Netflix makes Norris look like “an asshole” says Verstappen

Max Verstappen believes that the scriptural liberties taken by the creators of the Formula 1 Netflix series, Drive to Survive, make Lando Norris look like “an asshole”.

Max Verstappen doesn’t mince words about Netflix and Drive To Survive. The series that shows the behind-the-scenes of Formula 1 since 2019 has polarised critics, both positive and negative. For the Dutchman, it’s more about the negative.

Recently questioned on the subject, he gave his feelings on this series, which he is decidedly not fond of the liberties taken with reality. In a press conference, he came back on the way his friend Lando Norris is represented.

“What I didn’t like doesn’t concern me directly,” he said.,

“It’s more about an episode about Lando (Norris) and Daniel (Ricciardo), who are two great guys. [That episode] gave the impression that Lando was a bit of an asshole, which he is not.

“I know Lando and I think a lot of people who know him see him as a great, funny person,” he continued,

“Except when you watch this episode, you’re like, ‘Who is this guy, what’s going on?”

“When you’re new to the sport, you’ve never seen a race, you can’t like him. But why? (Lando) is a great guy but the viewers will inevitably have a bad image of him. It’s similar to what happened to me at the beginning.”


Verstappen avoids Netflix in 2021

These are some of the reasons why Max Verstappen has decided not to appear in front of the Netflix cameras in 2021. This, however, did not hinder the creators of the series from putting him on the show. Surprised by this, he feels it is “not right”.

“It’s probably stuff from 2018 or reused, about fighting on the track, about what I like to do (…) I could hear that my voice was a bit different. I’ve noticed that [Netflix crews] often leave [their microphones] lying around to pick up statements. I’m going to have to watch that too.”


Other drivers are joining Max Verstappen in his opinion. Mick Schumacher, who attended the same press conference as the Dutchman, said that “the first few seasons of Drive To Survive were quite interesting. It attracted a lot of people.”

However, he thinks “as the series progresses, it’s important to be precise with certain things. Maybe we shouldn’t mix in comments or radio messages, to stay true to what happened on the track. I think that would make more sense.”


Carlos Sainz, also a critic of the series, nevertheless believes it is important for F1. I think [the rivalry between] Lando and I has been taken too far,” he said in March. However, I believe that the Netflix teams are aware of this and that they are capable of correcting their errors of judgement. They will adapt and perhaps make it a little more realistic.”

“Even with these mistakes, I still believe Netflix is good for the sport. I still believe Netflix is good for me and for the Formula One brand. I will continue to appear on it, if they want me to.”

In the meantime, Formula 1 officials are taking the remarks seriously. In a statement reported by, Stefano Domenicali (F1 CEO) said he would “discuss with Netflix”. The aim of this discussion would be to ensure “that the story does not stray from reality”.



13 responses to “Netflix makes Norris look like “an asshole” says Verstappen

        • Funny how you behave exactly the same as the people you despise. You’re exactly the same. Only a different hero yóu cheer for.

          • My thoughts exactly. Steve is a classic case of pot calling the kettle black.

          • Exocet is a good name for you, don’t they just blow up and then are useless, very apt in your case. I’ve seen your posts, you are just another Lewis hater that cannot stand anyone that says anything negative about your hero.
            Max is a truly talented and gifted driver and will maybe one day win the championship without help but doesn’t need us to embarrass him he makes a good enough job of embarrassing himself without our help.

