Silly rumour started about Hamilton future

As the current Formula 1 season gets off to a difficult start for Lewis Hamilton, there are fears about the future of the Mercedes driver according to a certain former F1 driver who yesterday appeared to start a silly rumour about Lewis switching teams.

During the off-season, there were many questions about the future of Lewis Hamilton. Following his failure against Max Verstappen last year in the title race, the Mercedes driver had completely disappeared. Some people feared the worst and suggested that the British driver might retire. Finally, Hamilton did come back for the 2022 season, but it is not going well for the seven-time world champion. This again raises questions about his future in the sport, but also with Mercedes itself. 

“He’ll start thinking about changing teams,” says two time champion and former F1 driver Mika Hakkinen.


Former Formula One driver Mika Hakkinen gave his assessment of Lewis Hamilton’s problems this season in his blog on Unibet’s website. In his article, Mika is certainly thinking the worst about the British driver’s future with the Mercedes team.

“I’m afraid this is going to be a really difficult season for Lewis. It triggers a natural thought process in drivers: “Should I go somewhere else?” It’s a fact,”

“He’s been at Mercedes for years and has won several championships. Now that things are not going well, he will start thinking about changing teams,”


If Hamilton is thinking about changing teams, it really is a struggle to think who would take him. Red Bull is tied up with a commitment to Verstappen, Ferrari has Leclerc and frankly, the other teams are very unlikely to be challenging for a title anytime soon. The only feasible option is to retire or poodle around the midfield (or worse) a la Vettel.

Further, the impressive statistics of his time at a dominant Mercedes team might to some appear to give weight to his value to a top team, it is also a fact that Charles Leclerc might well be diminishing that value each race by using a dominant Ferrari car to take a huge early lead in the championship. Should he take the championship, well…

This will very soon dispel the silly myth that Hamilton gave a large percentage of value and performance to his championships at Mercedes. Leclerc is very much proving that really most of the performance does come from the car and team behind it. Hamilton’s value drops even further.

I guess Mika did provide a nice boost in website traffic to Unibet yesterday, but it was a silly notion.


51 responses to “Silly rumour started about Hamilton future

  1. Hakkinnan should keep his views to himself. Hamilton is a different person and knows his own mind. Mercedes was not winning before he joined, was it?

  2. This site really does live up to it’s reputation as a Hamilton hate site! Hamilton’s failure against Crashstappen last year, is one of the most laughable statements to come from a supposedly neutral site but then you aren’t neutral are you? Unless you were living under a rock last year you would know that Max had already thrown away his commanding lead last year by showing just how inexperienced and reckless he really is. He should have been disqualified in Jeddah for driving out of pure desperation as he couldn’t match Lewis. In the final race he was way behind and had already lost until Masi decided to throw his career under the bus and gift the title to Max. Any true racing fan knows that Max didn’t win last year it was handed it to him on a plate and no-one will take him seriously until he wins a title without help. It isn’t going well for him this year with two DNF but there is no talk of him leaving Red Bull, why is that?
    Like last year when Hamilton gave Max a head start he will catch him again as he isn’t seven times world champion for nothing. Something you should remember with your next anti Hamilton diatribe, Duckey!

    • Why are you involving me? Why are you back here? Why do you state this site is ‘supposedly neutral’ while you know very well it’s not? Why don’t you listen to your wife? Please stay away here.

      • Hit a nerve did I!
        I said I would take a break and I did, with normal people with normal healthy views. I did happen to mention you and we had a good laugh about your invisible friend, the Psychiatrist. Some people have invisible friends as young kids, usually lonely ones but at your age Duckey it really just says how sad you are. So, we all agreed you should really go and see a real Psychiatrist with your issues, you really need help. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that you are the Judge, as you are also most likely Badgerman and Hedgehog, inventing people that is what very sick people do.
        You must hate that I didn’t leave and for the record, my wife also thinks you are crazy and like most normal people she thinks Max is a petulant brat and that people like you attack Lewis because he stands for everything you are not. He is a winner and you are the opposite, so suck it up.

