Alpine boss responds to Prost outrage

Alpine boss responds to four time F1 Champion Alain Prost’s scathing comments – Alain Prost was outraged with Laurent Rossi the current Renault Alpine boss, to whom he considered responsible for his departure. Rossi has responded with an interview with the French publication L’Equipe.

Alain Prost arrived at Renault Formula 1 team in 2015, now known as Alpine, and recently left his position as non-executive director of that team. The four-time world champion did not hide his annoyance at the way his departure was announced.

“I am very disappointed with the way this news was announced today! It was decided that we would announce it together with Alpine F1. No respect, sorry!

“I turned down the offer in Abu Dhabi for the 2022 season because of a personal relationship, and I was right!

“To the team at Enstone and Viry, I will miss you,” he wrote on Instagram.


A little later, in the columns of L’Equipe, Alain Prost pointed the finger at Laurent Rossi, the boss of Alpine, as reported on by TJ13 some weeks ago.

“Relations became more and more complicated, I felt that there was a lot of jealousy” alledges the Frenchman before adding that “Laurent Rossi’s wish is to be alone, not to be influenced by anyone (…)” and that “There is a real desire to put many people aside. Laurent Rossi wants all the limelight.”


And now, Laurent Rossi replied to him with an interview in the same publication saying:

“I was indeed very visible [within the team], because I needed to understand what was going on in the field. And then, being an engineer, I know how my peers work.

“If you don’t understand what they do, you can’t make real decisions and explain them. There is no substitute for shared experience. I therefore had a compelling need to be at the heart of the action to be sharp in my analysis.

“This can give the impression that I was everywhere. We must not forget that we are also building a brand. This one was in a niche, until now.

“My mission is to make it grow, and in a significant way. In a way, I’m also carrying it. But I assume that I am also one of the ambassadors of this brand”, assures the boss of Alpine in an interview with L’Equipe.

Whatever the reasons, Rossi has certainly put a certain Frenchman’s nose out of joint.



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