Binotto on his future at Ferrari – worst season since 1980

Despite the “complicated” 2020 Formula 1 season experienced by the Scuderia Ferrari, the Italian team director Mattia Binotto knows that he has the full support of its management, although the Swiss-born man also knows that his time with the most famous Formula 1 team will not be forever.

Mattia Binotto succeeded Maurizio Arrivabene in 2019, the year in which Ferrari finished second in the constructors’ championship behind Mercedes.

But for his second year at the head of the Scuderia, Binotto could only see last year’s downfall in the order of positions in the pecking order, Ferrari finishing in sixth position in the championship, the worst result since the 1980 season.


Despite the poor results, Mattia Binotto remains in active employment with Ferrari in 2021, the Maranello team having preferred to bet on stability rather than “cutting heads off”, a rather uncharacteristic tactic for the Italian’s.

“There’s no change in our plans, no change in our future,” said Binotto, and continues in a bullish manner:

“Of course, I know that my time is not infinite. I am also aware that as a team we have to do well, and this applies to me… also in the coming seasons. ” 


Looking back on the 2020 season, Mattia Binotto admits that his team has well below normal:

“All in all, it was a great success… a season very intense, compacted, and difficult in many ways, where our performance was unsettling. 

“To finish sixth in the constructors’ championship is a bad thing, because it hadn’t happened since 1980. But it’s a season where I think we’ve invested a lot in the future. 

“We are trying to create the solid foundations necessary to become highly competitive and hopefully open a new period of success for the future. ”

Ferrari will take part in the 2021 season with its youngest driver duo since 1968 with the arrival this year of Carlos Sainz alongside Charles Leclerc.




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