Ex-Boss gives a devastating verdict

Since 2014, the  F1 world champion has belonged to the Mercedes racing team, and the dominance of the Silver Arrows is a serious threat to Formula 1. The competition is losing more and more of its appeal for spectators – That is the opinion of ex-F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

There has never been such a long winning streak in the history of Formula 1. Mercedes has won the world championship title in the pinnacle of motorsport seven times in a row. Even Michael Schumacher (5 titles in a row with Ferrari) and Sebastian Vettel (4 titles in a row with Red Bull) cannot measure up to that.


“They have done a fantastic job for Formula 1. But I would like to see us go back to the old days,” ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone tells Sport 1 about Mercedes.

Ecclestone noted, “When you go to a race now, you know that the person on pole is probably going to win the race. That’s the bad thing currently.”


“That Mercedes is so dominant is not their fault, he said. It is something they have worked for,” concludes Ecclestone.

When Hamilton broke Michael Schumacher’s wins record, it started a debate about whether he is the sport’s greatest ever driver. The next question is whether this incarnation of Mercedes should be regarded as the sport’s greatest team.

That said, making comparisons across eras is an imprecise art, but for those who measure things beyond statistics, by which of being in the sport from near the beginning – such as Bernie Ecclestone, perhaps fans should take note of his opinion.






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