          • You’ve accused me of this before but it’s not the same. I can honestly say I don’t hate anyone, not like the vile stuff I read said about Hamilton from Lewis haters. I don’t like Max that’s true, I think he is spoilt, arrogant and always blames everyone else instead of admitting his own errors, he needs to grow up. After having the title gifted to him like that, I would be embarrassed about accepting that trophy with a final lap where any driver could have passed Lewis on worn out tyres. Not Max though, he deserves it and just said he had a bit of luck which must go down as the understatement of the century, after he was beaten out of sight until Masi stepped in. Then after the season Max continued to poke fun and tease Lewis which was in bad taste and just childish. He even claimed before to not be interested in things like ‘1’ on his car but I’m sure that was just another dig.
            On the other hand Lewis is a nice genuine guy, he is a philanthropist but does it discreetly, he treats people with respect including his own team and has the maturity to not respond to the nasty little digs from Max. Have you ever seen any driver scream at their team like Max did in that first race, let alone Lewis. Sure Lewis complains and moans if his team messes up which they have and costs him races but there is always respect. All drivers moan it’s an intense and high pressure sport but Max takes it a higher level. Look at when he nearly killed Hamilton at Monza with a crazy move where he tried to barge Lewis out of the way in a chicane with Lewis on the driving line. The halo saved Lewis life but Max’s response was ‘that’s what you get for not giving me room’, then proceeded to walk right past him, which I can tell you disgusted a lot of drivers that day and when has Max ever given anyone room!
            It is quite well known that Max doesn’t mix with the other drivers, he keeps himself to himself and doesn’t join in with other comradery, the others drivers are also wary of him as he shows no respect for their safety.
            I admit my first post was teasing a bit but be honest Ducky Max is always whining about something and nothing I said wasn’t true. I defend Lewis against lies like he is a bad sport, not a worthy champion, he is arrogant, a cry baby a dangerous driver etc… none of which are remotely true so I defend it. Come on Duckey, you even called for his Knighthood to be taken away, why? Compare Lewis reaction after Abu Dhabi, he was gracious and congratulated Max and yes he went silent which was the right thing to do but still people attacked him for it. Then compare Max’s reactions like in Jeddah where he was caught out lying his arse off so he sulked and stomped off the podium not the actions of a true champion.

          • It’s official, Max has been voted the biggest whinger in F1, after polling many racing fans the general response was please Max just shut the hell up. After his constant moaning about Leclerc’s driving which is rich given his own reckless driving and at least Leclerc hasn’t tried to kill anyone. After whinging about his own team, Lerclerc, the officials and the weather he has now been officially labelled F1’s biggest whinger. Naturally Max’s response was to whine about it 😂The only title he has won in F1 fairly and without help.

  1. @Steve, I’ll say this again then, since it fails to register in your thick skull. I am not a max fan. So I don’t know where you get this bullshit from that I can’t stand people talking negatively about my hero? If you really knew my posts(?), which I doubt because I haven’t been here long and only reacted to your hate speech here, you’d know that I don’t like max. Neither as driver nor as person.

    I am a Vettel fan.

    You go around here calling drivers and commenters daft, whiners and pricks but the only one who comes across as having the IQ of a banana is you. So I won’t be making this comment to long as you seem to have problems with texts longer than 100 words.

    • He only has problems reading long texts… writing however… endless long reads filled with hate, bragging and irrelevant bullshit, making up his online fake personality

      • Why don’t you guys get a room together and you can spend evenings discussing evil MB and that nasty Lewis Hamilton. As long as you keep taking the tablets and who knows you could save up and get that Ford Focus you always wanted, I hear rust is the new black these days 😂

    • I’ve got the measure of you now you condescending moron. You and Duckey are the reason why my wife hates me posting on here but I can handle a couple of inconsequential losers like you two. You lied to me, not a great trait so why should I believe you are a Vettel fan, one thing you definitely are is a Lewis hater. It may help you to know that Vettel and Lewis are really good friends and if Vettel knew the vile nonsense you spout about his friend he would be horrified. I’ve met him too, twice and he really wouldn’t like you he is a down to earth not liking a liar creepy sort of guy.
      One question, I already know Duckey is a loser drives an ancient car, stacks shelves and I’m guessing you are the same which is why you hate anyone successful particularly a black man which makes you quite sick and very sad indeed. Trolls like you I’m getting used to, you crave the attention because you have nothing in your own lives so the best thing is shutting them down, which is what I’m doing now, shutting you down. You can have the last word I don’t care as it will always be the same diatribe as you have no imagination and just spout the same old nonsense, not an original thought between you.
      Before I go I’ve just ordered a new DBX 707 through AM Bristol at Vantage Point in racing green with duo tone in Copper and Havana and the golf pack. I was going to trade my Urus but I’m giving it to my son instead as he always liked it. So this is me saying game set and piss off and annoy some else.

      • Haha… standard strategy that fakers use… if they don’t believe you, just throw in more fake, more hate and more swearing. Sure that will convince them 😀 😀

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