        • I see your ‘break’ did not cure your tendency to be condescending to whoever has a different opinion. Nor did Hamilton aquire the skill of self defense so you still feel the foolish need to play the knight for a damsel in distress. I think that break was a trial leave from the mental institution … which failed.

          • I’m only condescending to people that deserve it Duckey and you are a 24 carat moron and also a massive hypocrite. You jump on anything negative said about your ‘paper champion’ hero Crashstappen and then criticise me and others for defending Hamilton. You don’t care about facts but here are a couple, Lewis achieved his 7 titles without help from the FIA and without trying to drive his rivals off the track and has a healthy reputation as a fair but aggressive driver unlike Max. Max may win another title on his own merit but he wont win many and certainly not 7 which will only increase your pathetic hatred of Lewis.
            You really are so predictable Duckey, your veiled attempt at linking me with a mental institution after I pointed out your many flaws needed professional help, that was genius, your mother must be so proud 😂

    • That last sentence undermines your whole story.
      “I guess Mika did provide a nice boost in website traffic to Unibet yesterday, but it was a silly notion.”
      So please go back to your dream world. I once had some respect for you, but that has completely disappeared. The only thing you can do is substantiate your own right with your own fantasies.

    • I appreciate your comment G but Duckey is a Hamilton troll, there are a lot on this site which is why I like it as they all have the intelligence of a ham salad. As such I’m not getting drawn into any debates with Duckey as it’s the attention he craves, sad little man that he is. I’ll make my point then move on to the next one and there will be many and I’m retired so I have time.
      Thankfully, there are other intelligent people that post common sense which I prefer.

    • I appreciate your comment G but Steve is a Hamilton apostle and not open for normal conversation nor is he capable of accepting any other opinion but his. There are a lot of them on this site and they all have an iq matching their shoesize. That is why they like this site. They can be amongst each other and pat eachother on the back. This site act as a meetingpoint for their cultlike behaviour.
      If you read here regularly you will notice Steve only reacts when his idol is ‘attacked’. Which in his mind is évery comment regarding LH that not extensively praises him. Further he has absolutely nothing to say. Empty vessel. Hollow drum.

      • You have sounded desperate before Duckey but this a new low, you basically copied my message and changed the wording, how sick is that! No wonder you wanted me to stay away when I make you resort to things like this. If you weren’t such a moron you would realise that you are actually describing yourself. This site is designed to rubbish Hamilton and God forbid anyone dares to trash your hero Crashtappen and you are all over it like rash, sound familiar and it makes you a massive hypocrite!
        There have been many posts over the last few weeks from real racing fans with valid opinions (not the hatred from the Supermax militia) which have defended Hamilton, that should tell you something. You would see that if you didn’t have your head buried so far up Crashstappens arse. You are a sad deluded soul Duckey who will never accept any facts or reason and a lost cause, so you type your vitriol away in your basement thinking people are listening but the only ones that listen are the same deluded Max fans living in La La Supermax land where facts or reason mean nothing. Where Max won the title fairly without incident and is a great driver and people crash into him. In the real world Duckey people know Max is only a ‘Paper Champion’ who drives like he is still karting and acts like a spoilt petulant brat. He wont win the title this year as Masi isn’t there to help but that will be Hamilton’s and Mercedes fault like before.
        For Gods sake Duckey get that professional help you so desperately need and not from you Psychiatrist friend who doesn’t exist.

  3. To be fair Duckey, this site is fairly anti-hamilton, you cannot deny it. That position is lead from the top and he has admitted openly that it gets him clicks. Thats not a criticism as such ( I would however criticise its facilitation of some fairly questionable comments and opinions by the anti-hamilton brigade – giving them platform etc), but then similarly, I will die on the hill defending the right of those to say that with which I disagree…. slight deviation off topic but while we are on the subject, growing up my dad never really instilled me with that many morals or principles – I learnt it myself but he DID teach me that in society we are too selfishly focussed on “my right to do this” and “my right to say that” – instead, we should as a civilised and unselfish society, be of the position that “I have a responsibility to enable “YOU” or “THEY” to do or say x/y/z – far less selfish

    To be fair Steve, while I do share your fandom of Lewis, and similarly dislike of the anti-hamilton section of this site, you do seem to get quite easily triggered and be quite sensitive. Again thats not a criticism, just a polite observation

    • G, absolutely right! We have the right to have our own opinion, but we also have a duty to respect the opinion of others. Insulting and name calling the other person because he has a different opinion certainly does not belong here. Unfortunately Steve has the idea that if you don’t share his opinion you are a retard, moron, etc.
      And Duckey knows how to stir this up in Steve

      • Thanks to you both for the clear headed comments. I was just going to trigger Steve some more just for the giggles, but decided against it after reading both of your comments.

