Red Bull: The best driver we’ve had & he’s about to get a race ban?

In the last twelve years only two teams have managed to triumph in Formula 1. Mercedes in 2014 broke Red Bull’s dominance that began in 2010 and Red Bull this year broke the British’s dominance in the hybrid era – Could this driver get a race ban this season?

The result of great teams, but above all great drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and now Max Verstappen.

Speaking to Servus TV, Helmut Marko talked about the best driver he has ever worked with:

“Verstappen the best driver I have ever worked with? Yes. He is without a doubt. He has an incredible will and what sets him apart the most is that he doesn’t need a warm-up lap.

“If it rains somewhere, the others do five or eight laps. Then Max comes out and does the best time on the first lap, or what happened in Jeddah. Nobody knew the track there.

“The others were still driving, then Max comes out and ‘bang’, he set the fastest sectors three times. That’s one of his fascinating qualities” says Marko.


But could we see Max Verstappen receive a race ban early on this season? All drivers accumulate a maximum of 12 points across a rolling 12 months before facing disciplinary action, and Max hasn’t too many points left to play with the first of those points not expiring until the early part of this season.

With Max’s high risk decision making, particularly on show last season with his battles with Lewis Hamilton, could we see the Dutchman receive a race ban during the title defense in 2022?

Verstappen has just five points to play with heading into the new campaign, meaning he runs the risk of a one-race ban if he collects a further five.



7 responses to “Red Bull: The best driver we’ve had & he’s about to get a race ban?

  1. Yup. And just as unfair as the last race was for LH, so unfair were the last three points Max received. But it is what it is. He’ll have to deal with it

      • Interesting you mention the braketest … LH claims he did not knew at that moment Max was told to let him pass. So from his point of view he saw his competitor slowing down seriously. Would it not be reasonable to suspect a technical issue? Take some distance perhaps? No. LH decides its a good thing to stay right on top of MV’s gearbox. Any braking, hard or soft, would lead to the ‘braketest’ outcry. LH knew that. He staged and provoked it.

  2. Better than 4 time World Champion, Vettel, who also won them the Constructor’s Championship several years on the trot? Is Marko totally deranged?

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