Lewis Hamilton’s alarming message

Former Formula 1 champion Sir Lewis Hamilton has posted a message on his social media channels admitting that he is having a difficult start to the season, and that his mental health has taken a hit as a result of this year.

The last few months have not been easy for Lewis Hamilton. Indeed, at the end of last year, he saw the title of world champion slip away from him on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the final round of the season, in incredible conditions that were not easy to digest.

And the return to reality is not easy either. And for good reason, Mercedes seems to have difficulty adapting to the new regulations, as shown by the performances at the beginning of the season with a car that is far from the pace of Ferrari and Red Bull. Not only that, but in a similar vein to Sebastian Vettel when a young hot-shot in Charles Leclerc joined Ferrari, George Russell has hussled his Mercedes W13 F1 car to finish ahead of his senior team mate in the last Grand Prix. As a result, Lewis Hamilton is disappointed, but he tries to put things into perspective.

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“It’s difficult some days to stay positive”

“It’s already been such a difficult year with everything going on around us. It’s hard some days to stay positive. I have been struggling mentally and emotionally for a long time: to continue in F1 is a constant effort.

“But we have to keep fighting. We have so much to do and to achieve. I’m writing to tell you that it’s okay to feel the way you do, just know that you are not alone and that we will get through this.

“A friend told me that I have the power to achieve anything I think. But we can all achieve whatever we think. Let’s remember to live in gratitude for another day to come,” he said in a message posted on Instagram.




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    • What an arsehole reply ,mental health is a serious issue just because he is a world champion and wealthy to admit a weakness makes him a cry baby. Some peoples understanding is beyond belief.

      • Quite – Our friend Martin is showing us here that he is EXACTLY part of the problem

        What Lewis is doing here, is showing his followers and the outside world, that even he, with all the success he has achieved, has burdens that he carries and struggles that fights. It is as much a message of hope and positivity to those that also struggle, as it is a brave admission of his own weakness

        There’s a name (several in fact) for people like Martin….

        • I agree totally but then Martin and Martian60 would struggle to get an IQ in double digits between them. Don’t expect morons like these to understand that very wealthy people still suffer from anxiety and mental issues. Money is overrated and doesn’t help if you are depressed. Take Howard Hughes once the richest man in the world but shut himself off from the world and became a recluse as he couldn’t deal with normal life any more.
          Lewis is still suffering from the massive let down of last season and who can blame him, the FIA let the worst decision in F1 history stand in their watch and still refuse to admit they did anything wrong while Crashstappen swans around like he deserved his victory after a final lap that my Mum could have won with Lewis a sitting duck, it still stinks now. Now MB are struggling with the new changes and have a car that is like driving over speed bumps at 200mph. I still think Lewis has one more title in him but his team are letting him down but for him to reach out like he has shows guts, not that these two idiots would understand, they couldn’t find their own arses with two hands and a map!

          • I realised after I posted and read his post properly but couldn’t delete my post. I did apologise and agreed with everything he said, think I need another holiday

        • Personal commentators need to understand the history of motor car racing and its drivers before making personal judgements on them. My late sister worked at Aston Martin many years ago and understood the difficulties of maintaining and improving car and driver performance. No silly unskilled comments are necessary. Let us reserve judgments and allow the season to progress in a challenging way
          Andy Rayner

          • I don’t really understand your point, I see two idiots insulting Lewis for making what I see as a courageous post, depression and anxiety aren’t exclusive to people that aren’t wealthy. Are you defending them, if so why? I’ve been racing for over forty years from 100Nat karts to Touring cars, I’ve also done a few laps in an F1 car, I also know a few ex F1 drivers so I know what I’m talking about. As an Aston Martin owner I’ve been to Gaydon a few times with friends and my sons, it’s a great tour but I fail to see how that applies here. If you have a point then please make it, if I see someone insulting a driver who I hold in high regard then I’ll defend it, what exactly are you doing?

  1. Lewis is a very, very good driver, but he is probably not as good as most people think he is. He has been in not the best car, but the dominate car most of his career. Now he is in the third or fourth best car, and it has all fallen apart. The fact that George has outperformed him is telling. A lot of people have said he is the greatest GP driver ever, and I am sure hearing that so many times, he came to believe it himself. So, finishing 10th. is a very hard pill to swallow. Senna was probably the quickest, but he was mistake prone. Schumacher was probably a tenth back of Senna, but he made very few mistakes. I have seen guy’s drive that had very little to put on their resume, but they were incredible drivers (Loyd Ruby.) Lewis will certainly come back and win races, but the bloom is off the rose.

    • You have a point and in that last race, Lewis was way off his game but it is more about what is going on in his head and I think that although he says he has moved on I still think he is finding it hard to shake that he was eight times champion until Masi decided to throw the race under the bus. George is a great driver but him beating Lewis is not something I expect to continue if Lewis can get his head on straight but I think in time George will be better than Max and Leclerc he is hungry enough and a logical driver not a devil may care driver like Max who likes to crash a lot.
      I know many ex drivers including F1 and mostly to the man they consider Lewis the GOAT and the fact he has broken every record going is what people remember. Sir Jackie Stewart a racing legend said Lewis was the greatest driver he has ever seen which is quite the compliment. I believe Lloyd Ruby was a USAC driver and indeed a great one but I’m not sure he would have prospered in F1. Many F1 drivers have tried Nascar and succeeded but it rarely works the other way around.
      MB have made their name on being reliable and efficient and this season I don’t recognise them at all but I do expect them to sort it out and when they do I wouldn’t write Lewis off just yet. He came from way back last season and I’m sure he can again, it would make for a really exciting season.

    • It’s been 1 race that George beat Lewis… hardly the damning indictment of a 7x World Champion

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