        Let’s argue about our opinions with information, not with insults

        • Go ahead, if that’s what floats your boat and if it is you are as sad as Duckey and yet you post anyway, pure genius! I defend Hamilton full stop and I may do it vigorously not just against Duckey and unless you are really that stupid this a Hamilton troll site so I keep busy and I’m retired so plenty of time. What is your purpose for posting a meaningless post on a website that if you aren’t trolling Hamilton or about racing what are you doing? I have never had much time for idiots which helped me build a company that made me very successful and I’m not stopping now that I’m retired. You make a stupid statement of which are many here I’ll call it. I’ve made mistakes and owned up to it and if anyone called me an idiot because of it, so be it but if people want to post ludicrous posts because of their hatred of Hamilton then I’ll defend it. You point to any post I’ve made that isn’t honest or factual and I’ll call myself an idiot but I only post from things I know from my many years in racing or from friends I know in F1 now. What I don’t do is post things like Hamilton is a cry baby, Hamilton is a sore loser, Hamilton isn’t a worthy champion, Hamilton only won his titles because of his car, Hamilton would have won in Abu Dhabi if he changed his tyres and Hamilton caused the crash at Silverstone and I could go on! So why you wax lyrical about how I deal with these posts why not be more productive and deal with these posts instead!

      • I agree with everything you said Dre except that it’s me that gets under Duckey’s skin which is why I do it, he posts far more when I am on site. When I’m away on holiday he hardly posts anything but when I’m back watch him go. My wife hates me posting on this site as it gets my blood up. I’m fiercely competitive which helped make me successful but here it makes me impulsive and at my age that won’t change.
        To be fair Dre if you read the ludicrous posts on this site if I call someone a moron (never use retard, idiot maybe) it’s because they are, I cannot believe the stupid posts you get on this site that have little to do with racing and more to do with Hamilton trolling. I’ve never suffered fools gladly and wont now, so I’ll continue posting against the Hamilton trolls and as for Duckey he has taken to inventing new members and a fake Psychiatrist which shows he needs serious help.

    • That’s okay G that is a fair point and my wife says the same which is why she doesn’t like me posting on this site as it gets my blood up. I’ve always been fiercely competitive which helped make me successful but also impulsive when some times I should take a step back but at my age I’m not going to change. I do hate the unnecessary trolling of Hamilton on this site and struggle to understand where the hate comes from, he is a nice guy. Max however, is moody, arrogant and petulant and not an easy person to like, he always blames everyone else including his own team and I for one wouldn’t want to work for him as I would end up knocking him on his entitled backside. That said, I’m going to continue posting on this site as these Hamilton haters know as much about F1 as my toddler grandson. 😂

    • I agree completely G. This site is anti LH. I’ve said that multiple times in my reactions to Steve. Personally I’m not a fan of the person LH although I respect the driver LH. My very first comment here was something like that. That triggered an aggressive reaction from Steve and that was the birth of our feud. I do not consider myself part of the anti LH brigade. I do defend myself however against commenters that react with swearing and name calling. Those who insist their opinion alone, is the final truth and can not accept that other ppl might have different opinions. In our case: people that do not think LH is GOAT.

      I would’ve perfectly respected (though disagreeing) Steve’s opinion was it not for the fact he immediately attacked me so violently.

