Hamilton tells legend of motorsport to go ‘educate himself’

Hamilton says to Andretti: ‘It’s pure ignorance’ after the American former Formula 1 and Indycar Champion had criticized his fight against racism.

This weekend, Mario Andretti spoke about Lewis Hamilton’s fight against racism, judging that the Brit seemed to create ‘a problem that does not exist’. Hamilton’s insistence on continuing the fight started in Austria has left some paddock members and observers somewhat circumspect.


But the Briton said he would not stop the fight and hopes to convince F1 and FIA officials to support him on the issue, saying he would call Jean Todt and give Andretti a stern answer.

“It’s disappointing, but unfortunately it’s a reality to say that some of the older generation, who still have a voice today, can’t change their minds and recognise that there is a problem,” wrote the six-time world champion on his Instagram account.


“Once again, it’s pure ignorance, but that won’t hinder me from continuing to push for change. It’s never too late to learn and I hope this man, whom I have always respected, can take the time to educate himself.”


Racism: Hamilton hits out at F1 & drivers whilst cause ignored

In a message published on his social networks on Sunday after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton criticised other drivers and the world of Formula One in general for not doing enough in the fight against racism.

He called for more support and mobilisation. In a post published on his social networks on Sunday evening, a few hours after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton criticized the Formula One world for….  READ MORE ON THIS STORY








10 responses to “Hamilton tells legend of motorsport to go ‘educate himself’

  1. Slightly disrespectful. Different generations have different views. Simple. Different cultures have different views.

    The problem, is seemingly different generation and cultures cannot see the other’s, thus create a problem, rather than being understanding of the other’s.

  2. Just because Andretti doesn’t personally hold any negative views against a particular section of society, doesn’t mean that the motorsport industry itself doesn’t have ingrained issues that need to be addressed.

    This is the point that Lewis has been making. His campaign isn’t targeted at individuals (although ultimately it is as individuals that we collectively bring about change), rather that by giving fairer opportunities

    I think this particular response from Andretti, while well meaning, just highlights that he has misunderstood Lewis’s message. As usual however, the less well intentioned section of the web media just jump on it as a juicy and salacious news story


  3. Hamilton’s remarks that Andretti is ignorant and needs educating are highly offensive, and to call Jackie Stewart ‘another one’ shows all the disrespect that Hamilton wants to eliminate. Insulting other people is divisive. I have had an interest in F1 for some fifty years, and have seen drivers from many ethnic origins come and go. I get the impression that if you are some combination of extremely talented, extremely rich, extremely determined, extremely pushy, and are willing to sacrifice everything, you might just get to be one of twenty drivers.

    I don’t want to see political posturing at events. If Hamilton wants to promote a cause then that’s fine and quite laudable. It isn’t part of a Grand Prix any more than XR or Greta T’s efforts, and it isn’t clever to criticise others who might not agree with you.

    • The point is however, that from Lewis’s perspective and lived experience, Mario saying there isn’t a problem, even if its based on his own beliefs and “lack of racist feelings” for want of a better way of putting it, is even more offensive than Lewis calling him out on it

      If a black guy says that the experience he has lived, is one of racism, then its not for a white guy to then say it isn’t, however well meaning

  4. Hamilton has definitely disgraced F1, Mercedes Benz and himself with his racism shit! He is the ungrateful racist that cannot see how much white people are doing to educate, uplift, empower and provide preference to black racists. Never in the world’s history have blacks had upliftment projects for whites, had racing teams sponsoring whites, had in fact done anything to support whites, except for begging and stealing from whites. Get lost Hamilton! You are an ignoramus. Go and start a support and upliftment project for poor whites if you are not a racist. Or start sponsoring a talented white kid the way Ron Dennis and other whites have done for you. We have a lot of white squatter camps in RSA in dire need. If not whites will start ignoring F1 and you will be the reason F1 goes to gutter

  5. I feel that Black lives matter is actually just racist. Think off all the White farmers in South Africa that are murderd each year and nobody does nothing about it. Multiple claims have been made as well as social media being used to make awareness. But at the end it is only “black lives matter”. I am just really sad. All lives matter equally.

    • Of course they do, but that isn’t the point in discussion in the BLM debate.
      What is being highlighted is that the black community, admittedly more-so in certain countries or regions of countries, are treated differently through an endemic and systematic racist culture, that not only results in lower levels of education, employment and life prospects, but results in people dying at the hands of the very public servants whose job it is to protect EVERYONE

      Part of the reason this (deaths at the hand of police) is so prevalent in the US, is obviously the constant threat to Police as a result of its insidious gun culture, but that’s a different can of worms!

  6. F1 is constantly politicking lately. The whole “green” thing was also to suck up to whomever. Now we have engines that are very expensive to develop, Mercedes is way ahead, and not even FIA can do anything to cut their advantage.

  7. Lewis let me point out your pride and ignorance. White American money have rebuild Rwanda and provide more than 60% of GDP. Almost all of Malawi GDP comes from white Americans. And why do you live in Monaco and not amongst poor blacks. Now you want to use a little bid of fame and force companies and people who are allready do more for black people than you with advertising it. I have dirty my hands more than you with black people and have a highly esteem black leader and intellectual as my mentor and father. I am european. LET US MEET AND I WILL SHOW YOU BETTER WAYS TO OBTAIN YOUR GOALS. Ways that will grow better and farther. Augustinus

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