Incredulous Hamilton ignores president, Verstappen zero sympathy

The new FIA president has no response from Lewis Hamilton despite several attempts to personally contact him. In what can only be described as an incredulous act of non-acceptance, Lewis Hamilton remains in hiding, rudely ignoring communication attempts from all.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the new president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), told journalists at the Dakar that he had tried to contact Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time F1 world champion did not respond to his requests.

Jean Todt’s successor demands to hear the Mercedes driver’s explanation for his absence from the FIA’s end of year gala, which he was obliged to attend as runner-up in the world championship.

“I think he is not 100 per cent ready to respond at the moment.” says the new president, but concedes graciously that he “I understand his position,” he said.


Hamilton and his Mercedes boss Toto Wolff have reached new heights of self-importance, thinking that their pain is above the sport. To be clear, they both believe the British driver was unfairly stripped of the world title after the Abu Dhabi GP on December 12th. Both decided not to travel to Paris two days later to show their displeasure to the world.

Hamilton may be sanctioned and Mohammed Ben Sulayem has suggested that the rules are sacred to him, further, Lewis Hamilton is not above the sport and its rules:

“Hamilton is of course of a different order, but there are also rules and we must respect them. However, I cannot condemn him until I know the exact facts,” said the former rally driver.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen, now officially world champion, was presented with his trophy at the FIA gala on Thursday evening. The Belgian-Dutchman also spoke at the traditional press conference beforehand.



“The goal of my life has been achieved, and that gives me satisfaction.”

Four days after his triumph in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen spoke again before the start of the FIA (Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) Awards, where he received his trophy on Thursday evening.

“Do I still realise that I have become world champion? On Monday I woke up with a big headache. I haven’t been allowed to make any mistakes all year, so a lot of things are slipping my mind now. It’s really a dream that we have achieved this as a team.

“That was my big goal when I came here. But now I need to sleep, it’s really time to take a break.”

“That it all comes down to the last lap of the last race is of course weird,” Verstappen continued. “You can’t write a more beautiful script. It’s great to become world champion. That was my big goal in life. The fact that I achieved it today gives me a lot of satisfaction.

“But it’s not going to change my life, I’ll just be the same guy with the same family and friends,” he added.


After Brazil 2016, Max has been compared to Senna

Zero sympathies from Max

The audience asked Max Verstappen if he felt sorry for Hamilton. “No, no sympathy, although I understand it’s very painful. But in racing anything can happen until the last moment. He himself once won a world championship in the same way.”

Verstappen easily ignored Mercedes’ protests. “I didn’t worry about it. No one could have ever taken the title away from me, I was sure of that. The light was green, we didn’t do anything wrong.”



60 responses to “Incredulous Hamilton ignores president, Verstappen zero sympathy

  1. Typical response from Hamilton. The spoiled child does not get his way. Living in his bubble of ethical superiority. After years and years of lauding and praising, really believing in his own greatness. And then suddenly it does not go as expected… Reality checks are hard to swallow.

      • Whether or not the rules were correctly followed is not the issue here. Hamiltons reaction on the events, is what’s being discussed. Learn to read mate… have a nice day too!

      • He is mot being mardy .he was well and truly robbed snd u know it so all thus crap some of saying about him ur the children .he put his life at risk for your entertainment then gets it pulled it from him.thay dint want him to win corruption at it best.and if u carnt see it then your as thick as that come

        • He gets really good payed for taking that risk ! And there is a lot of young boys willing take that risk, that’s why I don’t give w 2 f…. I just want to see good racing, great and interesting competition, equal fight and play by the rules and trying to run away with the win like the last time he did he was just hoping for the luck and to race to be ended red flagged or white black flag and max was looking for that moment for that one appointment and that’s the real hunter !

          Schumacher era is over or senna to finish the race 30seconds before the 2 place Grandpa.

