Wolff and Hamilton deceives fans, the FIA and the media

The controversial Abu Dhabi 2021 Formula 1 finale was hotly debated over the winter. Not least by thousands of fans on social media. One of the common theories: Mercedes demanded (and got) race director Michael Masi’s head – and that’s why Lewis Hamilton took such a long hiatus. To increase the pressure on the FIA, because F1 and the FIA must fear that the sport’s superstar will quit otherwise. A story propagated by Toto Wolff.

In the online press conference after the presentation of the new Mercedes F1 W13 for the 2022 Formula 1 season, Toto Wolff had his first opportunity to comment on such conspiracy theories. He of course denied them as stories conjured by the media, whereas it is clear to all that Wolff must be the centre of this story.

That Masi is a “pawn”, explains the Mercedes team boss, is not a majority opinion in his perception. And he clarifies: “Personnel decisions are the exclusive responsibility of the FIA. Each company has to decide autonomously, and no one is going to be talked into it. Least of all Mohammed bin Sulayem.”


The Austrian is alluding to the measures announced by the FIA on Thursday. In addition to the dismissal of Masi as race director and the nomination of two new race directors, these include the introduction of an additional race control room (VAR) off the track and the evaluation of the restart procedure after safety car phases.

In this context, Wolff feels that the FIA has set “the right direction” and made “decisions in the spirit of the sport and in the spirit of a robust decision-making process. Abu Dhabi was just the culmination of unconventional decisions, of course with a dramatic effect that certainly didn’t do the sport any good.”

But really is this pure pantomime by Wolff.


The furore over a possible Hamilton retirement was never staged as leverage on the FIA at Mercedes, he said. It was generally “not an issue” that the 37-year-old could quit, Wolff underlines: “That was rather interpreted by the media, after his total social media blackout.”

“It was always clear to us – also in the talks between Lewis and me – that this was not going to happen. However, he has needed the time to digest, cope and come to terms with the events of Abu Dhabi to some extent. And that was not an easy process. Not for him and not for all of us.”


And yet Wolff set in motion the rhetoric of Lewis Hamilton quitting the sport after the Abu Dhabi incident.

“I really hope we see him again,” Mercedes chief Wolff told Kronen Zeitung last month. “It would be a disgrace for the whole of F1 if the best driver decided to retire because of outrageous decisions.” claimed the Mercedes boss.


At the launch on Friday Wolff now says that 2021 had been “a great season” and said he was “optimistic” that Formula One was now in a much healthier state than before in terms of sporting sovereignty by the FIA.

“With what Mohammed announced yesterday, we have to put that behind us now,” Wolff said. “We will not forget what happened. We can’t. But we have to look to 2022. And today in particular is a day, with the presentation of our car, when we lift our eyes with encouragement and look to the new season.”


Indeed Hamilton had been saying that there needs to be “accountability” which would be something Michael Massi is now familiar with having been in effect prosecuted by his own employers and has since ‘moved on’ within the FIA. 

As for Lewis, in his mind the FIA has not done enough to satisfy him and Mercedes merely describing the steps taken as only “first steps”.

No doubt there will be more demands of the sport by Mercedes and Hamilton in the weeks and months to come.



135 responses to “Wolff and Hamilton deceives fans, the FIA and the media

    • Then you are an idiot which is an insult to idiots and there are many on these posts. Losing one of the greatest and exciting drivers in F1 history wont be missed, seriously!! You Hamilton haters are all like sheep not an original thought between you, just the same old rubbish. I’m not a Lewis fan I’m a racing fan and as a racing fan I know this sport would be like football without Ronaldo without Lewis. Take your vile hatred and post on other sites suited to your talents, I hear there is a good tiddlywinks site that would suit you better.

        • What sort of person claims to be a racing fan then says they don’t care if the greatest and most exciting driver in decades leaves. You are a Lewis hater and these sites are full of people like you, I’m not a hater for pointing that out just someone who loves racing and objects to idiots like you with your stupid posts.

          • I never implied I wouldn’t care.
            I only made a point about being unworried he’d leave, which is quite different.
            Interpreting correctly shouldn’t be hard, but apparently yes for some people.

          • Your the one that that doesn’t understand lapped cars…lol.. and he has nerve to call other people idiots andstupid posts… Stupid is is stupid does, and Steve certainly do…

          • We seems to have more comments about people’s comments rather than the main topic which get buried with all these counter attacks
            The last race was fixed so that Netflix and the big sponsors can get what they paid for and that was what the deal .

          • I couldn’t agree more but it’s Hamilton attacks that I defend as he can’t. As I’ve said before I’m a racing fan and without Hamilton racing would be far less and I won’t stand for that and if you knock Hamilton then you have me to deal with. I agree that what happened in Abu Dhabi can’t be overturned and we have a paper champion and I don’t blame Max it’s Horner and Red Bull that have their grubby hands all over this, how he can parade around like nothing happened is beyond me, but his day will come and not soon enough for me.
            Masi may have been sacked but the garbage behind this is still there, that evil dwarf Bernie is still pulling strings and F1 will be a lot better off when he is gone for good but while his wife is still director of FIA he is still messing with F1 and needs to be stopped.

        • You are right…people think lewis is the best..just he got a dominant car…and the guy is miserable..other drivers are able to drive and be the for family..he says he has no girl friend perhaps he has something to hide…he cant stand losing coz he only lives in a world of fantasy if toto wolf. The two are liars and whiners…blame everybody but themselves: they destroy everybody in the way when they are proven losers: Alonso, Rosberg, Masi, even preventing Botas from winning.
          We shall see with Russel…his hiring was in view that Lewis would have won 8th F1 world champion..now he that he lost out and Russel is already in he will be made to adore Lewis so lewis can win 8th championship..

          • What a load of crap, what do you know about Lewis or racing for that matter, you are just a Lewis hater with the intelligence of a Ham sandwich. Lewis has dated Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna and Jodia ma to name a few. he lives the playboy life that you can only dream of but he does his talking on the track where is the best. How does he live in a world of fantasy?? That sounds more like you fantasy boy! Also how is he a liar, just name one thing he has lied about, I would love to hear it as you can’t. Also, Alonso hated Lewis because he made him look silly and slow but have you ever heard Bottas say anything negative about Lewis he was a great team mate who respected Lewis massively. As for Rosberg that pig’s scrotum is no more a champion than Max and the truth about how he got his supposed title and his ‘retirement’ will come out one day. Stop hating and writing hateful posts or go and find something better to do.

        • How is being unworried and not caring different? Either way your indifference is offensive and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but I’m a true racing fan and have been for over forty years. Anyone that says they don’t care if Lewis leaves is not a racing fan or an idiot you pick. There are too many posts saying vile things about Lewis when he has said nothing about being robbed blind and stayed quiet, I don’t know where the hate comes from and I’m not a Lewis fan but I will defend posts that slate one of the greatest drivers in the sport, especially when they seem to know nothing about racing.

      • Steve steve steve… haven’t you learned anything then? With all your years of experience in both racing and life, you still don’t know that NO one is indispensable? Not even your idol and God Hamilton. Sad. Also sad is your usual rant and reuse of the same old lines and baseless statements. For a while i thought you were better.

        • When will you understand Duckey, of course no one is bigger than the sport but the best professionals make the sport better, can you seriously tell me the sport would be better without one of the greatest and most exciting driver in decades!! If so you are no racing fan. Would you take Ronaldo out of football, Rafa out of tennis. Also, I’ve told you many times I’m not a Hamilton fan, I’m a racing fan and I’m not ranting or using the same old baseless statements. I’m stating facts that back up the point I’m making unlike the Lewis haters who are all like sheep and say the same old dross over and over again, not an original thought amongst them. Max fans don’t like facts its their kryptonite as it shows their hero is no more a worthy champion than you are plus he’s reckless, disliked and generally a very poor excuse for a champion, again all facts. You may not like hearing them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true facts, live with it.

        • We’ll said. Let’s put His worship lord Hamilton in a Hass and see if he could even get past Q1. Doubtful

          • Do you know anything about racing at all, you Lewis haters are all the same? Lewis was at the back of the grid and still finished third. You put him in a Haas and he will still be within a podium finish because he is one of the greatest drivers in F1 ever, just live with it and stop hating.

      • Well said…why do people listen to this the judge 13 rubbish….he is clearly a Hamilton hater with no credibility. Stop posting and wasting our time.

      • If Ham left, after two races he’d be forgotten about, just like the other drivers. F1 is current, you stay with current drivers, if Ham not there, it’ll make no difference. There used to be same debate with Schumacher, Racing moves on and evolves, there are plenty of decent drivers that will take his place… where is your original thoughts, from your post the only original thing I see in it is, I’m not a Lewis Hamilton fan, but come on now, pull the other leg, ya clearly are. If you have such a blatent lie in your post, how can you expect any of “original” thoughts to hold any credibility??

