Daniel Ricciardo’s big confession about Lando Norris

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo’s offers a big confession about Lando Norris – While Daniel Ricciardo struggled to adapt to his new Formula 1 car at McLaren last year, Lando Norris was able to get the best out of it. The British driver impressed his team-mate in this respect.

After several years of loyal service with Renault, Daniel Ricciardo joined McLaren in 2021 to make up for the departure of Carlos Sainz Jr to Ferrari. However, the Australian has had difficulty adapting to his new team, as shown by his position in the overall standings at the end of the season (eighth).

But McLaren was able to count on Lando Norris. The British driver finished the year in sixth place. And the 22-year-old driver also impressed his teammate with his ability to push the car to the limit.



“I was impressed by his skills, by the level at which he brought the car up to”

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised, because there are 20 of us in F1, and there are a lot of others in the world who are trying to get there.

“So I always expect there to be someone very talented, someone fast, but you never know how fast. I’ll be honest, I think I knew Lando was good, but I didn’t know at what level, and I think he pushed that level as high as he could last year.

“It’s no surprise, but I think I was impressed with his skills, with the level he took the car to. It was obviously difficult at times for me, because I wasn’t always at the same level. But it was also encouraging to see that the car could be brought to that level. It was just me trying to figure it out,” said Daniel Ricciardo.


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