      • Tom
        There is where all this rests. Because they are so badly written a fist year law student may ha because weiiltten them full of nothing but loopholes the race director simply have choos who he wants and Mel it so.
        Think Hamilton racing as usual very competitive Lewis final hardship is to have to work through t the final 4 lapped cards. While usually just a formality there may be supported of the completion that simply races harder for him. Now I very last lag Lewis has I’ve 4-5 second lead at last lap but Latifi hits wall and safety care pulls in place which is always very hard for leader who if he says well let change tyres. Then verstappen holds off. Ie hamiltongive up lead drops back I behind the 4 lapped cars. Let say Masi makes same optional choice and forgives the four paper cars now as before it effectively puts leader aside by side no way aahamiltikn even on new set wins.
        Make no mistake MASI HAS THE ULTIMATE POWER TO 1 leave Hamilton in his position with Max behind the 4 lapped cars that lewis had to get around whic h would have bees the fairest of all choices to make the race as close as to what’re it Mt was prior to wreck. Restart with the finals lap not one would have complained max has new set but is in same position exactly where he left off. Hamilton Gaines nothing and I simply in lead which max might have been able to get through lapped cars an rundow Hamilton. Fair race or aaa fair as can be. At least the hard earned lead for the entire race lead we worked wonderfully edging ahead of max who’s car simply under preformed
        Going back to race director a Masi he decided to change the rule or texhnally adjust to meme it a sprint to the finish and mad the lapped cars get out of way acrutsll allowing max to be right along side for the spring now on fresh tires impossible for Hamilton to over come in one lap sprint.
        Masi had the choice so you see the rules are that arbitrary to allow on man no sittin in control make the fatal mistake. F1Ahas many ate at their disposal
        I am happy for Max winning his first Grand Prix race but sad it had to be given to him arbitrarily. He may have won fair du to the call but it will go down in history with a asterisk won but had to be assisted.
        Thanks what’s sad and he knows that’s how most of racing worked will view.
        If I were Hamilton I would never set foot back because he was correct in his belief I’d behind the scene gift. This better parrot of valor is to congratulate Max and lean in and simply say but with asterisk. And never race agin to uphold his beliefs Franky F1A is not very entertaining due to 20 cars that unless massive wrecks really on the top three or 4 every Have a chance
        High lrixered sport of the u er wealthy who need something to write off trips
        Go NASCAR. At least the last man standing wins.

      • The rules are made, the rules are changed FIA it’s bigger then your great afroamerican world champion. You have to learn one thing the F1 was in transition for the last year because of the corona. The regs. From 2022 should be 2021 also someone said that’s enough and didn’t want Hamilton to achieve 8 title. Coming to an end of the season everyone was using dirty tricks like Hamilton leaving the track at the start of the race, but thy script was writing long before season started for Hamilton for any price he will not be honored by us 8 title Ende ! No personally I thin for the 5 out of 7 he didn’t had the competition from other car manufacturers because the regs was too complicated and he was just in right time and right place it was like given to him that’s why no one is what hung the f… thing

    • “Ethical superiority”, please get a life !d!0t. Shut up if you don’t know what to say then displaying your hatred

      • Yes Sibusiso. Ethical superiority. Hamilton has the habit to tell other people how they should behave without actively displaying that behaviour himself. Ie his huge carcollection ánd usage vs his talks about his carbon footprint. His blm talk vs his own personal staff (all white). Etc. Etc. I dont hate Hamilton. I respect him as a great driver but his behaviour is really arrogant and condescending.
        Your behaviour however Sibisiso, does not qualify for any other description then Illiterate dumbass.
        Have fun with your full year of whining about your hero. Maby next year he will get his 8th.

        • Hey Duckey or is it Dick(ey) Hitler has long time passed. Wake up. Note Max/Masi is a sinner – broke the 8th commandment, thou shall not steal

          • Wow. Hitler, the bible and F1 all together in 1 comment. Do you also think aliens were against Hams 8th and plotted all this ?

    • What a shame to look at it from that angle alone. So it no longer takes two to tango? Now, only blind fanatism is the only way forward? 7-time world champion and nothing good to say of him but be Judge, Jury and Executioner? What a shame!

    • Yes we know no one is above the rules, except crashstappen! He can get away with anything?

  2. Not surprised at the little one’s behaviour. He still behaves immaturely and has always sulked if he doesn’t get his own way.