      • The holier than thou image doesn’t suit you Duckey, especially as you lie so easily. What a post of pure fiction that was. You have NEVER said this site was an anti Hamilton site to me but I figured that out myself. Our first feud was when you tried to convince me that the crash at Silverstone was all Hamilton’s fault. The stewards and the rest of the reasonable world disagreed but you still wouldn’t have it as Crashstappen doesn’t crash, it’s other drivers driving into him! You were pretty visceral yourself as your bullying posts didn’t affect me and frustration set in. You blame everything on Hamilton and you hate him with every ounce of your being so why not be honest for once. You have accused him of not being a worthy champion, not the GOAT, only winning because of his car and my personal favourite was to withdraw his Knighthood as he didn’t deserve it! You also accuse me and others of jumping to Hamilton’s defence (Hamifosi you call it) yet whenever anyone dares to slate your hero you are all over it like a rash, that’s what people call a hypocrite! I have never sworn, I’m old and we don’t do things like that we leave that to the younger people, I do call people idiots or morons when I feel necessary and you are both of those. I grew up calling a spade a spade and I’ll say again you are a sad and very sick person who needs professional help, you lie make people up and that is not the actions of a normal sane person. Do us all a favour Duckey you wont be missed here, go and see someone, a real Psychiatrist this time and get the help you so obviously need.

        • Steve the crash at Silverstone was Hamilton’s fault. He got a 10 seconde time penalty from the stewards.

          • The key word in the stewards decision, was “predominantly” – in other words, not 100% and responsibility shared, albeit not 50/50

            Jesus, are we still debating F**KING FACTS!?

          • Apparently so but Max fans and Red Bull have been saying this ever since the incident however ridiculous it is. Hamilton’s line to the apex is what got his the 10 second penalty but the accident was caused by Max moving across to squeeze him until their tyres touched. It was totally unnecessary and another example of Max not thinking it through and until he learns to pick his battles and drive with more caution, he will ever be known as Crashstappen. The stewards called it right as a racing incident but even now Horner and Marko insist LH should have been disqualified, what a pair of first class idiots those two are!

          • FYI – I am not disputing the “Car 44 was not on a trajectory to the apex” etc

          • Oh come on Dre, really! I know you aren’t stupid but the time penalty was for him encroaching, do you really think they would give that for causing the crash. That would be dangerous driving and would be a grid penalty at best or a disqualification at worst. It is well know that the stewards decided it was a racing incident. In reality though it was Max being the reckless idiot he is and trying to squeeze Hamilton who had no room and their wheels touched, video showed max moving across while LH kept his line as he had nowhere to go. It was totally unnecessary and another example of picking your battles which Max needs to learn. Leclerc was in exactly the same position many laps later and wisely gave room and continued the fight. I’ve been saying this for ages that great driver as Max is he will continue to lose points and gain penalty points until he learns to drive with more intelligence.

          • steve,
            Leclere indeed had the same track position as max at that time. But Lewis was really a car width more inside than during the moment with Max. Apparently he had learned from that lap that he shouldn’t take the same position as you will crash.

          • Dre I can’t believe you are still debating this so lets agree to differ but if you were right why did the stewards regard it as a racing incident and just penalise Lewis for encroachment, do you think you know better than them? If you read posts from many ex drivers like Damon Hill they all agree the same. Max drove like a rookie last year and like he was still in karting which is why LH was able to break down his commanding lead. In the last four races he really showed his inexperience as instead of racing LH he tried driving into him instead and should have been disqualified in Jeddah for dangerous driving. That isn’t anti Max it’s just facts and Max deserves better guidance.

          • I feel I should say this Dre just to clarify things once and for all. I’ve also watched the videos of the driving lines and you are right in the fact Lewis was further left against Max but he was in oversteer. Lewis isn’t a driver that goes looking to crash, he is far too sensible for that but if you look again when he cornered with Leclerc, the Italian allowed at least a car widths difference between them as he had the room. Contrast that to Max with Lewis in oversteer instead of giving room as Leclerc did Max closed the door which was reckless and inevitably ended in a collision. Max always drives like drivers have to give way to him like at Monza which is also reckless and he isn’t karting any more. Lewis was most definitely at fault as he dived in at speed which resulted in the oversteer and he was penalised for it but if Max had just given him the room Leclerc did he could have carried on to fight another day but that isn’t his style is it!
            As a driver with many years experience, I’ve done the same and dived into a corner braking very late and muscling my way in but the other driver avoids a crash and normally overtakes you back as he has the momentum. If Max could just start thinking instead of red mist he would crash less often. Toto called it when he said that Russell is a much more intelligent driver than Max, someone should make Max write a hundred lines ‘crashing is bad’.