        • Seriously, you call yourself a racing fan, Hamilton will be forgotten about, you are an insult to idiots. Firstly, do you know what remains when someone retires, records and Hamilton has many and not for Masi would be all time 8th champion. That would stay decades after he retires as I don’t think anyone would beat it. Secondly, Hamilton is still the best driver in the world and would be greatly missed by true racing fans which clearly you are not and he is easily capable of winning in 2022 and it would be exciting which is what true racing fans want. Lastly, where was an original thought in your post? just the same old rubbish and what blatant lie are you talking about, I would love to hear, I know you haters have issues with facts and the truth. You haters are just sad and not wanted in F1 racing

          • Judge13 you’re putting on a side show, trying to divert attention from the real issue. Lewis was blatantly cheated. Masi broke the rules.What the Fia has presented is a COUNTERFEIT, a FAKE “champion”.This FAKE was manufactured by Masi. It was always on the card, for all season the disillusioned wanna-be f1 driver, Horner, has telegraphed the whole thing. It was just a matter of how the robbery would take place.

      • Steve …. Stop showing your ignorance with your vial hateful comments… hard to believe your only retort to a discussion is verbal hate comments… grow up and discuss as an adult … bottom line is Mercedes believe they are born to rule and an do what they want !!

        • Firstly, buy a dictionary it’s vile! Secondly, how in anyone’s imagination are my comments hateful? When someone says something so stupid as F1 wont miss Hamilton I’m sorry but that makes them not only an idiot but also someone that cares little for racing and I’m a massive racing fan, it’s something I care passionately about. The people that say they wont miss Hamilton aren’t racing fans they are Hamilton haters and have no place in a racing debate site, it’s racing fans only. You want to gripe find a tiddlywinks site and moan all you like there, sorry tiddlywinks! Your last line says it all, Mercedes are where they are because they spend millions on making a competitive car but then so does Red Bull and now Ferrari are releasing a new car also by spending millions which wil make them very competitive so 2022 should be really exciting. Sad people like you are so predictable because you hate winners probably because you are such a loser. If another team beats Mercedes I don’t care, I’m a racing fan but right now they are the team to beat and it’s exciting. What happened last year has almost destroyed F1 and put it’s credibility into the toilet by gifting Max a title he didn’t deserve, he was well beaten until Masi broke his own rules and has been rightly fired for it but now it’s 2022 and Mercedes will still dominate so live with it. Enjoy the racing and stop hating Mercedes for being really good at what they do.

          • A man who uses the word idiot to describe someone who doesn’t share his views, hateful is an accurate description of such a person. If your a massive fan of F1, it shouldn’t make a difference if Ham is there or not. That by your comments makes you biased in Hamiltons favour…

      • Well at least you have sense Steve,the other not so sensible people here are British, work that out, Lewis Hamilton was robbed, its as clear as day, and I am not even a fan of his, and if these poor informed, people looked into it, there were many engineer’s wanting masi’s head, not to mention pundits, and the like.
        It’s pure racialism simple as that, and what’s worse it’s coming from the British.

        • It’s nice to get an intelligent comment on these sites, with so much hate towards Lewis who doesn’t deserve it. I’m not a Hamilton fan either but as a racing fan I hate the trolling of one of our greatest drivers and these people know nothing about racing so why don’t they take their hateful comments elsewhere.
          Lewis has fought racism through his whole career and only his amazing talent got him where he is now, so you can’t blame him for supporting BLM. Max as an ex drivers son was always going to be a driver so their paths were very different but Lewis is by far the better driver and the Lewis haters just can’t deal with that. They want him to retire as in 2022 but sorry, Lewis is going to beat Max out of site with a new car and a great new team mate. just cue lots of crashes by Max and then massive sulking and showing off when he gets penalised and the only thing these sad haters will have is 2021 where even then their hero was gifted the title and wont win another for a very long time if ever.

          • Yes at last something I agree with. Ham did get into F1 because of his talent, but let’s face it he was picked up by McLaren young drivers program and Ron Dennis with Antony Hamilton have looked after his racing career since he was young, bringing him up to F1, then in a team run by Ron Dennis he managed to be competitive with his teammate, once he had the sponsorship though it was a similar track as with Vettle, Lec and dare I say this dirty word… Max… and many others…

          • Steve, what baffles me is that these racists always say’Max deserves the championship.
            My question is, how does he deserve the championship that was stolen from someone else and presented to him on a platter of gold?
            Do these people have brains at all or has their racism clouded their vision?

        • Let me guess, you think the world is flat and covid started with 5g networks… lol that’s the kind of Facts you guys are bringing to the table, I’m just asking for facts from you guys, not conjecture, not hearsay,propaganda, just honest to goodness facts. So far it’s just Hamilton is brilliant your an idiot, max is dangerous, Mercedes was robbed… now leave that aside and give me an argument based on original fact…

          • The definition of facts is something known to be true, look it up. I write facts but you just don’t want to read them as you want your hero to be a worthy champion like everyone in La La SuperMax land but sorry he isn’t any more a worthy champion than you are.
            Do you ever read my posts or just the first couple of lines or maybe you can’t read and have someone read them to you which makes more sense as you are an idiot in every sense of the word.
            Your last post says it all, being an F1 fan I shouldn’t care if Hamilton isn’t there or not, seriously!! Sport is defined by it’s best stars, Ronaldo Football, Rafa Tennis and so on. Lewis is the best driver in decades he is exciting and makes f1 worth watching and his tussle in 2022 with Max is what everyone wants except for people that aren’t racing fans like yourself. You want Lewis to retire as you know he will beat Max next season which is pathetic. Stop posting your hateful posts which have no meaningful content, go ahead tell me one relevant fact and then I might take back the fact that my one year old grandson has more sense than you.

          • Right, I’ll try this one fact again. The cars between Max and Hamilton were lapped cars and were obliged to get out of the way when the safety car came in. Never mind anything else. Now to reply to your other comments. Wouldn’t you agree that 2 + 2 = 5. No seriously it is.. you are a maths hater. My teacher was a maths teacher, my friend works in a shop and counts everyday and I know a guy who used to be a mathematician. I count everyday with my job and I don’t even need to use my fingers….lol… So now do you agree that 2+ 2 = 5. No of course not, you don’t, it’s a ridiculous statement. You know that because you used independent thought and didn’t listen to what other people were saying. What I do is take everyone’s opinion, compare to incidents similar that has happened in the past read articles and interviews with drivers, anyone who says Hamilton or max are the greatest, I tend to ignore those comments. I look for someone who makes sense to have a meaningful debate in the hope someone brings me a side I haven’t considered. But someone who makes a blatant incorrect statement after calling them idiots, I just have to pick them up on it.. So were the cars between Max and Hamilton lapped?? Please do some research on just this fact before answering…

          • You continue to get everything wrong, maybe that’s a pattern in your life. I did Pure Maths and Further Maths at A Level and my Dad taught me to calculate large numbers in my head since I was little but I still have no idea what point you are trying to make. You wrote lots of text but failed to make any point, do you actually have one? You keep going on about lapped cars, what has that to do with Masi putting Max on Lewis’s backside by breaking his own rules twice?
            Where have I made incorrect statements please tell me or is this still a load of nonsense like all your other posts. Please tell me where anything I’ve said is incorrect and please don’t mention lapped cars again as that is totally irrelevant. Go ahead I dare you, what have I said that is incorrect you sad pathetic armchair racer.
            My son warned me about getting involved with trolls who have no substance but love to wind you up and you are really starting to fit that profile. You have one more chance to say something meaningful otherwise I’m just going to put you against all the other sad losers that think they know anything about racing but have nothing to add.

          • Your words, direct quote…. “He wasn’t second he was fifth and in a normal race would have had to pass those cars and he was 12 seconds back so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out with 2 laps to go he had no chance of catching Lewis.”

          • Speechless!! Can you be any more stupid! How many cars between Lewis and Max before Masi made his call. Don’t bother answering you have already made a massive fool of yourself, like I’ve said continuously you know bugger all about racing and are obsessed with lapped cars which means sod all. Please don’t reply again, I have better conversations with my dog.

          • Again my point is made. I’m stupid when I read back your words to you… quite right you should be speechless…

          • What point, do you even have one? If so try writing it down instead of all these pointless posts, I like to think there is a brain in there somewhere. Tell me your point and if you mention lapping cars I’m leaving.

          • My point is this. Normally under the safety car period, when track is clear, the Race director allows All the lapped cars through, past the safety car to allow them to unlap themselves. Merc’s argument is that they should not have not let the cars between Max and Hamilton to unlap themselves. I tend to agree with this. There was still another option though, allow ALL the lapped cars past, not just the cars between Max and Ham, this equally would be a fair option, but would again take longer. However Masi went with a hybrid of both options which turned out to be a mess, so you see the whole issue is all based on how the lapped cars were released. It’s the fundamental issue that has caused all the controversy… Max never dropped back to 5th place, he was always in 2nd. Please note, I’ve only tried to stay impartial, not favouring Max or Ham but just discussing the rules of the safety car and how it was applied… But it gets even more complex than that even, when you start considering a meeting held with both merc and red bull saying not to finish under safety car, another promise Masi was trying to keep, and there is even more to consider if you go into it further….

