Red Bull: “Lewis would be last in a Haas or Williams”

The truth is, at the wheel of his Mercedes AMG F1 car, Lewis Hamilton dominates Formula 1. However, this situation would be different if the British driver were in a different team according to Red Bull’s Alpha Tauri driver, Pierre Gasly.

For now, Lewis Hamilton’s 8th title will have to wait. In 2021, the Mercedes driver fell to Max Verstappen. This was a major setback for the British driver, but it does not erase his talent and his domination of his sport. Indeed, for several years now, Hamilton has been leaving nothing but crumbs for his opponents.

For many, it has to be said that his car helps him a lot. Moreover, as Pierre Gasly explained, the Mercedes driver would not have the same success elsewhere naming backmarker teams from last year.


“Today, in a Williams or a Haas, he would finish last”.

“Unfortunately in our sport, the car makes the majority of the result.” says Red Bull’s Alpha Tauri driver,

“Even if Lewis (Hamilton) is the best driver in F1 history, today, in a Williams or a Haas, he would finish last. It’s not even that he would be third or fifth, he would be 18th or 16th,” explained Pierre Gasly for Mashup, underlining the difference in level between the different cars on the grid.



22 responses to “Red Bull: “Lewis would be last in a Haas or Williams”

  1. What a load of shit from a bitter and twisted Gladly. Truth is he would get no where in a Mercedes. If Lewis was in a Williams or Haas, rest assured that whatever position he finished in, no one could have done any better

    • Sorry to hear about your problems Paul but the truth is the truth. Mercedes had to change the engine 6 times before they got the car fast enough to get away from Max. Lewis just couldn’t do it on his own

      • So now you’re saying that max is a better driver than Lewis because he had engine issues? Heard it all now. Max is only world champion because he barges other drivers off track and some help by the FIA

      • So Max clearly had a superior car until Mercedes caught up….or does the better car not apply to Max, who suddenly won almost as many races in a year as he had in his career? Or maybe Max only won because the Mercedes was poorer this year.

      • Gasly should talk last. He was booted out of the red bull car. Unfortunately the cars will make a huge difference to the grid.Its a package that will win a championship. That’s just how it is. If u suggest that Max did everything on his own, then why didn’t he win the champion when he was driving for Toro Rosso. Uneducated comments

  2. That is not a truth, it is an I’ll informed option. Typical of those who peddle Bellshill on this site

    • Lol what? Max would be last as well what’s the point of this statement? Just goes to show how petty and immature redbull and their fans really are

  3. We will never know. However, we do know that, Rosberg and his dirty tricks apart, none of his teammates in the same car came anywhere near him, Alonso included. Even Schumacher did nothing in the Mercedes. And although I’m not Verstappen fan I have to say the same about him and his teammates. LH and MV are definitely a cut above the rest

  4. I fully understand that all Hamilton fanboys are irritated by this kind of talk. Nothing that sheds doubt over their hero is tolerated. However, it’s nothing new. Friend and enemy already agree a long time that the car makes up for 85% of the package. You simply can not compare drivers when in different cars. You can only measure them up against a teammate and even than, you can only hope the team gives them equal material and possibilities (see Alonso vs van Doorne). So to be recognized as a truely great driver, he must show great performance in different, lesser cars. As Verstappen did at Toro Rosso and in the Red Bull. Hamilton however (and i do think he is good but we just dont know how good) has always had the best car. Mclearen was in his early career and Mercedes in the rest of his days.

    And all those comments about haters… i wonder who the people are that bullied Latifi since Abu Dhabi and even send him deathtreats…I dont think it were the Verstappen fans … 🤔

    • The other 7 times world drove the same Mercedes that Hamilton drives currently and couldn’t finish on the podium once.

      • That was not the same engine, and not the same budget. In that time Mercedes had the idea to keep running on the same low budget as Brown, but figured out to be able to win, more money was needed. Hamilton came with the budget increase, had 1 year the old V8 and after that the car became unbeatable for years.

    • Hamilton hasnt always had the best car at all. How quickly people forget the McLaren that was one of the worst cars they have every built. He still won a race. He had won at least one ra e a year in every car, including karts, that he has ever driven. Its easy to take greatness for granted but will be missed when it’s gone.

  5. As usual this website tries and mostly stokes up anger amongst F1 fans. I have come to realise that ‘the judge’ is nothing more than a trolling website probably run by someone who believes he is a Verstappen fan but has little knowledge about F1. Sadly as my web browser tracks all the genuine F1 websites I view this pile of crap pops up every know and again and I stupidly fall into the trap and click on it.

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