Formula 1 boss’s crazy idea

Thirty races per season? This could be the reality coming to the sport of F1. In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali explained his ambitions for the future Formula 1 championship calendar, which he would like to see expanded to 30 dates. He also mentioned an interest in a Las Vegas Grand Prix, as well as a race on the African continent.

While Formula 1 entered a record-breaking season in 2022 with 23 Grands Prix on the calendar, taking drivers from March to November, the bosses of the Formula 1 championship are clearly not planning to stop there and are thinking even bigger for the future.

“I think there is potential to go up to 24,” Formula One Group chairman Stefano Domenicali said in an interview with Sky Sports F1. While the current Concorde Agreement – a regulation that sets out how the Formula One championship is organised – in force until 2025 sets a limit of 24 Grands Prix per season.

“I would also say that there is the potential to go up to 30! Given the interest we can see from around the world…”


Returning to the African continent a “priority”

Among the potential candidates, in addition to China, Vietnam and France with Magny-Cours, whose interest in a return to the calendar is known, Stefano Domenicali is also thinking about a third date in the United States with a return to Las Vegas, which hosted two races in 1981 and 1982, but also, and above all, about a return of Formula 1 to Africa.

“In addition to America, in addition to China, I think there is also potential to be in Africa soon,” he said.

“There is a lot of interest there. Of course, it’s another area that’s been missing so far in the geography of our calendar.”



In the past, Formula One has run one race in Morocco (1958) and twenty-three in South Africa (East London from 1962 to 1965, Kyalami between 1967 and 1993). A few weeks ago, Chloe Targett-Adams, the global director of F1 race promotion, also said that the return of the category to the African continent was a “priority”.

“Africa is a continent we don’t race on, and that’s just a shame,” she said in an interview with the French edition of

“It’s a place we really want to visit, that’s the priority. We’ve been in talks for a few years with possible options.”

“Now all that remains is to convince the entire Formula 1 paddock and its little hands to be willing to run 30 races in a season, which is no mean feat. This would reduce the winter and summer rest periods for the athletes and teams, who travel all year round, to a trickle.

“For the fans, on the other hand, it will not be difficult to convince them.”



3 responses to “Formula 1 boss’s crazy idea

  1. If you think I can convince my wife I need to watch 30 live races on TV think again. Far to many races and I hope the teams refuse point blank

  2. Why do people misinterpret what he meant?
    He never said he’d want or target 30 in a season but merely referred to how many different locations have interest or request towards hosting a GP, which is different from wanting 30 specifically.
    Not only would the upper limit prevent this, but also entirely impractical & thus impossible in a global series with transportation logistics.
    Teams don’t have enough individuals to cover such a high event amount no matter how much staff rotation they’d do, especially in the budget cap era, so this will never happen.
    Pointless to even think about such things that will never happen anyway.
    Anything within the upper limit (either 24 or 25 depending on who or source), but nothing above, full stop.
    People should generally learn to interpret others correctly rather than twist words & or make hasty conclusions, etc.
    His reference was pretty obvious, so no one should’ve fallen into thinking something other than what he actually meant.

    • Your right about 30 races is to much but wrong about misinerpreting him. He absolutely toys with that possibility. Not only here but also in other media. He is pushing an idea and than sees how it falls.

      I also agree with Rod that 30 or even the 24 is getting too much. Up till now i managed to watch every FP, qualifying and race. But its the limit. Add more races and it will become like football where you watch an occasional match and settle for reading about the endscore for the rest…

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