          • Monza indeed was stupid driving from Max. For he was the faster one during the race. Hé could have taken him later that race.

          • Thank you Dre, my point exactly. Max is a great talent and wasted at Red Bull who only indulge his mistakes, he needs someone to take him in hand, just like Lauda did with Hamilton. Horner only makes him feel he is never at fault and as such encourages him to make the silly mistakes like at Monza and dare I say it Silverstone. In both cases if he didn’t go full kamikaze he would be able to take the fight to a point later in the race when he can pass without the risk. I don’t like Max as the person he is now but he is one of the best talents F1 has seen in a long time, if he could only drop the arrogance and petulance he could be one of the greats but sadly he is getting the wrong advice at Red Bull and in a fight against Leclerc (who is the real deal and has the maturity too), Russell (who is the same) and Lewis (who isn’t past it yet) I fear he will just fall back on the same knee jerk reactions which will cost him points, which will be such a sad waste of a great talent.

          • Steve, if you really watched last season throughout, you would’ve seen Hamilton made more driving mistakes than Verstappen. Or did you already forget Baku (due to your age) or just conveniently forgot facts that don’t suit your narrative?

          • That’s actually totally false, Max made many mistakes in 2021 allowing Lewis to catch up and although Hamilton is not perfect, he does make mistakes like everyone else and Baku was one of those times. In 2nd place and Max out he accidently knocked the button on his steering wheel which moved the brake allocation and knocked out his rear brakes. It was a silly mistake but at least he didn’t try and take anyone with him and admitted his mistake afterwards with an apology to his team as a true champion would. Max makes mistakes all the time and always blames everyone else including Silverstone and Monza there lies the difference. I would also say at Max’s age Lewis made mistakes all the time but with experience and help from Lauda he is the driver he is today and rarely makes mistakes at all but if he does he owns up to it, something Max could learn from.

        • You, under my skin? 😂😂😂😂. Oh and scroll up to my reaction at 20:01. At least the 3rd time I mention to you the color of this site.
          And the ‘best car’-argument still holds. Look what LH does when the car is not the best…. Russel beat him thusfar.

          • Yes I get under your skin, take your post from 20:01. Why are you back, please stay away.. because I always make you out for the pathetic idiot you are and you can’t handle it and that is the first time ever with a post with me that you have admitted that this site is not a neutral site, so be honest for once. I had hoped you would have been sectioned by now and getting the help you so obviously need, so for now keep taking the tablets from the nice men in white coats.
            As for the best car argument which is a standard Lewis hating tool, Lewis beat Russell in the first race and was not himself in the second and was only beaten by Russell in the third because of a poor pit change. Hardly a reason for making judgements at this early stage. Fact Russell is a great driver and enjoying driving a MB but Lewis is a seven times champion and only an idiot would write him off at this stage and especially as MB have supposedly found new power.
            How is the Ford Focus Duckey 😂

          • You’re early in your assessment. Plenty of season left but some believe Merc have already thrown their all in behind the future – George – and Lewis is yesterdays news.

          • Spoken like a true Lewis hater, are you and Duckey the same person Judge as it seems strange that Duckey would be all over this and is strangely absent and yet you have posted more times than I have ever seen on this site, just asking!
            We are three races in and laughably you are now proposing Russell as Mb number one and Lewis as old news, give me a break! Need I remind you that Lewis out qualified and beat Russell in race one, in race two however Lewis seemed out of sorts and was lucky to finish in the points. In race three was a repeat of race one and only a ridiculous pit stop strategy enabled Russell to finish ahead of Lewis. Last year Lewis gave Max a head start and caught him and this year when MB sort out their issues I expect Lews and Russell to start challenging Leclerc and Max but Russell ahead of Lewis, don’t be ridiculous, Lewis isn’t seven times champion for nothing.