  3. Terrible article, stoking imaginary excitement against Hamilton and Mercedes. Jal wer, behave.

    • Old news as always, Maisi and the FIA need to look at themselves first. It must of cost red bull a lot of money to fiddle the outcome . Horner and Marko are the wingers. Get a life mate

      • Well said gw it really was a fiddled race, Hamilton is his own man, he doesn’t need to prove nothing, he’s already done it all, even got a knighthood, rubs some the wrong way that he’s now a “Sir”

      • First, clearly the wrong person wrote this article. They’re biased and seem to have a problem with Hamilton as a person. Second, Hamilton was robbed of his title. FIA blatantly altered the rules to allow something to occur that on every other occasion was not allowed.
        This decision lopsidedly favored Verstappen who, before this rule was changed, was 5 cars behind Hamilton(That was the straw…) The decision allowed him to easily pass Hamilton with his new tires. I really hope Verstappen promised to name his first born after Latifi. He owes him big time. Verstappen didn’t make the decision, but his team principal did alot of screaming and pleading in the race director’s ear. It worked. Congrats to Max but, don’t pretend like the title wasn’t given to him. Lewis is human. To act like he shouldn’t be upset about how things went down is stupid. No sympathy. That’s ok. Let’s just hope Max doesn’t lose a title in that fashion . I wonder how gracious he would be.

  4. I don’t think the FIA should penalize Lewis, because with Lewis asking Mercedes to drop the appeal he may have saved the FIA from further embarrassment especially if it went to a higher court.

    • Now thats a remark i can agree with! Well said. On the downside… thatt would be political solution and isn’t that already a ‘thing’ in F1…?

    • Get facts straight…Lewis didn’t ask Mercedes to drop the appeal, more likely and reasonably Mercedes told the F1 team to drop the appeal because of the bad reputation it would give to the Mercedes brand as being labeled “sore losers”…which is how Lewis has always reacted when he believes he is wronged. Just look at his past and how other drivers relate with him.

      • You refer to facts and then continue with ‘most likely…’ followed by your opinion… you don’t consider that a bit weird? Or at least inconistent 😂

      • That hate Lewis Hamilton because he can stand in the direct sunlight for hours, without suntan lotion, AND NOT GET SUNBURN!

  5. So many Lewis haters, it is so sad, especially as they cannot see that the real damage was to F1. The FIA may have got the result they wanted but at what cost and as for that petulant spoilt brat Crashstappen, he is behaving as you would expect with no respect, sympathy or even acknowledging how lucky he was in being handed the title on a plate. He really is a dreadful example for a champion, he sulks and whines when he loses but is even worse as a victor with such entitlement and no regard for anyone but himself. In racing circles many consider him as reckless and dangerous with no consideration for other drivers and just to happy to crash when it can be avoided like at Silverstone when Le Clerc showed how it should have been done. Personally I hope Max gets a wake up call as his sense of entitlement and his ignorance of how it was handed to him is only reflected by his supporters and as a champion he is an awful role model. I hope Lewis returns next year and shows how a champion should act but I doubt he will trust anyone again but there are still many other young drivers capable of putting max back in his box.

    • Let’s call a spade a spade and quit dancing around the obvious, Lewis is hated and downrated because he is a proud black man who stands tall for what he believes, in a lily white sport. Seven time world f1 champion robbed of his eighth title is now being criticized and threatened by the new FIA director for not attending a celebration that crowns the pretender in a venue hosted by the very organization that stole the race from him. Now we have the racing media focused on banquet protocol instead of the international disgrace of being caught fixing a race while the world watched. Hamilton is just refusing to be an accomplice to the FIA effort to change the subject.

  6. Hey Steve. I hope Hamilton also returns and shows how a 7 time champion should act, cause right now, he’s not doing it. And handing Max the WDC on a plate … Have you by any chance counted how many times Lewis was Lucky Lewis this year?

  7. Verstappen is the worst “Champion” ever and as for Horner he surely can’t have any toys left in his pram to throw out. I no longer have any interest in F1 those two have completely ruined it as a sport.