          • Thank you for making your point which does make good sense. The safety car rules are quite explicit and I never meant to imply Max was fifth just that he was five cars back but then that is the point. Under normal racing conditions it would have been very difficult to overtake those cars and catch Hamilton with two laps to go. When he pitted under the safety car it wasn’t inspired thinking it was the do the opposite of Lewis in desperation, Horner was quoted as saying ‘we need a miracle’. Masi initially made the right call but then with Horner badgering him to allow ‘Green Racing’ and after a call from Wheatley he finally caved but instead of allowing all cars to unlap themselves he just said the cars between Lewis and Max which is what got him fired. It was a decision that only suited Red Bull and instead of the Green Lap intended left Lewis as a sitting duck with Max on new tyres, that wasn’t racing it was a set up. Normally in any race a leading driver with two laps to go will stay out to preserve their position but when Masi made his call Lewis knew he was in no position to hold his place and said he should have pitted but Masi’s call broke his own rules to suit Red Bull and put F1 credibility in the toilet. Red Bull should never have been allowed to bully the race director like that but then he should have done what he did to Toto and tell them to back off and maybe he would still have a job.
            I’m like you and not a fan of Max or Lewis I just love racing but I hate the comments from people that make hateful comments at Lewis without knowing what they are talking about, I’m retired and it gives me something to do. You make a good point and you seem to come from the same place as me so lets hope next season is exciting but fair.

      • Whoever , you included , that think F1 will suffer if , hamilton quits , has the brain of a squid.
        Its only people blows smoke up his ……that he thinks he is good.
        In Schumacher best 7 years , other greater drivers than hamilton , was beaten by n man Not having the fastest car , but by n Man having n knowledge of how to beat , faster cars.

      • Are you being serious? F1 has been around for over 70 years, drivers come and go, the sport will go on.. better to see merc and lewis go than seeing a team dictate what the governing body should or must do

        • Yes I’m serious, anyone that thinks F1 will be fine without one of the greatest drivers ever is no racing fan. As for Mercedes dictating terms, please grow up. They dropped their law suit which they would have won for the good of the sport and because it would have made no difference. All they asked for was an enquiry which they got and Masi was rightly fired as a result. Mercedes are the victims here you moron, if anyone calls the shots it’s Red Bull as it was there badgering of Masi that made him make the worst decision ever in F1 that only suited them. How they have the gall to carry on like nothing happened is beyond me.

      • Who are you with your shovel muck speaking the real story is all this happened the second red bull agreed to bring in Sergio pères and give ferrari 3rd on the podium. Please learn that that track is the home of ferrari world theme park and masi was their man through and through he will retire with the 10 million or so bribe for taking the heat but any blind man saw what and how this took place.now do you have the courage to point the finger in the correct place or are you a red funky.

        • 10 million is a very specific sum. Where did you get this information, and saying anyone watched the race can see it, that’s not an argument, before you go there. So let’s have a look at your claims. Red Bull paid Masi 10 million. OK let’s say that did happen, Masi gets 10 million if he let’s max win. Why did Masi wait until the last lap, was the deal just made at the end of the race, we saw masi was busy during the race, so where would red bull get the opportunity to offer 10 million to Masi, so you have to conclude it was a deal done before the race. So before the race started Masi agreed to give Red Bull the advantage, again he waits until the last lap, it’s a bit risky, what if William’s crash didn’t happen, Masi would have no opportunity to give the bulls the advantage. For 10 million I know I’d be getting the bulls the advantage as soon as I got a chance.. So now let’s look back over the race and see can Masi give the Bulls the advantage anywhere else, what about the first Lap… Hamilton goes off the track but rejoins ahead of Max. Is this not the perfect opportunity to allow the bulls ahead, and a lot less controversial.. either right or wrong in Max and Ham point, just looking at Masi, if he truly had intentions to let the bulls win, why wouldn’t he have slapped Hamilton with a penalty at this point?? The mechanics of what you suggest just don’t fit, and this is proof to me that no corruption was involved and the race wasn’t fixed. An error in judgment is totally different to corruption and fixing, please people learn the difference and back up your statements…

      • Of course it is click bait. The judge13 is only publishing to cause trouble and attract the ‘keyboard warriors’

    • You sounded like a hater. Not even talking about FIA breaking their own rules and regulations which means they robbed hamilton and he demanded answers and you are still hating you racist.

    • Nor was I, him and his whole team are nothing but bad losers and cry babies shame titybabies put Verstappen the same car then we will see I agree with you he doesn’t make the excitement Max does go red bull

      • Debra, find something original to say or don’t post at all. How is Lewis a bad loser when he was stoic and gracious after being robbed blind and then stayed silent as anything he said would have been destroyed by haters like you, so please explain how he is a bad loser. Contrast that with Max in Jeddah where he sulked and showed off after being caught lying his arse off after brake testing Lewis and should have been disqualified. You clearly aren’t a racing fan as you would know that for most of 2021 Max had the superior car yet in the last four races he had no answer to Lewis and chose to try crashing into him instead, Schumacher style. You are in for a massive disappointment in 2022 as your hero has so many penalty points he faces a one race ban and also Mercedes have a much faster car, so cue Max crashing a lot and then sulking when he get s penalised for it. Still you have 2021 even if he was gifted it by the FIA/

    • So Masi is a pawn. Hamilton Wolf played the F1? Get real who writes this rubbish? We witnessed a theft of a 8th World record title. As race director Masi ignored the rules making his own up. Think how many millions of punters who he robbed of bets they had on Hamilton to win his 8th title. Masi got off lightly. The so arrogant Vestappen bathing in stolen glory of winning a title handed to him. Whether you like Hamilton or not he was impeded deliberately from achieving his 8th title. F1 image has been made a mockery. With the likes of that knome Burnie Eccleston supporting Masi decision a long with other so called respected F1 figures who should retired from the sport. Truly this was a incident you can only discribe as shameful.

    • “Neither was I concerned about him leaving ” means more of (I dont think he will leave so I’m not worried about that)

  1. Well written TJ13. As rightly said, this is pure pantomime by the pure evil. There is no question that the entire charade post-Abu Dhabi has been orchestrated by the wolf with the heyna (who is no less evil) being a willing accomplice.

    For eight years a swindle has been perpetrated on FIA and F1 fans. The mountebanks have been pheomenally successful, gathering along the way an army of gullible fans who have sold their senses.

    Anthony Hamilton appears to be a far more decent human being. Having seen the charlatanry by MB team and its driver all through the season, he must been pained by the sheer scale of dishonesty in his son’s games and he could not have been pleased. That explains his equanimity at the end.

    Now readers, sit back to read all the vitriol and profanities from the fanboys (fangirls?!). Be understanding of their butthurt, be tolerant towards their disappointment. It is but natural from those lacking sporting spirit and sense of fairness.

    Just rejoice in the victory of justice and karma and that of a deserving champion.

    • Wasn’t Antony Hamilton brought to court because he lied about something?? Look it up yourself, I’m just going from memory, so can’t remember what it was about…

      • The only court case I know Lewis was involved in apart from Abu Dhabi was when someone was trying to promote watches under his name, hardly news worthy.
        You have been making stupid posts against mine questioning my credibility which has made me laugh, You talk about not knowing about lapped cars when I have forty years racing experience, what experience do you have? I know people that know Lewis and move in his inner circle, I also know people in F1 that tell me the news on the grid and the FIA. Your ridiculous claims seem to be based on a scribble on a fag packet and you are way out of your depth. So tell me why I should listen to your ridiculous theories and what substance is behind them. I can back up what I say so tell me why I shouldn’t dismiss you as another lunatic Lewis hater.

  2. I’ve seen your posts before Vijay, another one living in La La SuperMax land where there was no controversy and Max is a worthy champion. The recording from Wheatley was made up and Masi was fired because people hated his shirts. 😂🤣
    My God you people are so deluded it’s laughable, you can’t see something that is staring you in the face. There is a Psychological term for this where you want something so badly truth, fact and reason go out of the window. On planet earth, Lewis was robbed by Masi breaking his own rules twice to leave him a sitting duck on the last lap. Masi reply was ‘it’s racing’ but we had already had racing for 52 laps where Max had no answer to Lewis and was five places back and 12 seconds behind until Masi broke the rules and has been fired for it. Max 😂🤣is no more a worthy champion than you are. In the last four races Max couldn’t match Lewis and resorted to driving into him instead and should have been disqualified in Jeddah for some ridiculous driving. He had points instead which means this season he will be banned for one race at least and without FIA help and his reckless driving style expect much sulking and showing off. In fact I think he will threaten to hold his breath until they bring Masi back 🤣
    You Max fans hate facts as they burst your perfect bubble but next season Mercedes have a better car and Lewis has a better team mate so expect lots of crashes from Max and lots of penalties with Max going into a massive sulk after every race and you morons still clinging on to 2021 because that’s all you will have.
    Oh and by the way, my friends in F1 tell me Max is universally disliked on the grid as the drivers view him as dangerous as he has no respect for their safety on the track, just thought you should know your hero is a reckless idiot.

