McLaren comments on Alonso ‘questionable’ return

While he will sign his return to Formula 1 with Renault this year, Fernando Alonso has been the subject of much discussion – many saying it’s a questionable move to return to F1 after such a long hiatus, and at such an advanced age.

But in the end, the Spaniard found support, particularly from his former team-mates, who judge the double world champion’s motivation to be flawless.

At 39 years of age, Fernando Alonso will sign his return to Formula 1 this year. Since leaving McLaren in 2018, the Spaniard has been involved in a number of motorsport disciplines.

But the two-time world champion will return to Renault for the 2021 season. Although he was criticised at the start because of his age and his two-year absence, Alonso has finally found support, not only from the new generation of drivers who admired him as youngsters, but also from his former team-mates.


He can bring all his experience to Esteban Ocon, but it is another aspect of the former McLaren driver’s personality that is pointed out.


In an interview, Zak Brown with whom Fernando Alonso has worked in Formula 1 but also in IndyCar at McLaren, commented on the motivation of the new Alpine driver:

“He loves to race. He is a rare breed of driver who is always motivated, and I see him as someone who will be a worthy competitor against us this year.

“I am very happy for Fernando. I consider him a friend of McLaren and he is a good friend of mine, personally. I wish we could have had more success together on the track because he is an incredible competitor. We have had a great time together and I am happy for him.”




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