“Marko is dying to give me a call”

Daniil Kvyat, a guest on the F1 Nation podcast, reacted to recent comments by his former employer: Red Bull’s Dr. Helmut Marko, with the Austrian boss of Red Bull firmly ruling out another return to Alpha Tauri for the Russian.

“I think Marko is dying to give me a call,” Kvyat says, “But I think this time I could put my pride against him – because already the last time, it was a bit like admitting their mistake wasn’t it? ”


Then asked about any future plans to make an F1 return with another team, the Russian was open to offers saying:

“My eyes are wide open, my ears are also open and to be honest, I’m quite flexible. ”

“I am enjoying my work with Alpine at the moment. I always give my best to the team I work with and at the moment I am focused on that. I like the atmosphere in the team.

“They’re very interesting guys, a very strong race team, and all the sessions I’ve been to on race weekends and test sessions, they all work like clockwork, very organised, a very strong group of people. It’s going to be interesting – I think this team has huge potential for the future. ”

“So for now, it would be fair to say that I’m giving my best to Alpine, whatever role I’m in. ”



Never one to miss a chance to sell his wares to others, the Russian speaks about the recent tests for the Alpine team and how he found it easy to jump into an F1 car, ergo anyone’s car, in a Nico Hulkenberg sense, as a ‘super sub’ driver.

“From my side, it’s almost like I’m running better after a holiday – for me it’s really good. When I jumped in the car in Barcelona, I was thinking slightly about how I would feel. But to be honest, it was like I’d never left the cockpit. ”

“Physically of course Barcelona is hard on your neck, and of course you feel those things, as it will take a day or two to adapt to that. But other than that, the feeling with the car, the set-up, the performance and pushing the car to the limit, that’s always going to be in me. ”


“So I certainly wouldn’t be worried about jumping in the car at any time, I’m confident. During free practice I should already be at 95% of my ability and then on Saturday, let’s say you take out the extra 5%. Then the race is just a matter of finding the pace. Of course it’s not super easy, it’s not ideal, but that’s my job, I always have to be ready. ”

“That’s why I always have to be fit, I always have to be sharp and stay hungry in case the team needs me for that. So of course I’m ready. ”







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