Hamilton piercings: FIA “won’t let him out the garage,” [Kravitz]

Lewis Hamilton sparked at standoff with new FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem when he refused to attend the mandated FIA gala for drivers 1-2-3 in the championship. Lewis’ was protesting decisions made by FIA race director during the final race of 2021 which saw Hamilton’s rival Verstappen become World Champion.

Sulayem responded at his first press conference as president stating, “rules are rules” threatening to sanction Hamilton for his non-attendance.

Lewis subsequently admitted in March he had not met with Sulayem but “there will be some form of fine re: the Gala.”

It appeared that frictions between Hamilton in the FIA were waining then in Miami the FIA instructed the drivers they must observe the rules regarding jewellery.


Hamilton objected to this and revealed to the media there were “at least two” he couldn’t remove, one being in his nose and Lewis added the other he “can’t really explain where it is,” although the name of the current Monaco ruler may give a clue.


Ted Kravitz explains, “Monaco, the next race could be a showdown for Lewis Hamilton and his nose ring piercing… because… that’s when the second… of Lewis’ two race exemptions for removing his nose piercing runs out.”

One of the sports most experienced commentators added, “this no piercings rule – it is in the rules for safety, your not allowed to have it.”


Kravitz asked for an update from Lewis at the Spanish GP on where he stood on the matter revealing, “Hamilton the last time we spoke to him was adamant he was not going to take it out because it will require it to be cut out – in some kind of minor surgery – and he doesn’t see why he should do when the FIA have got so many other issues to look at.”


One question may be, is it for the drivers to micro manage the FIA’s agenda – or comply with the regulations.

There has been some debate in the media about the exact nature of Hamilton’s sanction if he refuses to comply with the FIA regulation with some suggesting it will be merely a fine.

Ted Kravtiz: Checo is ‘deluded’ if he thinks he isn’t No.2

But Kravitz concludes the sanction for Hamilton breaching this regulation is far more punitive. “If he doesn’t take it out then they (the FIA delegate) cannot approve Lewis Hamilton as a driver to be scrutineed (along with his car) to go out in FP1 and they won’t let him out the garage.”

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  1. Yes, rules are rules and arrogant people must not be allowed to behave beyond them. A person with a high profile must not be allowed to think they are above the law.

    • Rules are rules – unless the FIA make up them to make Max Verstappen champion

      • because MAX was the best driver in 2021 by rules are rules should not keep them in best moaner of the season

  2. All sports people. Whatever the sport have a rule. NO ringss or jewellery when playing or taking part in their sport. So what,s so differant to F1

    • I can see no rings etc, in sports like basketball, soccer etc, because your ring could injure another player. In a race car, any contact with your jewelry is virtually impossible, aside from gloves, helmets being worn. It’s BullShit really.

  3. I think Hamilton believes he can do just what HE wants because he’s high profile, and he can cover fines …. The sport was great before he arrived, and it will be great once he’s gone. If he doesn’t want to comply, he should just take immediate retirement – or simply suffer a HUGELY punitive fine AND a ban

    • How about the fact that max, Charles smaybe others wear watches? Bro why are you so angry about Hamilton? Have you lost a bet last year you put all the money on him to be the champion? He is one of the best drivers in the history so how can you say all that bs knowing that? Maybe you need to trying to think about this without just thinking about your favorite driver just saying.

      • Yeah this jewelry rule is BullShit. In what way could his piercings ever be a safety hazard for him or the marshals.??

      • None of the drivers wear watches whilst racing, they are required to wear them after the race as part of their sponsorship obligations. Maybe what you are getting confused with, are some of the drivers gloves have pictures of watches on them.

  4. Absolutely fed up with F1 being all about Hamilton , why is this man getting so much publicity all the time , i have been an avid fan of F1 for such a long time , but all it is is about Hamilton , fed up to the eyeballs of hearing about him , please bring back the older days when drivers drove , now i am not a 100% sure on what Hamiltons wages are a year but for christs sake its more than mine which are £ 25,000 a year as a fully skilled time served panel beater . Thankyou

  5. If that the rules, then everyone should abide by them, if you choose nt to, then you don’t race…. Its that simple, maybe each driver should be scanned with a metal detector to check jewellery isn’t being secreted any where on the body

  6. It’s ignorant people that come put and say Rules are rules. So all have to abide by it. Sure agreed
    But it as to be from the tvd time the rule are made. Not year after. When some guy come out and say we have inforce this rule now. Wonder It’s because of the name Hamilton. He is the only one with all the jewellery?

  7. Rules are rules for a reason. If rule was present before piercing then rules over ride piercing.


  9. Looks like fia is, again, protecting LH and Mercedes. His grace time has just been enhanced until July first… totally unacceptable. Start enforcing or skip the rule!

    • Rules may be rules, but Vettel showed in Miami that very few drivers obey the underwear one. And Hamilton and am sure some others not visible like Hamilton wear them and have done for years. Yet the rules are rules situation was ignored by previous bosses, what then do we expect? Simple thing is to sign a document that diminishes the FIA of any responsibility. I only wish that the FIA had of did a better job of other rules last year. Maybe it’s the FIA chief trying to get one back on Hamilton because he snubbed him. Can’t see why it’s such a fuss, after all in football they ask you to put a plaster over your ring. And that’s to protect others. So a simple straightforward declaration acknowledging the FIA are not to blame and let them wear what they want in jewellery like they have done before. unfortunately to many people will hate the man for standing up for himself just because they hate him.

  10. Paul
    Its time Hamilton was kicked out of F1 it was so much better before he came along he is big headed and thinks he can do what he want he causes accidents and blames other drivers, I have no time for him at all he ruined F1

  11. Paul it was so much better in what way? Since Hamilton joined F1 he has attracted more viewers. Especially those from a different culture. I have watched F1 since I was 10 am 55 now and know it’s been better with Hamilton there than previous. Just like it was good with Schumacher. But some who hate won’t care will they?

  12. Lewis wearrs Christian cross earrings. Is it the reaason that the F1 president, who is a muslim, objects to the jewelleries? I guess Mohammed has nothing better to do. Utter waste of valuable time!

  13. I have been at a rallysprint event where a co-driver was wearing gold chains under his overalls. The car rolled and the pressure and sideways forces during the rollover left him with some nasty gouges on his neck and chest. There are good, valid reasons for the rules. If you can’t or won’t comply, they need to give the drive to someone who will!

  14. FIA will do anything to put Lewis down . They robbed him last year of the championship on the very last lap of the season and now they making up rules directly against him . . The sport is going in a wrong direction

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