An update on the future of Lewis Hamilton

While the future of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is still uncertain, the idea of his retirement from Formula 1 seems very unlikely, music to the ears of his staunch and passionate fan base.

Alas, Lewis Hamilton’s quest for an eighth world championship title in 2021 has fallen on hard times. Max Verstappen came out on top in the 2021 Formula One season. However, the Mercedes driver had believed that he would win the title during the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, but everything finally swung in favour of the Dutchman on the last lap.


This defeat was visibly hard to swallow for Hamilton who has since disappeared from the radar screen. The Mercedes F1 driver deleted his Instagram followers, hasn’t responded to media, didn’t show up to the FIA end of season gala, and even ignored the new FIA president’s attempts to communicate.

Some say that the seven-time world champion could stop Formula 1 and retire, he who is however under contract until 2023 with Mercedes AMG F1.


“Very little credibility”.

For the time being, it is still unclear whether Lewis Hamilton will be at the start of the first Grand Prix of the 2022 season in his Mercedes.

A journalist for Auto Hebdo, Julien Billiotte told Ouest France about the future of the British driver. Would Hamilton stop racing now?

“It’s not very credible. He is not going to crash Mercedes a month and a half before the winter tests at the end of February.

“It is certain that the Abu Dhabi finale left a very bitter taste in Mercedes, and particularly in Hamilton. That’s why he hasn’t spoken out at all since.

“But I think it’s a choice, it’s part of his strategy to create a bit of doubt about a possible surprise retirement like that, to send a message to the FIA that he’s not satisfied.

“Any doubts about Hamilton’s potential retirement were very quickly swept away in 2021 when he re-signed for two years with Mercedes, just a few months after his last, more laborious signing in 2020,” 

So there then ‘Hamfosi’, worry not. Your 8 time Champion will be back to try and actually win his 8th title in 2022.



24 responses to “An update on the future of Lewis Hamilton

  1. .” Max Verstappen came out on top in the 2021 Formula One season.”

    Michael Masi came out on top in the 2021 F1 season. Fixed that for you

    • Jack max did not win the last race it was given to him by all the people making the decisions and counting the money and sponsors rushing to get a piece of the pie.
      I am sure in a few years time when the gag been remove all those involved including Max will have a lit to say.
      At the moment things are all up in the air and Max being his first will go with the flow but he knows that the last race was not his regardless hiw you look at it

      • Vestapen should be adhaned of his win been given the dikden ticket. I hope Lewis rams this season down his throat.

    • The 2021 race session is not a LH vs MAX fight, but LH VS FIA, the FIA ​​doesn’t want LH to win again. that’s why they broke the rules to block LH.

    • Hamilton is a cry baby his team boss and his wife are even bigger cry babys Hamilton said it can 8 pit then after max did Hamilton even said it what have yous done guys . Hamilton we would if lost 1st if we pit max had to try something and he did and won. Hamilton and his team lost the race not handed to max. Mt god it there for all yo here and see cos max was in 2nd and Hamilton was 1st if they bring Hamilton in max would of say out then Hamilton would have done what max did to him . Wolf should go what a baby . And it was wold on the radio trying yo call the shorts and that was really said to see. Then Hamilton trying to speed up the safe car so he could win under it was sad looking to I hope Hamilton goes babys are not want it

  2. Waiting for the onslaught of Hamilton’s paid social media army…

    Here’s some fuel to the fire: he will probably never win that 8th title.

    • I certainly dont hope he wins 8. Would be way too much honour for the person that happened to be behind the wheel of the fastest car for 7 years…

    • Nearsghted or netape I think you like drama so he goes .Lewis did win his 8 championship but it was taken away from him for commercial reasons.
      F1 is now owned and run by a bunch of Americans who only looks at the crowds and sponsors on sports therefore a new champion was needed in order to get formula one making more money than it had previously.
      Now if you understands marketing and promotion you would see the basics of Lewis not winning of heading formula one.
      Max is a very good driver but he is not the best as you will see next season.
      You have the likes of Nando,Charles and George who will out drive a lot of the others next season.

  3. I respect Hamilton immensely, as a human being and professionally. It is clear to me that his last race was manipulated. I believe that efforts to stop further achievements by him in Formula One (F1) will continue, even his life could be in danger. I also believe that it will be wise for him to retire From F1 now.

    • What the actual hell are you talking about? Hamboy has been the privileged golden boy of the FIA and Mercedes for years. One decission did not go his way and you actually think they want to get him killed? Roflmao you LuLu fanboys are absolutely nuts at this point.

      • Yup…when Perez is at his way he radio” that’s dangerous driving”…that’s what we call sissy bitch on Autobahn…

    • That is not going to happen as he loves this sport and he is very good at it which is why a few of you and the media want someone else to be at the helm.
      This sport was not invented for the average working class kid it was for the rich family with boy child who had nothing else to do.
      This last race max was beaten and they hated that knowing Lewis will set a record that may stand for a long time.

  4. Hamilton, PRIVILEGED, that to me shows you have ZERO idea of whom this man is & what he has and continues to go through daily throughout his life as a Karting Racer to his now position in F1. PRIVILEGED, you have no idea, really no idea.

  5. You lot are full of crap Lewis is the best and always will be what’s a matter with you all is it because he has a slite tan I get a great tan in the summer so shut it you bunch of idiots

  6. Stop hating on Max, he deserves it. Where were you when Hamilton was handed 5 of his 7 championships on a silver plate???.

  7. a championship isn’t won or lost in the last round of the last race. Max got the most points in the end, so he won. Lewis had very lucky moments this season (Imola, where he was handed back a round), Brazil where he had a elegale back wing, but stil won.
    So stop with the BS that one deccision cost Lewis the champignonship. It was the deccission not to make an extra pitstop that cost him the win in the last race and if you’re a real fan of F1 you know that.

  8. Some people need to learn how to spell before they write anything else, are you all 12? The season is over, pack away your tissues and get ready for what will be the most interesting season in years.

  9. Seven time world driving champion isn’t a hand out. Drivers, cars, engineering and support make a world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

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