Insider reveals: Hamilton made Alonso angry

Insider reveals: a young Lewis Hamilton made Fernando Alonso angry at McLaren – Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are the two most experienced drivers in the Formula 1 field. In the 2007 F1 season, the duo was under contract together at McLaren. Now, 15 years later, a former companion has spoken out about the relationship between the two former world champions.

While Fernando Alonso could already call himself a two-time champion in 2007, Lewis Hamilton was considered an up-and-coming young driver at the time. Nevertheless, both McLaren professionals acted as if they were on an equal footing during the course of the season, which was to quickly change the hierarchy in the team towards Hamilton.


The young Hamilton apparently upset the experienced Alonso with his ambitious nature, at least according to an anonymous McLaren team member from 2007 in the Hamilton biography by author Frank Worrall.

“Lewis was unique. He put in more than most experienced drivers and just had that gift in the car. Alonso was therefore almost always angry,” quotes Sky.


Raikkonen takes advantage of “war of the number one’s”

The “war of the number one’s” continued to escalate as the season progressed. Several times Alonso and Hamilton hindered each other. Kimi Räikkönen finally took advantage of the situation and secured the world championship title in the Ferrari with only one point ahead of Hamilton and Alonso.

“We had a very competitive package but managed to lose to Ferrari. Yes, they were fast, but I don’t think they were as fast as us,” Alonso looked back on the legendary 2007 season last year.


Moreover, the Spaniard added: “I can only speak for myself, but when you are 13 years older, you are a different person than you were back then. You’re much more mature and maybe you see things very differently.” 



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