    • Steve. Really? Let me quote you: “There is a Psychological term for this where you want something so badly truth, fact and reason go out of the window.”… ever heard of pot and kettle Steve? Probably not. It fits seamless on yourself! 😂 With a little bit of common sense you would not have made that statement. Your reasoning skills are deteriorating. And as usual you cherry pick your ‘facts’ and ignore all others. Thats called ‘tunnelvision’ Steve. Look it up. Yes, Max was beaten the last 4 races but when Lucky Lewis had a not so much luck in the 20 races before, those last 4 races were irrelevant. And not Lewis was so good at the end…. His car, with fresh engines, was. A Merc trick (within the rules) to compensate for the fact their engine dropped off after a few races. So money and tricks make Lewis look nice.

      • Duckey Duckey you are hanging yourself on your own petard. I obviously know what tunnel vision is and yet you continue with the same old stuff. I know you not to be an idiot but the fact you have attacked every message I’ve made on this site smacks a bit of everything you accuse me of. You have said more than once that you aren’t a Lewis hater yet you continually act like one, why is that? You talk about cherry picking facts but all I did was point out the most obvious ones and they are just that facts, something Max fans have a real problem with. You always revert like all max fans to the early races and statistics which rarely explains the actual out come. Yes, Max won one more races overall etc etc but the fact was when it came down to the wire he was found wanting. In the last two races he was nowhere, in Jeddah he resorted to Schumacher tactics by trying to take Lewis out and should have been disqualified I’ve never seen such reckless driving on a race track. In the last race he didn’t even get close enough and was driven out of site until Masi changed everything.
        You talk so often about Mercedes trickery yet Red Bull played every trick in the book to unseat Mercedes or did you not notice that. How about in the final race with Wheatley convincing Masi to make the worst decision in F1 ever it did that not happen either! You wont like next season as Mercedes have a new power unit and Red Bull have spent so much time trying to deflect Mercedes they start the new season behind. So cue Max trying to drive into Lewis again except like Abu Dhabi he wont get near him so he will just sulk and show off instead.
        You know me to be neither without reason and certainly not guilty of tunnel vision, so why say it, it sounds desperate to me. Yes you know of my many years racing and people I know in F1 which puts me in a privileged position but above all I’m a racing fan and only want the best for F1. What happened last season almost destroyed the sport I love and made Max a paper champion whether you feel he earned it or not. I don’t, Lewis should have won that title and you exclude Masi and he would have done, fairly. You can bluster all you like about statistics but that is a fact and it will never change.

    • Seeing you talking about being accurate with Facts, here’s some corrections for you. “Max had no answer to Lewis and was five places back and 12 seconds” Max was is in second place so he was one place back, there were lapped cars in between first and second place. Do your friend work for Mercedes, because that would explain all the crying… Still looking originality still havnt found any…

      • Yet another deluded Max fan living in La La SuperMax land. He wasn’t second he was fifth and in a normal race would have had to pass those cars and he was 12 seconds back so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out with 2 laps to go he had no chance of catching Lewis. You Max fans are so predictable because you always trot out the same old nonsense. If Latifi hadn’t forgotten what a steering wheel is for, Hamilton would have driven home with Max many seconds behind. The crash gave Masi the chance to change the outcome and after a FIA review he has been sacked and for good reason, he changed the outcome of the race where Lewis would have won. You Max fans hate that as you love to believe Max won fair and square but reality check he was gifted it by Masi. Max is no more a worthy champion than you are. Lastly, I’m not a Hamilton fan I’m a racing fan and believe in fair results and not something turns the sport I love into WWE. Drivers should decide results not stewards. Also, what exactly is original about your post, it is just the same old rubbish and why do you idiots always have to mention crying!! That’s Max’s department not Lewis, max is a childish brat, own it.

        • Steve, Steve Steve…. come on now, seriously… the whole debate, the whole argument, the whole reason Masi has lost his job is due to the fact Masi let the LAPPED cars through, but not all of them. .i.e. the cars between Max and Hamilton were 1 lap down. How can you possible be so disrespectful to people when you just don’t understand the rules and what was going on… Please please please just do a little research on the facts and don’t be putting the story together on Mercedes propaganda, did you actually watch the race or do you get your information from twitter?? Max fans, Lewis fan don’t make a difference, I’m looking for a good debate with someone who understands the basic concepts of F1, which clearly is not you, no seriously read some unbiased articles, form your own original opinion and come back to me when you come up with a valid argument…

          • You call yourself a race fan and accuse me of not knowing what I’m talking about, you couldn’t be more wrong. I started racing forty years ago in 100Nat karts then FFord, FFirst, F2000, FRenault and then Caterham’s and Touring cars. My old neighbour was an ex F1 driver and I’ve met many ex F1 drivers through him and also know people in the FIA so I know a lot more about racing than you do, who’s only racing experience is probably from an XBox. I know the rules perfectly well and I also know more about what went on behind the scenes last year than you do, so next time you want to be patronising do some homework first.
            Firstly, Masi wasn’t fired for just for letting Max past lapped cars, he was fired for breaking his own rules twice under pressure from Horner and Wheatley to make the worst decision in F1 history. If you made a mistake in your job that cost your company a fortune and put their credibility in the toilet, you would be fired too. the only reason he hadn’t been fired before was the FIA refused to admit they did anything wrong.
            I like a good debate too but you need to be a lot more aware of the facts before you debate with me. The bottom line and what Mercedes have been pushing for is that races should be won on the track and not by the officials which is totally correct and makes F1 less like WWE.

          • First of all XBOX, your completely wrong I’m more of a ps kinda guy… so you know F1 driver, that could actually make you biased, formula ford’s, kat nars100 whatever that is, sounds very impressive, it still doesn’t change the fact that the cars between Ham an Max were lapped cars and were obliged to get out of the way, seriously there is no debate to that fact, ask your F1 buddy… Facts are Facts and facts can’t be changed… watch a rerun of the race, listen to the commentators and come back to me…

          • If I were you I would stop posting as with every post you make yourself a bigger idiot. XBox or PS you are still an armchair racer, I’ve driven against Nigel Mansell and Tiff Needell so what the hell do you know about racing? You keep going on about lapped cars like that means anything, if there is a point then bloody make it. In normal circumstances Max would have had to overtake those cars and with two laps to go and the precious seconds lost going around them he would never have caught Lewis who was miles ahead of Max after 52 laps. What Masi did was give the advantage solidly to Max by removing the obstacles and putting him firmly on Lewis backside on fresh tyres making him a sitting duck. Those terrible decisions cost him his job and disgraced F1. If you still don’t understand I’ll draw you a diagram. Stick to your PS you are out of your depth in real racing.

          • Whey heyyy, he conceded to an actual fact, they were lapped cars in between… that was hard work.. stop calling everyone idiots when you couldn’t even get that one little fact right, regardless of Ham, Max fans, just show respect, listen to your idol and stop being what your being.. If someone doesn’t agree with your opinion, don’t just call them an idiot, come back with a valid argument, racing with nigle Mansel and Tiff Nedel s not a valid argument to anything by the way. There is a lot of complexity to Abu Dhabi, saying fix or cheating is over simplifying the situation.

          • I’ve already said everything I needed to say in my last post, you redefine the word stupid. I didn’t admit to anything and what has lapped cars got to do with anything, you moron? I’ve already said countless times I’m not a Hamilton fan, I’m a racing fan, what is it with you people and reading simple sentences? If people write stupid things and you have written many, I call them an idiot, I speak my mind, which is one of the things that made me successful.
            I’m retired and have lots of time on my hands but I refused to get involved with someone with the brains of a Ham sandwich. Go and take your ridiculous theories and bother someone else. You know sod all about racing and are clearly a Hamilton hater and you aren’t worth my time. try the painting by numbers site that’s more your speed.

          • Nice try Racefan. I gave it a shot too. But its hopeless… The man is so curled up in his own filtered worldview, he can’t even distinguish left from right anymore. His usual response is a huge verbal diarrhea of wich 80% is bragging about his f1 friends, boat, house, great family (all very relevant here 🙂 ). The rest is name calling. He’s very fond of the words ‘idiots’, ‘ham/prawnsandwich and ‘intelligence’. After some back and forth with him i could even write his comments myself and nobody would notice the difference. Not even himself :D.

          • Wow, just when I thought you had stopped being nasty, you sound jealous to me, not a nice trait. I rarely ever use who I know and only when my credibility is questioned as you once did. One of the reasons we never quite saw eye to eye is that you really don’t have any point to make. I remember you saying Lewis tried to smash into Max at Silverstone when it was actually the other way around and the stewards agreed with me. Other than that it’s hateful comments towards Lewis and defending the undefendable for Max.
            You claim to not be a Lewis hater yet do a very good impression of one, taking away his Knighthood, really!! You hate facts but here are a couple, Max is on so many points because of his reckless driving that he faces a race ban very soon into the season, unless he drives carefully which really isn’t his style, he likes crashing. Mercedes have a new power unit which is going to make them hard to beat whereas Red Bull after their push last season are behind so they wont be competitive for a while. So cue Ferrari and Mercedes fighting it out and poor Max bringing up the rear trying to crash into anyone he can get close enough to which isn’t likely so he will sulk and throw tantrums instead, can’t wait.

