Ocon hints Alonso blocking Alpine seat

Frenchman Esteban Ocon is confident that Oscar Piastri, currently the reserve driver for Alpine F1, will find a seat in Formula 1 very soon, hinting that Alonso is blocking the youngsters’ chances of a race seat.

After triumphing in Formula 3 in 2020, Oscar Piastri won the Formula 2 championship in 2021, however, the Australian has not been able to secure a full grid seat in Formula 1 for this 2022 season and must currently settle for a reserve driver role for the Alpine team. Piastri, who has been part of the Alpine programme since 2020, should logically be able to compete in practice 1 this season with the French manufacturer’s team, but no dates have yet been set still.

What is clear, however, is that if the youngster wishes to gain a race seat soon he will need to leave Alpine F1.


While the Australian driver is content to watch his fellow drivers from the Alpine garage during Grand Prix weekends, Esteban Ocon for his part has maintained that Piastri will soon get a starting spot on the Formula 1 grid because Alonso is still quick and wishes to keep racing long after this season is complete.


“Oscar is a great guy, he is very involved in the team and he will have a great test programme. He will probably be the best prepared driver ever with the test programme he has at Alpine,” said Ocon dutifully advertising his young team mate to the paddock in an interview with MotorsportWeek.

“I’m sure he will have a seat in Formula 1 soon. I don’t know where in the paddock, but the opportunity is there for those who deserve it and Oscar is one of them. He has won all the major titles and he is very professional and dedicated. So yes, I’m sure you will see him again very soon.”

Piastri’s future at Alpine is largely dependent on whether the team decides to extend the contract of two-time world champion Fernando Alonso beyond 2022. The 40-year-old Spaniard will begin talks with Alpine this summer regarding his future in Formula One but TJ13 understands that Alonso is pushing for a significant extension to race for at least two more years at the Enstone based squad. Piastri will need to start looking elsewhere now.



5 responses to “Ocon hints Alonso blocking Alpine seat

  1. I don’t share his view. In the end, Alonso’s right to continue if he wants.
    Additionally his call whether to continue or not rather than the team’s, as I doubt they’d let him go per se.
    Best prepared driver ‘ever’ is debatable, but certainly well prepared for next season with his extensive testing (both actual & virtual driving) program.

  2. My general opinion here is that an older guy, in this kind of high intensity sports, should make way for youngsters with faster reactions and better overal fysique. However, I think that Alonso is the exceptions that proves the rule. He clearly can still match and even beat, most of the field so in his case I would allow him to stay a bit longer.

  3. A lot of sentiment online lately has been driving the narrative that Alonso should move aside for a younger driver purely based on his advancing years. This is total rubbish. F1 is purely about performance. In the case of Alonso, he is still consistently performing at a very high level. Plus, he is a big personality, and a brand in his own right, Alpine benefits greatly from having him as on their drivers.

    This is F1, the moment Alpine feel that Alonso isn’t serving their cause, he will be dumped. This is a brutal business regardless of who you are. The fact that Alpine are still very supportive of Alonso continuing shows that he is still a nett benefit.

    As much I’d love Piastri to get a seat, he is faced with the harsh reality that is F1. The only possibility of a drive is Williams I believe. Latifi has been shocking so far. Based on what I know about Jost Capito, he doesn’t suffer fools. Regardless of the money that Latifi brings, I’m sure he’d be on eggshells right now. Would be great to see Piastri go up against Albon, who’d be a good benchmark for a start.

  4. Alonso is Alpine, he sels cars for the brand, not Ocon.
    If Alpine doesn’t sign Alonso, manny will stop watching F1 and even more will buy other cars than Alpine…

  5. This news sound like that music that says…”Ukraine is winning the war”…then you see their country is destroyed and can’t even deploy their aviation because it’s burned in hell.

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