  8. F1 are hypocritical and incompetent. The final race was the biggest fraud ever in all sport. From.smug Horner telling Masi what to do, to Latifi driving into the wall saying it wasn’t intentional, to Masi changing the rules to suit Horner and to Verstsppens hollow victory I say poo to you all. Latifi incident definitely should be investigated. Max is the Clayton’s champion that is got drunk on no alcohol. What am embarrassing charade.

  9. It was Red Bulls choice to have new tyres, knowing they would have to pass the back markers. Mercedes decided to stick with old tyres and retain track position. Masi fixed the result by removing the back markers that RB allowed there by choice. The FIA must remove Masi from future decision making and clarify that back markers, and the distance behind the leader that they represent must be maintained for the sake of fare play.v

  10. Not surprised at Hamilton’s reaction. Frankly the FIA hierarchy have tried to stop him winning anything since day 1! I’m amazed he was ever allowed to win 1 World Championship let alone the 8 be did win and the two he very nearly win before the FIA cheated him out of them. If the new president is upset by Hamilton’s response can I suggest he overcomes the problem by at least awarding the 2021 F1 Championship jointly to Hamilton as well as Verstsappen.

  11. OK then yes you did now’t wrong all season Max, you are f×××××g stupid as need to have a good look at last year’s season. And your right you did now’t wrong on last lap of race. But your fucking team cried like babys as there were not going to let the 5 cars between yourself and Lewis past until ashhole Hornor stepped in crying his eyes out to the stewarts Masi. By not getting his way so then Masi chanced the rules for that race S everyone heard on YouTube to what has been going on. Never mind wait till 2022 cannot wait to hear first complaint from C Hormer who els

    • Rb cried lije babies? Of course our divine Mercedes team was quite and angelic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. It’s a really big ask to expect that Lewis/Mercedes should just ” get over this”. Not at all sour grapes to MAX /RB. His win was the product of them being prepared to take advantage of the situation. The situation only came about due to the flagrant mistake by the Race Director. That fact he as has gone unscathed is as shocking as his error. He should have the moral character to acknowledge it and step down. He forever tarnished by this incident.

  13. Why not allow Hamilton to be. 2021 race has been won and lost, and we are looking forward to 2022.
    What exactly is this story trying to bring out. That Halmilton should be sanctioned for not attending the gala night.

    People should allow him his privacy. He will talk when he is ready for it.

  14. If you were a Max fan and roles were reversed you would be upset. A true competitor can’t be fulfilled winning in such a manner. Rules should be applied consistently, and we’re not. I’m a fan of racing, and I didn’t like the way things were manipulated. It ruins it for everyone and cheapens the sport. In the end it doesn’t matter who your guy is, but who within the confines of the rules was best that day. It should matter to all race fans that the race was decided in such a unfair way.

  15. I came to make a comment on here just to tell the writer of this ‘incredulous’ rubbish called article that he is stupidly ignorant and confused. Also that He is a waste of brain.

  16. This is OBVIOUSLY a pro Von Stumppen site with total bias against the real WDC winner, robbed by Masi, Eccleston & Todd to preserve Shumi’s record! The language of your flimsy article is so dripping with sarcasm & racist derision that you illustrate you are NO JOURNALIST!

  17. This is OBVIOUSLY a pro Von Stumppen site with total bias against the real WDC winner, robbed by Masi, Eccleston & Todd to preserve Shumi’s record! The language of your flimsy article is so dripping with sarcasm & racist derision that you illustrate you are NO JOURNALIST!

  18. Just asking, would messy massi do the same for hamilton to let 5 cars get unlapped to get him closer to stappen.dont think .so

    • What a ridiculous remark Medy. Based on what? Yóu thínk it was rigged and based on that, highly biased opinion, you draw the conclusion that someone you dont know at all, will behave in a way you think he will … get a brain or start using the one you have.

  19. I am glad about the way Lewis has responded, Masi and Mohammed are from the same cult of biased FIA governing body. They need to set themselves clean to the world before the communication continues. Masi needs to be tried in the international criminal court.

    • Yes. Totally agree. The best reaction on alleged injustice is go sulking like a toddler and feeling sorry for yourself 😂🤣

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