        • Why would Max care?? Look at how he was being singled out because he dares to make a move that’s not under DRS, Has anyone watched racing before DRS came out, how do you expect to get by with a car equal in pace to your own?? The problem with new generation of Fans is they have been spoilt with overtaking moves because of difference in tyres, or tyre temps. Look at the difference in car position between first lap and last. Ham stays out wide, this let’s Max through, Max makes corner but Ham has no where to go so he he puts foot down across on outside of corner. Never mind who’s right or wrong, it doesn’t matter for my point. Same corner on last lap, Max is ahead, Max positions his car on the inside meaning Ham has to stay on outside and Ham can’t take a lunge. What this did though was gave Ham an opportunity to come back on the straight, but he didn’t have the tyres to make it stick, do you know what that’s called, racing… Race craft should be part of F1 and getting a penalty everytime someone has a go is a bit much…

          • You really are a damaged soul, are you really trying to talk about overtaking moves to me and what has that got to do with Abu Dhabi? Surely you aren’t trying to say that Max passing Lewis on spent tyres was a strategic manoeuvre that’s just insane. After Masi made the decision which cost him his job he left Lewis a sitting duck on old tyres with Max on new ones. Imagine you racing someone in a fiesta and you in an M3 driving lines don’t come into it.
            You talk about racing but after what Masi did that wasn’t racing that was Politics and has no place in F1. Do you know that most of the drivers oin the grid let alone the racing community consider that last race a farce and only the Lewis haters are trying to make it look like a fair result so good luck with that.
            What the hell do you know about race craft you armchair driving imbecile.

    • Well said. It’s embarrassing watching the sycophants squirm and writhe in the face of reality. Believe anything but that which doesn’t support your claims (wishthinking).

  3. More verbal diarrhea from one who has no arguments, only mindless attachment to his fake hero and a deep hatred towards anyone who legitimately challenges that hero.

    • Firstly Hamilton is not my hero but I admire him for his talent as I do Max but regard them very differently. LH handling of being robbed blind was stoic and gracious, the actions of a true champion who has endured endless abuse while saying nothing, for good reason as any comment would have been ripped apart from idiot haters like you. Contrast that to Max in Jeddah who did everything but hold his breath until they took his points back for lying his arse off and getting found out. If you bothered to read my comment, maybe reading isn’t your strong point, you will see I make a few points backed up by facts something you haters have real issues with. Explain to me how one of the greatest drivers ever and that’s not me talking it’s from his peers like Jackie Stewart who knows a bit more than an armchair racer like yourself who’s only racing is on a PlayStation, is a fake hero? I would love to know maybe you think someone who was gifted the title by the FIA and drove like a maniac and lucky they didn’t kill anyone, that’s your hero. I’m not inclined to get into a debate with a bigoted moron with brains of a Ham sandwich so read my message or get someone to read it to you, you may learn something.

    • Quite interesting to note that you all rant at one another over baby boys Hamilton & Toto whilst they lick their wounds in the lapse of luxury.

      • I don’t see any ranting going on it’s called making a point. I feel the need to say something when people make hateful statements without knowing anything about racing or the people they are slating. I’m a racing fan and have been since I started in 100Nat karts forty years ago and have raced all sorts since but F1 is in the toilet right now and for some reason people blame Hamilton which is ridiculous. Also, all sportsmen are rich these days but what that has to do with anything I don’t know, do you think being rich makes you immune to hurt and disappointment? I’m retired and wealthy and you get used to it, money is overrated, there are many things much more important.

        • Hahaha, you don’t see any ranting… You are triggered by anything critical of Hamilton, you misunderstand the first post where somebody was not concerned that Hamilton would leave, then double down when he explains to you that he wasn’t worried, not that he didn’t care…

          You may want to look up what a rant is, because for somebody who claims not to be a Hamilton fan, you sure wear out your keyboard meaning him to be a god :’)

          • Sorry Rene but you are barking up the wrong tree. I’ve said many times I’m not a Hamilton fan I’m a racing fan and have forty years racing experience under my belt so I know a bit about racing. I’m also passionate about football and tennis which you wouldn’t know about. I’m a wealthy retired man with time on my hands and racing is behind me but my son and nephew both race and they are really good. I defend the idea that F1 would be the same without Hamilton which is ridiculous as Football would not miss Ronaldo or Tennis not miss Rafa. People that make these statements know nothing about racing so I defend it.
            Being retired I have time on my hands but I still sail, fly my plane, play golf with my sons etc but when I get on these sites if something irritates me I respond and that is it. I’m not a Hamilton fan but admire his talent as I do Max although I consider Max dangerous and if I was racing against him would give him a wide berth.
            I respect all posts but if someone says something stupid I say it as it is which is what made me successful, my wife hates me on these sites, someone compared me to Trump the other day which made her laugh out loud so there is some good in it.

        • I think Facts are important, wouldn’t you agree Steve?? If so you should do some research on rules, facts and regulations before being disrespectful to other people.

          • Facts? Rules? Nooo racefan! Don’t you listen to Steve?… Its who you knów that counts! 🙂 If Steve was a scientist, the world was still flat because he travelled to all countries and nowhere was a curve visible and his religious friends told him so and you are an idiot that never left his basement so … point proven 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Firstly, me and Race Fan 1981 reached an agreement once he made his point and it made sense. You could learn a lot from him as you never actually make any points just smart remarks and put downs. I only say things as a see it, you just don’t like it because it shows your hero to be what he is, a paper champion. So you carry on joking at least you’ve stopped being nasty but facts will always be facts and Max was still handed the title nicely gift wrapped from Masi who has now been fired for it.
            If you do ever come up with a point or ever find one, I would love to hear it.

          • Why Duckey? I used to have a teacher at school who we called Duckey Davis as he was as gay as Liberace on steroids. Is that you, do you wear a bow tie and have a little dog, I have so many thoughts going through my head right now and not good ones. I’m still waiting for that original thought you might have, take your time. Have a gay day 😂🤣

          • And what’s actually wrong with being gay. What century are you living in. Come on remeber our talk about treating people with respect.. come on now Steve, I know you can do better…

          • I was joking, I’ve a few guys that have worked for me that are gay and they have often been the most effective, they still send me Christmas cards. Duckey is a strange one and I was trying to draw him out, he never makes a point just pokes and prods so I was hoping for a reaction. You are an intelligent guy, I’ve spoken with Duckey many times but still feel I don’t know him but would like to.

          • Maybe you meant it as a joke, maybe even Duckey saw it as a joke, but it’s a public forum, there will be people who will read it and be offended by what you say, you don’t know what people are struggling with. How many times have you called me stupid, idiot or moron, while trying to make a point, that you were struggling with, to try and make me understand.. I don’t think it’s too much to ask just to have manners and be respectful… I know sport is emotional, but it’s not worth making people feel like crap just to get your point across… Life can be hard enough and sport and discussions I feel are a nice escape, but unfortunately they can be ruined by bad manners and disrespect..

          • Understood, I’m only human and I’m very passionate about the sport I love so my emotions get the better of me. I’m a large man at six foot four but my wife calls me a big teddy bear as I’m a big softy really until you get on my bad side. I get what you are saying but take Duckey, he claims not to be a hater yet he constantly posts hateful comments and even said Lewis should have his Knighthood revoked. He is just one of many that post awful things about Lewis, how does he deserve that? The haters went into meltdown when he went quiet as if he said anything they would have been over it like a rash but saying nothing they made their own stuff up and I wont stand for it, fight fire with fire. Mostly, they know nothing about racing and make post that were just garbage so I sought them out and if I called people idiots or morons that is because that is what they were, what would you have done? Duckey is a clever liar, he is Dutch and most certainly no fan of Lewis, I believed him once but no more, he took me in once but I’m no idiot. You are an intelligent guy with an honest agenda but this is messy and people like Duckey are the reason why I do what I do. Calling people stupid or morons when you read what they post is that so bad? I’ll continue what I do but the trolls that navigate sites like this are fair game to me and I wont stand for it.