          • LH has led the championship in the first 4 GPs. only after the russia gp did MV lead the championship. keep your facts right Steve😇

          • Oh come on Dre you are nit picking, what I meant and shouldn’t have to say this was by the 2021 break Max was 32 points ahead and then at Silverstone Lewis started to eat into Max’s lead and eventually caught up. I know full well that Lewis won three out of the first four races but then Max won four out of the five remaining races after that until the break giving him a huge points lead, the title was there for him to lose. So please don’t nit pick Dre that’s just annoying, I do know my facts.

      • Well this site is nominally anti-establishment. And the F1 establishment has been blowing smoke up a certain British drivers arse for the best part of a decade. It’s tiresome and needs some counter balance.

  4. Just a message to Dre, G and Netape, this is a Hamilton trolling website, so if you aren’t going to comment against it as I do, then why are you here? I know why I post and yes I call people idiots and morons because they are and yet you don’t seem to agree, why? If you want a civilised racing site then there are many but why post soft posts here that will make no difference, I would be keen to know. You seem to get more amusement from my posts which makes me question whether you are real or what the hell you are doing!

    • well steve i’m not going to start a crusade because a post doesn’t praise a rider.
      be it lewis, charles, fernando or whoever. I come to this site because every now and then there are really good scoops in between the post.

      I must confess that I have rarely reacted here, until lately. I have been very triggered to react to glorifying one driver and thereby completely burning another driver.

      I personally think the way you write about Max is worse than the comments you accuse others off about lewis. (sometimes there are also terrible comments).

      But I’m aware I’m going to get another scolding from you for not raving about Lewis. something I’ve never Done and probably never will.

      • Don’t be daft Dre, I’m not going to scold you, I just said to G that I wonder who you guys think I am. Yes, I react to the ludicrous anti Hamilton posts but I’ve realised for a while now you aren’t one of those and are more neutral. The posts I hate are always the fictitious rubbish like, he is a sore loser, he only wins because of his car or help from FIA or my personal favourite he would have won in Abu Dhabi if he changed tyres! However, the troll posts are more personal and you can always tell a hater when they call him Lulu or cry bay or stop crying as they haven’t an original bone in their body and always use the same crap.
        Agreed, I don’t like Max but I do respect his enormous talent and he is hurting himself at Red Bull. He needs a mentor, like LH had Lauda, Max needs someone to tell him his driving will only cost him more points until he learns to pick his battles and not try and crash into everyone that passes him. He has been better this season partly because he is one incident from a race ban and secondly he DNF twice but if it comes down to the wire he will go all Schumacher again and he is better than that. Also, what you don’t seem to have realised is that what I just said is how I really feel about Max but what I post rubs these Hamilton haters up the wrong way as I’m insulting their hero, it gets Duckey going every time. I may be old but I’m not senile yet 😊

    • Steve, for the record I have LONG called “The Judge” out on his anti-Hamilton rhetoric and questioned his motives, to the point he threatened me with a ban, so you can cross me off your list 😉

      • You were never on my list G as I don’t have one, bloody hell who do you guys think I am, you make me sound like Scarface! I always thought the Judge would threaten me, I did get a slap on the wrist once but way to go for being threatened a ban. I hate these troll sites which is why I post and it makes my wife sigh and say ‘your posting on that site again aren’t you’, she knows me well. 😊

        • Steve and Co. Just need to make you all aware it is very entertaining stuff reading the comments section these days. TJ13 used to be a huge forum for comments from 2012 when I started, to around 2017, about when I stopped writing so frequently. Hats off to G as for around 18 months it was solely they who commented, usually to criticise but as I once replied to them many moons ago, I enjoy and encourage critique. By extension I applaud you all for bringing super strong debate back to the chambers of TJ13 towers. Free and robust debate is what this site is all about. TJ13 has never been anything other than a place of strong and in truth, bias opinion. Your commentary and back and forth has made me glad of putting pen back to paper as such late last year.

          “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed, everything else is public relations ” George Orwell

  5. Just the people that see some one start to move ahead in the the sport of the big three and we all know who they are someone’ has to call foul can’t people just leave alone for once and see if the little guy kicks the big three butt and quit being drama queens

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