Red Bull slams McLaren and claim Ferrari are underweight

The Red Bull consultant Dr Helmut Marko was not shy in his sharp analysis of the three F1 test days at the Barcelona track, expressing confidence in the RB18’s potential but slamming opponents who seemed to set the pace saying McLaren were sponsor hunting and Ferrari were underweight with low fuel.

After the three Formula 1 test days at Barcelona, several observers praised the track performance of McLaren and Ferrari, whose design for the F1 2022 season appears to have begun auspiciously.

Obviously, these are still initial feelings, and as early as Bahrain some teams, such as Red Bull and especially Mercedes, could bring cars that have been profoundly revised afterwards, with an evolutionary step forward kept in the pipeline until the last available moment. For these reasons, it is virtually impossible to get a clear picture of the current balance of power between the teams, even if some – such as Alpine, Alfa Romeo or Haas – have shown some obvious reliability problems.


The key players have remained fairly understated and understandably have not launched into resounding lap times, yet. The few whispers, however, all went in the direction of Ferrari, starting with George Russell (‘The red car seems to be very fast’), continuing with Toto Wolff (‘We have the feeling that the Ferrari engine is the strongest’), and ending with Lando Norris (‘Ferrari strong on race pace’).

Sincerity or pretext, time will tell, with Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc wanting to play down the narrative of a favoured Red, easing the pressure and essentially defining their team as an outsider, at least for the moment.


Those who didn’t hide behind declarations were the usual Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s advisor, who certainly doesn’t make diplomacy his hallmark:

“McLaren is looking for sponsors. Ferrari certainly looks solid, but how much fuel did they have on board?”

In short, for the former Austrian driver, Adrian Newey’s new creation is more than promising:

“The RB18 seems to have great potential,” he assured Auto, Motor und Sport. Marko also confirmed the existence of negotiations to extend the contract of world champion Max Verstappen.



23 responses to “Red Bull slams McLaren and claim Ferrari are underweight

  1. Marko is an historic moron who couldn’t find his own backside with both hands. Why would anyone be interested in what he says unless it was he was retiring.
    It does promise to be a great season though as both Ferrari and McLaren look strong and look to give Mercedes a lot of competition and can’t wait to see how Russell steps up.

  2. Yeah… well… 1st race in Bahrain will be the litmus test. Everything else before that, is speculating, guessing, fearing and hoping.

    • Here you are again sniping from behind the bushes with the usual snarky comments. What I wrote was factual what you wrote was subjective, get a dictionary and look it up. I don’t judge as you well know, I defend against posts from people that know little about racing but post hateful comments anyway. It may raise my blood pressure but it’s worth it, someone needs to put trolls like you in touch with reality. It’s amazing how short your memory is, is it Dementia? The last couple of times you commented and then ran away so man up and if you make a comment even like the usual crap then at least defend it. Or does that yellow streak run all the way down your back!
      Why haven’t you changed Duckey to Dickhead like I suggested 😂

      • Looks like you need to look things up. Not one syllable of your reaction is a fact. Only your personal opinion about Marko and your desired expectations for coming season. You really are the GOAT of all losers and morons. Such a sad little man. How your family can stand you is a miracle. Probably you have completely numbed them with the same empty verbal diarrhea you ventilate here.

        • Wow Duckey haven’t you got nasty and defensive but at least you replied if that post that was all vitriol and no content can be described as a reply. What has happened to you, have you lost your job or something as you sound so bitter these days, I remember you having a sense of humour?
          You talk about no content, when what I said was next season was going to be exciting with Ferrari and McLaren being competitive. Oh and Marko talks rubbish, all facts and content. So you really set yourself up but I’m too kind to knock you as you seem to have suffered enough. It’s not just me, if you read these websites the posts are largely in favour of what I say and repel the troll hateful posts as they don’t represent racing just people who have an axe to grind for Mercedes and Lewis. They also all agree that Abu Dhabu was a farce, Lewis was robbed and Max is no more a champion than you are, which I know as a Dutchman is hard to take but just another fact, sorry.
          Anyway, good luck going forward. I hope you find your sense of humour and get some medication to help with Max getting his arse kicked all next season.

        • By the way, I’m 6’4″ so not little and a retired company director living in a very large house in Devon, with some very fast cars in my garage, so not a loser either. If you are going to insult someone at least get your facts right.

          • Hah… sorry Steve. The way you behave here makes it totally inpossible that you ever lead a company apart from in your dreams.

