FIA leave Wolff & Hamilton hanging

While the chaotic end of the Formula 1 season is still being talked about, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has announced that ‘strong’ decisions have been taken following a meeting, but fails to reveal any actual details allegedly critical for Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff who perhaps have the most interest in decisions made.

The 2021 F1 season has come to an end that should have consequences, but it appears to be FIA lip service to placate Mercedes, Hamilton and for the most part Wolff. The management of the safety car in the final laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is still a source of controversy and had even cast doubt on the future of Lewis Hamilton, who remained silent for several weeks before returning to the forefront of the scene in recent days.

It must be said that the Mercedes driver has not digested well the way he lost the title on the last lap after the race restart, perhaps understanding the same feeling Felipe Massa felt in 2008 having lost the title to Hamilton in a similar last second moment of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

As a result, big changes are expected by Lewis Hamilton, allegedly including the departure of Michael Masi, the race director. But Mohammed Ben Sulayem confirmed nothing apart from that there would be changes.


FIA announces changes

“We have agreed on some things and the analysis is still ongoing. But it will come soon… It was a good discussion.” says Sulayem,

“So we will see. Information will be announced, but as I said, the integrity of the FIA will always be intact. I am elected to do that, but also to make motor sport fair, because that is my duty.

“We have addressed many important things for the season, so I expect a good F1 season. We can only go forward. It is important for the FIA, for the integrity of the FIA and for the sport.

“So it was a very good meeting. The future can only be better,” 



5 responses to “FIA leave Wolff & Hamilton hanging

  1. It shows the power the trio of Wolff, Hamilton and MB have over the FIA. They have always been masters of the fine art of blackmail, getting decisions in their favour, whether it is penalties, illegalities in the car or whatever. Hamilton cannot win a fair fight and Wolff is his despicable foil.

  2. Don’t try to beat the Bush, if you have any spine let everyone know what you’re investigation has proved.

  3. As an outsider looking at F1 I think Hamilton was robbed of victory what ever the rules are the ones in place were not followed on the day . The race official was clearly influenced by the rival team and should go!

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