Title contender: Radical new Ferrari car explained

Yesterday’s leaks from the internet already announced that the new Ferrari Formula 1 car will be revolutionary; and today’s presentation of the F1-75 driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz confirms that the team from Maranello pinned all its hopes on the new 2022 regulations having stopped its development early on last year.

At least visually, the new Ferrari F1 looks aggressive and seems to have solutions that we haven’t seen from other teams yet. First and foremost, the nose is one with a new concept. 

Ferrari has developed a “modular” nose concept for the new F1-75 that has never been seen before in Formula 1. Instead of a single nose section, Ferrari has split the design into two separate elements.


Towards the main chassis, there is the structural element that is homologated to pass the mandatory FIA crash tests, which Ferrari duly passed back in December, and forward of that is a complete separate part of the main nose profile that runs down to attach to the front wing.

“It’s a completely new car, starting from the very front: nose, front wing,” says team boss Mattia Binotto.

As well as the radical modular nose, Ferrari has also adopted a very different design of front wing with a relatively short mainplane element at the front, Ferrari’s design is much wider.



Binotto continues to reveal some key areas on the car:

“The packaging has changed a lot. The integration of the powertrain is completely different. Also the cooling,” says the Italian.


“The aero concept is completely different because of the ‘ground effect’. But I think the shape of the car is great. It’s incredible how much work has gone into it.”

Perhaps more striking than the nose, is the unique sidepods with their concave tops; a trick to blow downwash over the lower beam wing at the rear. Again, something never seen before on a Formula 1 car.


There have also been some changes under the bonnet:

“We didn’t just work on the powertrain over the winter, but all last year. We know that this is a key element for this season,” says Binotto. “The combustion engine includes many innovations. The hybrid has also been developed, in addition to the update last year. A lot has been done there.”

Driver-wise, Ferrari continues to rely on the promising duo of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Leclerc is seen as the future of the Italians and has a long-term contract until 2024. The Monegasque had provided the moments of brilliance last year, taking two pole positions and a near-victory at Silverstone.


Nevertheless, he lost out in the end to his team-mate, who, for many, was able to adapt to his new team surprisingly quickly. Sainz was on the podium four times and was one of the positive surprises of the past season. If he can confirm the performance and Ferrari can build a good car, he is also considered a possible title contender – just like Leclerc.

“This season will be a very important season for the team, but also for us drivers,” says Leclerc. “And it’s a good chance. Everyone’s expectations are very high. We want to make sure we can translate everyone’s hard work into results this season.”

“I am more than ready for this season,” Sainz is also fired up for the start. “In 2021 I learned from the inside how the team works and I was able to get used to the new environment. But most of all it was about learning everything about the Ferrari brand and how things work here. That was a great experience for me.”


“Now it’s time to take the next step with the team. We drivers and the team want to achieve more successes in 2022,” the Spaniard clearly indicates the expectations.

In terms of personnel, the Scuderia had carried out some restructuring last year, which is now to mesh together. The most important change at the helm: Mattia Binotto will remain team and technical director in a dual role, but in future he will be at home more often and will be represented at the track by sports director Laurent Mekies.






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