Toto Wolff’s gutsy revelation about Lewis Hamilton’s future

Toto Wolff’s gutsy revelation about Lewis Hamilton’s future – Despite the many rumours surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 future, Toto Wolff has yet again said he never had any doubts about it, a rather gutsy statement as it was he who helped propagate the rumour in the first place.

After losing the world title in Abu Dhabi in what some declare as being bizarre circumstances, Lewis Hamilton found himself at the centre of numerous rumours about his Formula 1 future. So much so that a retirement of the seven-time world champion was been envisaged and written about in the press.

Particularly after Wolff himself fueled the rumours by saying he might retire as a result of Abu Dhabi. A move orchestrated by Hamilton and Wolff to put pressure on the FIA and push for the sacking of Massi.


It must be said that the British driver has remained silent in lockstep with Wolff, sowing doubt about his future in Formula 1 until mid-February and the presentation of the new Mercedes. Despite this, Toto Wolff assures now us that he has never had any doubts, again. The Austrian is tacking the proverbial Michael Massi out of us all.


“I was never worried about his departure”

“I was never worried about his departure. Within the team, we knew that he needed time to reflect and above all to understand how he could come back with the best possible mindset.

“So, from our side, there was no concern about the possibility of not seeing him again,” said the Mercedes boss in a statement reported in



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  1. Toto wolf is too wicked and crafty for words. Formula 1 have been very unlucky to have had a person like him among them.

  2. I’ve got to say, even as a self confessed and ardent Lewis supporter, as well as being what some may call as “woke” (although I just categorise myself as “not being a nasty cunt to other people”… the 2 posts above are completely off the chart.

    In fact, to our friend above, I would say that you are very bit as much a cunt as the hard right extremists that put the car into the crowd at Charlottesville, that stormed the Capitol, etc etc etc

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