Brand new high resolution leaked image ‘aggressive’ Ferrari 2022 F1 car

Rumours in Italy these past few weeks describe the new Ferrari Formula 1 challenger for 2022 as aggressive with their concept – today the new Ferrari F1-75 car has been leaked in an image on Twitter, confirming styling similar to that of the 80’s and early 90’s Ferrari’s of yesteryear with aggressively thin sidepods. FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SEE THE LAUNCH IMAGES, LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE.

The basic this car, dictated by new regulations is well known. Namely wider tires, weight increase, simplified wings to facilitate overtaking, and most crucially; ground effect aero. All aspects have been applied to a car with a long gestation, and the numbers rumoured to be verified on the highly advanced Maranello simulator say this could be a title challenger for F1 2022 season.

TJ13 released some concept images of the Ferrari below some weeks ago, but the new leaked image confirms the team has followed the livery styling of the 1980’s.



The official launch of the car will be tomorrow, but today a private launch for VIP’s and guests of Ferrari attended by Jean Alesi amongst others. Alesi confirmed that “When we get to see the Ferrari, it will be a shock!”.

TJ13 has acquired a high resolution image of the new Ferrari Formula 1 car below.



Alesi added: “Formula 1 is changing almost 100% of its technical regulations, so the cars are going to be quite impressive.

“I saw the Ferrari earlier. It is a real marvel, very, very slim, with a bit of a sophisticated nose.

“The car is already impressive and I hope it will go as fast to join the two teams we had [out front] last year in Mercedes and Red Bull.”


Title contender: Radical new Ferrari car explained

(And official Ferrari launch images)

Yesterday’s leaks from the internet already announced that the new Ferrari Formula 1 car will be revolutionary; and today’s presentation of the F1-75 driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz confirms that the team from Maranello pinned all its hopes on the new 2022 regulations having stopped its development early on last year.

At least visually, the new Ferrari F1 looks aggressive and seems to have solutions that we haven’t seen from other teams yet. First and foremost, the nose is one with a new concept. 

Ferrari has developed a “modular” nose concept for the new F1-75 that has never been seen before in Formula 1. Instead of a….. READ MORE ON THIS STORY



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  1. Black rear & front wings, surprising. The front wing has been black, though, but I definitely expected a white rear wing with Santander like 2010-2017. Not even the Santander logo on it.

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