          • OK so all the awful things that Duckey said about Hamilton, they are all hateful, that’s according to you. How is that any different to what you just said about Rosberg. Isnt that just hateful to Rosberg?? Also in the same post, you mentioned how bad Alonso is. Do you not see a theme here??? Three different people, including Max here, 3 different drivers of different generations, and they are all the bad guys, dirty with dirty tricks, like I mean what are the odds?? I’m surprised Button is getting roasted too because he beat Hamilton too, the only difference is they didn’t compete for the championship and I suppose Button is a Brit so he gets away with it.… How can you not see your own bias?? Something else I notice any time you see a driver become a member of the British Racing drivers club the bias towards Hamilton goes through the roof. Look at David Coultard, he is a man who was always up for the British drivers but had the sense to call things as they were. Ham messes up then it’s on Hamilton, once he became a part of that club, He has lost objectivity. I mean he wouldn’t dare criticise the great Sir Lewis Hamilton..I mean its sport, you are supposed to point out the reasons why things happen, even if it’s drivers fault, that’s what the fans deserve. If your friends are who you say they are, I certainly do not want to become as brainwashed as these guys, and you seem to be. I want to hold on to the little bit of objectivity I have and hold on to the few original thoughts that I have, so no I will not join your club… Please note nothing here is against Hamilton or Pro max, but mainly against silly statements and arguments that make no sense, have no credibility and are in some cases just lies or propaganda spread by teams. That’s one thing I admire about Brundle, he is very much British and has the British bias, fine, he is British but at least he never got brainwashed, he still tells it how he sees it, not afraid to criticise when he thinks Ham is in the wrong…

          • Nice to hear back from you, you clearly are an intelligent guy and I like that, you don’t often get that on these sites. I think what upset me most about Duckey was that I was taken in and that made me feel foolish. I see where you are going with this but you are wrong, it may seem I like all things Hamilton but I admire his talent that’s all. I’ve met Jenson a couple of times and that lovely wife of his and he is a very charming and articulate man and he is no fan of Lewis either. I’ve also met Coulthard and Brundle who are totally different, Coulthard could have been a neighbour of mine in La Manga but pulled out because he refused to pay the insurance, typical Scotsman. Brundle could send you to sleep in minutes just talking to him but he respects Lewis but doesn’t like him neither does Coulthard which is interesting why these British legends don’t like a great British driver. The thing is they respect him like I do but liking him is something different, I respect Max but don’t like him, he is hard to like. As for Rosberg, I can tell you things about that man that would make your skin crawl so yes definitely not a fan. As for Alonso, all I said was he hates Lewis which he does, I actually like Alonso he is a great driver and a great guy but he would snuff Lewis out given the chance. I’m no bigot, I defend Lewis because he is a great driver and a credit to F1, I don’t have to like him but F1 would never be the same without him and this season is going to be great because he is in it. You seem to think I’m on some Lewis quest but actually I’m like Jenson and the others Lewis and I could never share a beer as I did with Jenson but I admire what he does and will defend him against the haters. I love F1 racing and Lewis in integral with that so I’ll defend it, that’s all. People like Duckey who want to defame and abuse Hamilton will have to go through me first. It’s just a thought but you aren’t Dutch by any chance, just asking?

          • Well, Steve is one biased person, fuck, ten year olds would hold a better discussion. How many things have the FIA turned the blind eye on for Mercedes from 2015. How many times did Mercedes change engines on their cars last season. He can be called a Hamilton fan, certainly not a racing fan. They both deserved the WDC, Hamilton could’ve defended a bit harder as well, as much as he was on worn tires(we know how hard it was to pass Senna, even on worn tires). He definitely would be missed if he were to live but that wouldn’t make the sport any less entertaining. There’s so many more drivers that can take his seat and provide the same thrills and excitement(maybe even more than him, we don’t know cause it hasn’t happened yet).
            You can miss me with the Max Fan/Hamilton Fan crap. They gave us one hell of a season(that should be appreciated), they took out the best and worst out of each other in every race.
            You can say Max is a “Fake” Champion, but his name is carved in the history books of F1 Champs, forever.
            I bet Steve can’t even name reserve drivers of his Fellow “Mercediens”.
            Abu Dhabi was handled wrong but it’s in the past now(we don’t forget it though). Look foward, move forward and stay on job.
            Redbull did what they needed to do to get where they are, Mercedes did what they needed to do to get where they are. Don’t look down on any of it. They probably cheated as much as one another, the last couple of years too. But FIA has been the Mercedes fan club since 2015.
            Every Merc fan decides to turn a blind eye on the amount of things the FIA have done for them as much as they accuse RB fans of doing so.
            Y’all will never be happy with anything really.

          • Fair play Ethan, that’s a good synopsis… Yes Hamilton is pretty special when it comes to qualifying, he is consistent, he is fast and he didn’t get to be WDC for nothing. I think everyone acknowledges those facts, Hamilton is a pretty great driver, however you are right, he has weaknesses. In 2016 he had a weakness and that was his race starts, he lost the lead to Rosberg on multiple occasions it cost him a championship, I know I know I hear ya’s, his Mercedes let him down, any excuse the brits get to blame the Germans, 🙄 even so if he had good starts Rosberg’s job would be a lot harder. In 2017 I don’t think he had a bad start, and his starts are now pretty consistent. He identified the weakness and sorted it out. So now look at his defending of Max, the majority of the time Hamilton leaves room for Max to take a lunge, if you compare that to the likes of Alonso, Alonso sees it coming a few corners back and positions his car so it can’t happen, so yes Ham is great, but he has weaknesses. Every driver if you look at them will have weaknesses, it’s the kind of thing that makes F1 so great… Criticism of what you see doesn’t make you biased in either direction, it doesn’t make you a hater and certainly doesn’t make you a racist… please Hamy and Maxy fans please try to understand that… 

          • Nice to hear from you again Race Fan 1981, do you have a name? I know stuff about Rosberg that would make your hair curl and he has no more entitlement to his title than Max. Germany hadn’t had a winner since Vettel, so German team with a German driver, call it conspiracy but I know Lewis was made to sign an air tight NDA so you work it out.
            You are right Lewis has weaknesses like any other human being but he knows them and rarely lets them show on the track which is what makes him special. Rosberg is a pig’s scrotum and Lewis hates him as much as I do as his desperation to beat Lewis made him go too far which is why you will never see Lewis speak to him in public, he would want to punch him the face like I would. A world champion he most definitely isn’t and now he’s a presenter I want to throw something at the TV every time he comes on.
            Alonso has hated Lewis for years as he embarrassed him when he demanded respect and Lewis made him look slow and past it. Also, I don’t hate Max, I think he is a massively talented driver but I think he is entitled, spoilt and dangerous. On the grid he is disliked and drivers are wary as he shows no regard for other drivers safety which makes him dangerous. I’m not a hater that just isn’t who I am but I will defend hateful posts towards Lewis and racing while I’m still breathing and if I see and idiot I will call it. I’m happily retired and have time on my hands and as an ex driver I know people that know what they are talking about and people that just want to post hateful comments which I defend and if I hurt feelings on the way then so be it.

  4. Grammatical mistake right in the heading: Wollf and Hamilton ‘deceives’… Nope, it’s supposed to be ‘deceive’. Can’t believe these guys don’t do any proof reading. Or put any effort actually, just recycling news articles as a new write up.

    • I agree with the earlier comments that no one is indispensible and those participating in the sport will do well to remember that. Senna’s death is testament to that. But more importantly, the FIA should remind the likes of LH, TW and Mercedes that the tail doesn’t get to wag the dog.

      • Great at last to read a sensible comment from a member of the public on here! Some really RIDICULOUS comments being made by others. I agree with the article Wolff and Hamilton were putting pressure on the FIA to bend to their thinking … It seems they were angered because Masi didn’t?

        • You two are really something and not Dutch by any chance. Senna was so much different, that was a tragedy and Senna will always be missed. However, being happy for Lewis to retire when he was still good enough to beat the pants off of Max last season had it not been for Masi ,who has since been fired for his gross negligence making a decision that only suited Red Bull after shameless bullying, they should be ashamed if that’s what it takes for them to finally get a win, how desperate are they.
          Mercedes and Lewis just requested an enquiry and are not calling the shots for god’s sake. How mature are you and if you disgraced your company and broke it’s own rules more than once wouldn’t you be fired? the trouble with you sad people is that you want Max to be a worthy champion which he isn’t and all the disgrace of what happened to go away. You Lewis haters might want that but everyone else in the real world know that Max was gifted the title by Masi and didn’t deserve to be champion any more than you did. Horner is as bonkers as that crazy wife of his, I met her a couple of times, crazy as a box of frogs, if he thinks he can pretend nothing happened and we all believe it, he is truly crazy. I also would respect Max more if he showed some humility instead of keep teasing Lewis childishly, that boy is a petulant brat and certainly no champion. I’m looking forward to this season where Lewis shows Max how a real champion behaves.

  5. To me it felt like Liberty had hired a WWF scriptwriter. The pantomime has kept F1 in the news which is what they want. I didn’t care if Lewis or any other driver retired as there are plenty vying for the seats. I just hope the changes actually do make a change but somehow I doubt it!

  6. Interesting what TJ writes. And fitting in the total picture that mercedes has done anything to distract all attention from Max’ wdc to Lewis ‘injustice’. Indeed it was Wolf that fueled the ‘Lewis might stop’ therories. All planned and orchestrated by the Mercedes marketing department.

    The FIA changes are totally ridiculous. A VAR was allready there in the form of stewards, who are also in posession of the most high tech tools. And in stead of 1 racedirector, they now alternate between two, causing even móre inconsistensy. Not no mention that bóth have no F1 experience whatsoever. Masi had at least 1 year under Whiting. All the the long arms of Toto have done now is a revenge action on Masi and causing more turmoil and confusion.

    In ‘22 season we will probably see Max being punished for the same actions Hamilton is not punished for, just to push him into a raceban with points on his license. Every trick (dirty and not) will be allowed to grant Lucky Lewis his eighth, after wich he will retire. Russel will be just as docile as Bottas, under the promise that he will become nr 1 driver after Lucky Lewis retires. And all those simple minded Lucky Lewis fanboys, will feast themselves in believing ‘their’ Lewis is goat.

