Mercedes test driver says Hamilton’s view of his chances unrealistic

One of F1’s most experienced writers pens “Hamilton believes he could have fought it out for the race win”, had he not clashed with Magnussen during the early stages. Lewis revealed there were ‘experiments’ on team mate George Russells car that gave him an advantage over the 7 times world champion.

“They experimented with something on George’s car that ultimately proved to be the better way to go in qualifying and maybe at the next race I will take that on,” said Hamilton following the Spanish GP.”

Anthony Davidson

Lewis further claimed, “Without that [clash with Magnussen], I would have been fighting with the Red Bulls.” Presumably for either for the win or P2.

Various F1 analysts have looked at this claim and whilst at times Hamilton was as quick as the leaders his position at the back of the field, on fresher tyres and in clean air means these comparisons are moot.



In a clinical assessment of the much vaunted Mercedes car upgrades, Ferrari boss Binotti observed to Sky Sports, “They would have been 50 seconds behind Charles… over 66 laps that’s 6-7 10ths”.

Ferrari boss rejects the hype over a Mercedes revival

Which is where Mercedes race pace was in Bahrain.

The reality is Mercedes early testing form was good but following the race in Bahrain they fell significantly further behind the Ferrari’s and the Red Bull’s. Barcelona saw them recover to the deficit they had at the season opener in the desert.



Anthony Davidson, Mercedes simulator driver and Sky pundit – who is known for his candidness believes Lewis Hamilton’s assessment of his chances to run with the Bull’s in Barcelona is unrealistic.

“It is encouraging – I take it with a pinch of salt really [that the car can compete with the Red Bull’s] because it’s small stepping stones. I was in the simulator yesterday. The car is getting better, but I do take it with a pinch of salt [that they can compete with the Red Bull’s] because traditionally the Mercedes team have always been brilliant around Barcelona.

“But I’m holding back [on my assessment of where the car really is] until they go to Monaco. Let’s see how they go there but the signs are pointing in the right direction – that it’s going their way. They are making improvements. The car doesn’t suffer this porpoising. if they can stay on top of this hopefully they can continue to close the gap…. But there is still a gap”


As Damon Hill said after the Spanish GP, Lewis can be on an

 and it appears his evaluation that he could have competed with Verstappen and Perez given a fair wind is clearly unrealistic.



Team radio evidence shows Red Bull shafting Perez

Despite what appeared to many that Red Bull shafted Max Verstappens’ team mate, Sergio Perez, Christian Horner believes his team made the “right decision” at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Mexican did so and let the Dutchman through, who went on to win for the third time in a row after Imola and Miami. Sergio Perez immediately switched to a three-stop strategy to take the fastest lap point in the race on soft tyres.

What is apparent is how Perez is moved immediately for Max yet he has to…. READ MORE ON THIS STORY






2 responses to “Mercedes test driver says Hamilton’s view of his chances unrealistic

  1. “They were 50 seconds behind Charles”…. well color me confused… LH had a flat for a whol lap minus 4 corners. Had a very slow pitstop because the front jack does not really help with a front flat. Came out approximately 50 to 55 seconds behind Charles after the pitstop. So, by the time Charles’ car could go no more, he had not opened the gap. LH kept it the same or closed it marginally. Charles was a bit in front of Max. My math tells me that if LH did not have the puncture, he was basically keeping with the Farrari’s pace. If he did not pass Max in the first stint or so, he would have when Max drove off the road. So… LH WOULD in fact have been in the fight. As far as Matia Benotto is concerned… your car broke, so I think the Merc was much “quicker” than at least one Ferrari. I can not wait for this weekend, maybe we can read more hit pieces and excuses?

  2. If Merc have found a solution to the porpoising, as was suggested by the onboards from Barcelona, they can run at the lower ride height necessary to preserve downforce and, essentially, focus efforts on improving performance rather that firefighting to address driveability whilst downforce remains compromised. Monaco is perhaps the best circuit on the current calendar where exposing downforce deficit is concerned. The signs are clearly encouraging, but I share Anthony Davidson’s cautious assessment. HAM could be forgiven for getting close to euphoric at the feeling of a driveable W13 underneath him and here’s hoping the Merc boys finally get a car that can mix it with the bulls and horses!

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