          • Innovise and Pinnacle, look them up, IT Director for over twenty years plus some start up’s that I invested in that proved a great investment.
            How have I acted badly exactly, tell me I would love to hear it. You are the one with posts that are full of vitriol and offensive so are you going to say I’m out of order for calling someone an idiot or a moron when they say things like ‘Who is Hamilton, I don’t care how Max won as long as he did, Lewis is a cry baby, Lewis is a bad loser’ and so on or my personal favourite ‘Lewis should have his Knighthood withdrawn’ which was from you and you claimed not to be a Lewis hater.
            My wife has read some of your posts which have made her laugh so at least you are doing some good.

        • I owe you an apology Duckey, I had a reply to my last post and assumed it was from you but it was nasty and full of vitriol so I commented accordingly. However, it turned out to be from another quite unpleasant guy with a title too ridiculous to mention but I corrected it. We are both grown up intelligent people so if I mess up up I admit it and apologise. So I did and I do, so sorry.

      • You wrote NOTHING factual. Marko couldnt find his own backside with both hands? Where is your evidence for this comment that would make it a fact? Hmmm? You also wrote why would anyone be interested in what Marko says? Well how about this FACT, Dietrich Mateschitz has demonstrated time and again that he listens to Marko. And I would say Dietrich is reasonably important in F1. Just saying. FInally by suggesting that it “promises to be a great season” is NOT a FACT. Its YOUR opinion. Just like its my opinion that both Mercedes and Red Bull were both sandbagging and i think we are in for the same sort of season as last year. But thats my opinion, but like you, i have no facts to back this up.

        So please, if you dont mind, stop posting your mindless dribble here as facts. You are stinking up the joint. Now fuck off please.

        • What the hell has happened to you Duckey, you used to be a decent guy with a sense of humour? Now you are this angry guy that sprays vitriol over his posts, there is a saying that if you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen then get out and you clearly seem to be struggling. I’ve been to Holland many times and I know they are great with mental healthcare, if you can’t afford it then save up as you clearly need it.
          Firstly, anyone that knows anything about F1 knows that Marko’s mouth offers far more than he can deliver, he has been an embarrassment and a loose cannon for Red Bull for years and as for Dietrich Mateschitz listening to him, for god’s sake Duckey who do you think employed him!!
          When I said that Ferrari and McLaren would be competitive next year that is based on a massive amount of information from pre testing and testing in Barcelona. Mercedes have a new power unit which is going to keep them near the top but Ferrari have thrown millions into developing a new car that in testing made them fastest. I don’t trust Red Bull as their car looked poor and also released a dummy to fool everyone which could be a smoke screen especially after their dirty cheating tactics that stole the title last year, Horner is going to Hell for what he did and cost poor Masi his job which I don’t think Horner gives a stuff about, that man would sell his own mother to win and is a bonkers as that wife of his. I met her a couple of times and she is crazy they make a fine pair.
          The point of these sites are to debate things that are past current and future, my post stated a fact that Marko is hopeless everyone in F1 knows it and a proven prediction that I stand by as I know a lot more about F1 racing than you do and that Ferrari is going to be Mercedes main challenger that is based on facts. McLaren will also be up there but Red Bull could surprise us all and they are also facts but then Horner being the crazy bastard he is could be bluffing as people tell me that they have new investment but fell behind after their efforts last season which could also be false, so I guess we will find out in March.
          Please try not to take things personally Duckey as this is a debating site for racing and not somewhere to take out the troubles in your own life upon. If your life is crap then go and see someone but don’t take it out on people that post here.

        • I mistook you for Duckey as it came up as a reply from him and I’ve just realised. Duckey is quite an intelligent guy, your clearly are not, so I should have seen it, so that’s on me and apologies to Duckey. Your reply now makes sense as it shocked me to think it was from Duckey as you can see, intelligent with a sense of humour definitely doesn’t describe you. You are one of these hating morons that write hateful posts because their own life is crap and need to vent. Well this site doesn’t need your poisonous posts, so sod off and annoy people on another site, you won’t be missed here. Also, Turbo Slut really, what are you 12!.

    • Hi Vijay, still a hater I see, don’t you have anything better to do??
      Just a heads up but Max is still a paper champion, you are still a loser and next season Max is getting his arse kicked on a regular basis. All facts which I know you hate, good luck with the paper round.

  3. Here we go season not even started and 2 parasites are at it already ffs shut your traps get on with it or piss off thats it in a nutshell should have been thrown out with masi anyway whinging bastards.

    • How great to get an educated response from the great unwashed, if your a racing fan then I’m Michael Schumacher.

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          • Only when you starting posting facts and not your brainfart opinions.

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  4. You have yet to post a single fact. Not 1. “Max is a paper champion”. The records show he is a world champion now. THAT is a fact. Something your poor butt fucked brain cant and wont accept. That is on you. Now go away please moron. I have stepped in dog shit that has exhibited more intelligence than you have in any of your shitposts.

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