  7. What absolute BS did I just read…?!! Do you honestly believe yourself when you write nonsense like this? F**king waste of time.

  8. Looking at some posts I felt I need to set a few things straight as there are the normal Lewis haters crying foul as usual like nothing happened in Abu Dhabi and claiming Lewis is going to get favouritism next season which is nonsense.
    Firstly, Masi was guilty of breaking his own rules twice, rules he told drivers he stands by but then broke them under pressure from Red Bull and effectively gifted Max the title in the most brutal fashion. If you broke rules at your job and put the companies reputation in the toilet you would be fired too, the only reason he hadn’t been fired before is that the FIA refused to admit they did anything wrong. Secondly, to say this is because of lobbying from Mercedes also has no merit, all the FIA agreed to was to conduct their own investigation and that was why Masi was fired as the results found him culpable. Lastly, never has anyone been accused of so much without actually saying anything. Lewis chose to stay silent as he knew that any comment would be torn to shreds and he needed time to deal with what he called being ‘disillusioned with the sport’ and who would blame him. That said although from what friends tell me he did look at other options but he was also looking at a new engineer and still focussed on winning his eighth title and who could blame him for being unhappy with a race director that buckles under pressure and creates the most controversial result in F1 history. Given that Lewis doesn’t blame Max but feels the FIA needs to make racing fairer and not for his own benefit, something that a few idiots have pointed out thinking Lewis is somehow the Stewards favourite, that is so laughable and only someone with no knowledge of racing at all would believe.

    • Sorry Steve… same old, same old. No facts but the convenient ones for you. Same claims about ‘people you know’ and ’everybody knows… ’ and we must just take your word for it. You know who also makes his point in that way? Trump. And that minitrump you call prime minister… I give up on you. You’re just not capable of any sensible, reasonable discussing. It’s like talking to a wall. Or a religious fanatic. Only repeating the same points. All other people are idiots. Ignoring any argument others bring up but are not to your liking. Hamilton can do no wrong. Verstappen can do no right. Be happy in your bubble Steve. I wish you all the best.

      • I laughed out loud when I read your comment Duckey (do you have a real name, it feels daft calling you Duckey)! Firstly, there are over six facts in my message count them and you doubted my credibility once before until I verified it, you know what they say about suspicious people. Comparing me to Trump, that’s just insulting but how? How am I like Trump in any way, that even made my wife laugh out loud 😂 You never counter any of my comments just always say I talk rubbish or don’t listen etc etc but then they are facts, you just don’t like to hear them.
        I counter a message with facts, they make sense, maybe read them again if you missed it the first time. Also, I’ve never asked anything of you so I couldn’t care a less if you give up on me, you seem to be the lost cause not me. You talk about same old, same old but looking at your old posts you are still saying the same old thing usually rubbishing Lewis credibility and ability yet you claim not to be a hater, you even said his knighthood should be taken away, that’s just sad. How am I supposed to make a point about these arguments in F1 in separate posts without repeating facts, maybe I should make them up like Lewis haters do. I admire Max for his talent but he is hard to like, he is petulant and has no respect for anyone on the track which makes him dangerous, that is a fact, the drivers on the grid think so too, that is another fact. His behaviour in Jeddah was appalling, how could you possibly defend that? So I don’t hate Max and admire his talent but the things I say are disturbing and true. Another fact his he has accumulated so many points he is facing a race ban unless he drives carefully which isn’t his style.
        Lastly, since when have you got so nasty, something has really rattled your cage. I’ve a lovely life with many friends and a beautiful wife. I sail and fly regularly as well as seeing my family and I’m about to become a Grandad again. I’m about as well balanced as you get and certainly not in any need of a bubble, I’m very happy with my life as it is.
        I do have many friends in racing as you well know which is useful when you read hearsay in the press and nonsense on these websites. If you are going to be nasty at least get your facts right instead of saying groundless nonsense, I’m a bit overweight so use that 😊

  9. I can’t believe you wasted time writing this click bait article. If Lewis left F1 is crushed they need Lewis right now. Especially after Madi and the FIA rigged last year to drum up cash which back fired when they made the final race an episode of real house wives on par with a WWE paper view event. They made a mockery of F1 past champion by making MV World Champion* purely in an attempt to drum up cash flow from the Netflix drive to survive child nascar fanbase.

    * Championship was won under a made-up rules and given on false pretenses

  10. This article seems to be written by someone new to reality and possibly some drugs, which they are combining with their role in media.

  11. I feel sorry for Masi, I think he did a great job of dealing with a difficult situation. I fear that now there’ll be multiple people doing the same job from now on with an off-site review that will just slow down the whole process.
    Be careful what u wish for – it will come back to bite Mercedes for sure.
    Mercedes gambled on 1 pit stop for Lewis. When Lewis pitted for Hards he thought it was risky going to the end on that set. There was 2-3 opportunities to pit but they kept him out to control track position.
    They gambled and it didn’t pay off.
    End of story.

    • Why in every platform has to be people that they play the expert? Sure you can have your opinion. So if we all saying our opinions if drivers are saying that something isn’t right about the way FIA Masi handled the race, first red flag. Also max was very good no doubt, with a clear advantage in power and aerodynamic since merc and alpine or Aston if I am not mistaken had different aero and FIA band their designs. Lewis was miles ahead of anyone else with the pace and max too. Sure better cars but consistency is crucial and drivers offer that. Max with the new rules had the advantage in the beginning of the season and the trucks were favorable. Merc made a catch up aero wise and balanced the cars. Ham at Silverstone will say crushed max. You could say that but the intention wasn’t there so I can’t clarify on that. From start to finish FIA was all over the place not offering any consistency. So max with confidence had a nice start but it started to eat him up. You Wil ask what. The pressure to succeed. Especially when mercedes started to overturn the situation. In the last 4 races the character of max was shown. Desperation to the max-imum 😂. Sure you can play a beat rough but everything has it limits. 90% off the grid says max was to reckless. Personally I was disappointed by max. Sure it Will be fan to the sport to have some change. But you have to do it fairly. Many will say hamilton has enough. Well no one could beat him in the long run. F1 is not a sprint is a marathon. Also I heard many say max deserves the championship but hamilton the race. Are you dumb… Like if you win the race you win the championship. If Lewis had won they will be equal in wins so I Dont understand the arrangement. And for the last race. Masi the great magician with the most controversial decisions of all times. The relocation of him shows the big mistake he made because let’s be honest FIA will not say we fucked it up. The will handle it behind the scenes. Conclusion there will always be an asterisk in max championship duo to luck of character by him and luck of basic rules by FIA. Sorry if Max’s fans don’t like that but as a fan of the sport that was besically saying if anyone can challenge ham fair and square for the most part should win and surely I will be happy.

      • So good to see an intelligent and well informed response, these Lewis haters make up facts as they go along but they are still made up. Like you said the FIA messed up and still wont admit they did anything wrong and sacking Masi just appeases the media but the rot is still there. I’m glad Lewis has returned after being robbed blind and Max has really disappointed me by claiming he won it fair and square, on what planet did that happen?? He is a great driver but has lost my respect, if he had any integrity he would admit it was given to him on a plate.
        As you rightly said Max started the season in a better car, Lewis couldn’t catch him but the title is an endurance race not a sprint and as the season went on Lewis started to wind Max in and in the last four races Max had no answer and resorted to driving into Lewis instead, Schumacher style and how he wasn’t disqualified is anyone’s guess. The Lewis haters hate facts and truths as that goes against the ‘Max is a worthy champion’ mantra which is as true as Max is a careful driver but then the Supermax club hate facts. What you say is true that Max’s title will always have that doubt over it which although he doesn’t show it must kill Max. in the next season Red Bull are behind and Mercedes and Ferrari have great new engines so I predict Max crashing into everyone then getting banned and sulking and showing off through 2022. Cue the Lewis haters coming up with some ridiculous conspiracy as the truth is too much for them to bear.

        • I think your lips are brown , as you suck up to hamilton , who with the best and fastest car , could beat Max.
          And for your comments on Micheal , just go to show , you Really dont know much about F1.

          • The amazing thing is that these devoted Hamilton fans fail to remember how Hamilton fan into Verstappen, who ended up in the hospital while Lewis celebrated his easy win. Yet, Verstappen is the dangerous one. Right.

          • Firstly, I’m not a Hamilton fan I’m a racing fan unlike you who has his head so far up Max’s arse he can’t see what is staring him in the face. Secondly, Max had the fastest car for most of last season and not knowing much about F1 you really don’t have a clue. I started racing forty years ago in 100Nat karts then FFord, FFirst, F2000 and FRenault. Then cars from Caterham, Touring cars including TVR’s. My old neighbour was an ex F1 driver so I have many friends in racing including ex F1 drivers and friends that work in the FIA so I think i know a lot more than you who’s only racing experience is on a PlayStation. 😂
            You clearly know nothing about F1 or racing and are just the run of the mill Lewis hater who comes out with the same old garbage, don’t any of you have an original thought. Everything I said was a fact so instead of posting the same old rubbish try posting some facts of your own but then if you do you will make your hero look as he is just a paper champion.

