LeClerc contradicts Sainz over F1 car design

Prior to the Spanish GP, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz said he was concerned about how the 2022 design regulations could have on the drivers’ long term health. Many of the drivers have suffered discomfort from the new cars as they ‘porpoise’ or bounce. Carlos questioned whether the FIA should rethink the current philosophy fearing he would be “paying a price” with his career.

The 27-year-old Ferrari driver said the sport needs to consider “how much of a toll a driver should be paying for his back and his health in a Formula 1 career”.

Charles LeCLerc was asked whether he shared his team mates view and appeared dismissive of the issue.

Carlos Sainz is clearly under pressure as he is being beaten week in and out by his team mate, but he would be best advised to remember he is a modern Formula 1 driver, paid a fortune to race and in the safest and generally easiest to drive F1 cars in history.

Mercedes insider says Hamilton ‘unrealistic’

And by the way, this is how it was for the old skool Tyrell drivers. Super quick reactions and hands on the steering wheel just about keep the car out of the barriers in Monaco.




Team radio evidence shows Red Bull shafting Perez

Despite what appeared to many that Red Bull shafted Max Verstappens’ team mate, Sergio Perez, Christian Horner believes his team made the “right decision” at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Mexican did so and let the Dutchman through, who went on to win for the third time in a row after Imola and Miami. Sergio Perez immediately switched to a three-stop strategy to take the fastest lap point in the race on soft tyres.

What is apparent is how Perez is moved immediately for Max yet he has to…. READ MORE ON THIS STORY





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