onboards, you can see the only time Lewis opens the steering towards Magnussen, is AFTER the contact has been made

      Any other comment, or attempt to explain it differently, is clutching at straws at best, in an attempt to discredit Lewis – by the usual suspects

  9. Utter rubbish, watch the onboard from both cars, no fault whatsoever on the part of Hamilton, over exuberance on the part of Magnusen, pure racing incident

  10. Helt galt ville gerne se telemetri fra Hamiltons bil æg får en understyring og korrigere men rammer mag og det ses jo på videoen så hvad du bygger

  11. Please get off Lewis back you can see it was not Lewis fault nothing was done when max took no1away from Lewis I am 76 and love watching it but if Lewis leaves f1 all my friends and family will not watch it

  12. What on earth is wrong with people, Lewis Hamilton is the GOAT and still bares the skill to win more. He is mature in his thinking, sensible in his driving and not critical of his counterparts when something happens. Verstappen is a typical Dutch man (Bull at a gate) Christian Horner a spoilt child, whenever anyone beats Red Bull he says “Oooohhh they’re cheating Sir FIA, check their car”. Let’s face it Mercedes are coming on and they all know it, Lewis is mature enough to know not to push a car beyond its limits and George has a point to prove(NEW kid on the block and he is doing a grand job. Mercedes as a complete team will reign supreme

  13. You’re weird my dude.
    If you check Lewis’s on-board you clearly see that he never stopped turning, which means, he did not hit Mag, it was 100% the other way around, in fact, Magnussen was never fully on side with him and according with new rules, it’s Kevin’s fault.

    • Alex for what it’s worth GOAT means “GREATEST OF ALL TIME unlike DONKEY which is what the remarks of all anti LEWIS fans sound like verbal nonesense eyor and of course it was Magnussons fault. I’m not wierd and I’m not a Dood, whatever language that comes from and it certainly isn’t ENGLISH mate

  14. LEWIS hit already Alex Albon twice (2) and that cost Albon’s career at RedBull!
    Than last year (2021) Sylverstone with Verstappen!
    Now Magnussen!
    He even took Nick Rosberg out!
    It is a matter of time when he will attack the more motivated and talented George Russell, his team mate!
    So, i think he pushed even Michael Massi out!
    So, Lewis has to go for fashion, his next carreer!
    Fashion!? !!! Pinkinsh!!!!

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