          • Yes, I saw your facts, your facts claim that the cars in-between Ham an max were fighting for position. You thought that Max was in 5th or 6th place… you didn’t think these said cars were obliged to get out out of the way, and then you rant about how you know the rules of f1, you know a driver, blah blah blah… I think you should apply to be a steward seeing your so well connected, see how ya get on…. lol…

          • Firstly, you write a post that actually made sense about Lewis start in racing then you ruin it with this nonsense. Where do I start 😂 Firstly, I never said any of the things you claim, I said Max was in fifth behind lapped cars that he would have had to overtake which would have cost him precious seconds with 2 laps to go and Lewis so far in front. After the safety car Masi undid all of that knowing Max was on new tyres and made Lewis a sitting duck.
            Lastly, I have forty years experience in racing and many friends who used to drive or still do and some in the FIA. I honestly couldn’t give a toss if you believe me or not but it’s clear to me you nothing about racing. You can huff and bluster all you like but I’m the real deal and you are the typical armchair racer that knows nothing about what is going on in F1. I’ve met more stewards than you can shake a stick at and in nearly all cases they were honest, what happened in Abu Dhabi will tarnish F1 for years to come and if you were a proper racing fan that would bother you.

  12. Lol Wolff says it was all the media that hyped it up and surprise surprise, you the media say it wasn’t you but all a conspiracy by Wolff and Hamilton 🤣
    You couldn’t write it, but yes you the media do, again and again and again, all based on one sentence Wolff said in the aftermath of the result.
    The media is to blame full stop.

    • I agree, Wolfe hinted that Ham would retire leading to the speculation, Wolfe said that Ham would decide if he comes back after FIA decision… lol

  13. What a deceptive title of the article? What motivated the author to write this? Attract readers?
    Suspending or changing Masi’s position will not give back the title to Lewis. What was done in the Abudhabi race is a disgrace and I am sure Max wouldn’t wish winning that way. I still don’t consider him as a world champion.
    More actions are indeed required.

  14. Masi was a typical FIA pawn. Everybody knows that F1 transitioned from an elite sport to Media theatre. Ex Ferrari dominance at the helm & the Sky idiots wanting to remove the best car & driver to stop the haemoraging viewing figures they rely on to rake in the advertising funds was and still is perfectly clear. Paddocks full of has beens and never was 4 or 5 deep all trying to talk up the chosen ‘Max’ in commentary whilst always referring to ‘Hamilton’. People like Chandhoook’s bias is particularly grating given his long F1 career & outstanding contribution to motorsport (not) the guy couldnt carry Lewis Hamiltons helmet. True race fans have moved on and I for one will take a lot of convincing go back to watching. Vestappen was ‘mullered’ by consistant Lewis Hamilton & Mercedes quality and given his championship. It speaks volumes that he could even accept it

    • I tried walking away from F1 when the sky deal was made, I figure if they can’t be bother to show the race then why would I bother going to a race, I had been to a few at that stage, but I never broke free of it, I’m probably bigger into it now than I’ve ever been… lol… its a pain in the backside you spend your whole weekend planning around the bloody racing, you don’t go anywhere because of it…. ahhhh. At least back in the day there was only 16 races, but now what 22 and counting…. Ahhhh….. I love it though… 😀

  15. I agree with the judge , Wolff and Hamilton believe they are bigger than the sport. They can dish it out but cannot take it, they are maniüulating the FIA remember they both failed to attend the Gala afterwards althouhh contractually obligated to do so, they have (threatenebd ) to leave the sport if they do not get their way. There is no doubt that the FIA failed Masi as can be seen by all the changes being implemented butwho brings a lawyer to the track to mount a challenge , Wolff explored new depths in politicisng this sport , I have lost total respect for him and think the sport would be better off without him.

    • Do you have any idea how ridiculous your post is?? Firstly, what do you think would happen if it was Max that was robbed and Lewis was champion? Do you think Horner would sit back and accept it, of course not he would throw everything but the office chair at the FIA. Mercedes are the biggest in the sport because they have the biggest investment have brilliant engineers and want to win, what is wrong with that? it makes for great racing and last year Red Bull came with a faster car and beat Mercedes hands down for half the season. People hate Mercedes and Lewis because they are the best which is normal because sad losers hate people that are successful, it is a fact of life but sad all the same.
      All Mercedes asked for was an investigation which they got and found Masi culpable and then fired as a result and rightly so. He wilted after being badgered by Horner and then Wheatley into giving a Green lap which only benefited Red Bull and thus handing the title to Max on a plate. How Max has the gall to claim to be champion is beyond me that boy needs serious counselling.
      This season Max is on so many penalty points that unless he drives carefully, he will get a race ban, as that isn’t his style expect lots of sulking, crashes and generally showing off. Also red Bull don’t have the pace to match the new Mercedes so another reason for Max to have a massive sulk. This season is not going to be a good one for Max or his fans.

      • Steve you are so pathetic you really are…

        Firstly you start out with saying I’m not a Hamilton fan I’m a racing fan but then proceed to call everyone an idiot for not agreeing with you it is really quite clear you are a Hamilton fan boy so why hide it? Are you that ashamed of being his fan you don’t own up to being his fan?

        Secondly Hamilton has been in this sport for over a decade he has won championships and races and if he were to retire it would not be a loss to the sport because he is already 38 this year and everyone must retire at some point… and you bring soccer into it when you know nothing about it too lol, Messi is known as the GOAT of soccer not Ronaldo and guess what both of them are so average in their new teams so you can retire a legend or show how many others are better than you.
        Any sport is about new and exciting talent coming through ranks and challenging for these titles not just one man winning all of them and complaining when he doesn’t win a trophy, everytime Hamilton has not won there was a conspiracy like with Rosberg he said Mercedes were sabotaging him…
        No one is bigger than their sport and everyone has to accept loss but you Hamilton fans cannot.
        And if you want to talk numbers how about actually doing your research and seeing that Hamilton has only the 3rd most supporters, Norris being second and Verstappen being first. So please tell me after looking at those numbers how one is an idiot when they say he won’t be missed, if Verstappen retired you would have been rejoiced and said good riddance mean while he is on of the best talents for his age and the future of racing(we will have to see how Russel does as well) so your logic is flawed and pathetic.

        How about owning you’re a Hamilton supporter instead of hiding behind the internet because the fact that you don’t consider Michael Schumacher one of the greatest driver in F1 just shows how much YOU know about the sport and racing… get a life kid you are pathetic and dumb

        • I’m sorry but I’ve just finished laughing at your post my wife came in to see if I was okay 😂The moment you said Messi was the GOAT got me started that was enough. My father in law held a European record that stood for over sixty years and Ronaldo beat it, do you know where Messi was, 11th! Then you said Schumacher was the greatest and that just finished me off, Lewis has been beating his records over the last couple of years and the final one he would have beaten had Masi not made the worst decision in F1 history, also Lewis didn’t have to cheat to do it unlike Schumacher.
          I agree that no one is bigger than the sport and that Hamilton is no spring chicken but he was still good enough to beat your boy last season and will do again this season. I’m so sick and tired of saying I’m not a Hamilton fan I’m a racing fan, so please get this into your pea sized brain I love racing and Lewis is the best thing about F1. He is the greatest driver in decades and far better than Max who still has things to learn but is too arrogant to know it. As a racing fan and Lewis integral to it they rubbish him and they have me to deal with. Also, you haters have a thing about numbers and statistics that basically mean nothing try facts something you all hate because it shows your boy to be what he is a paper champion that is no more worthy than you are. I respect Max as a driver with amazing talent but he is hard to like, he is arrogant and petulant and word on the grid is that most drivers don’t trust him as he shows no regard for anyone’s safety which makes him dangerous.
          Lastly and finally, pathetic and dumb really! What the hell do you know about me? Well I’ll enlighten you, I’m retired after making a fortune in software, I live in a large house in many acres in Devon, I have a beautiful wife and many friends, many in racing including ex F1 drivers. I have a collection of fast cars and I also sail and fly my own plane, so life is good but I’m very protective of racing that has always been my passion for years. I don’t race any more but my son and nephew do and they are very good. What are you an armchair racer with no clue about racing at all, go and find another site more suited to you talent like painting by numbers.

  16. Vijay, there’s a foul odour coming from your mouth and it smells like dishonesty & bigotry. You have a twisted sense of justic, a warped mind. You’re obviously mentally challenged. You’ve the gall to be talking about fairplay.It hurts you haters, that someone like Lewis is the most successful F1 driver. Suck it up. Put that in your pipe & smoke it.

  17. After reading all these pathetic comments on here (apart from the first one which was simply someone’s own opinion), I think you all need to get a life! Hamilton has enjoyed the benefits of having the fastest car and the team using their other driver as his personal ‘concierge’ to enable his success, he’s no super hero, far from it. I hope Russell will be strong enough to race his own race and not for hamilton as Bottas had been forced to do. Oh, and well done Max.

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