Racism: Hamilton hits out at F1 & drivers whilst cause ignored

In a message published on his social networks on Sunday after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton criticised other drivers and the world of Formula One in general for not doing enough in the fight against racism.


He called for more support and mobilisation. In a post published on his social networks on Sunday evening, a few hours after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton criticized the Formula One world for not doing enough in the fight against racism.




“Today I raced for everyone out there who is pushing to make positive change and fight inequality, however, sadly, as a sport we need to do so much more.


“It is embarrassing that many teams have not made any public commitment to diversity or that we couldn’t properly find time to make a symbolic gesture in support of ending racism before the race.” wrote the six-time world champion, who took part in anti-racism events in London last month. wrote the six-time world champion.



“Formula One and the FIA must do more.” says Hamilton.

Prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix, and as in the two previous races, Hamilton took a knee to the ground in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Some drivers followed suit, others stayed on their feet.

In his message, Hamilton deplored “a lack of organisation and effort which diluted the message and gave the impression that there was something more important”.  



“It doesn’t matter if you are standing or kneeling down, but we should show the world that F1 is united in its commitment to equality. F1 and the FIA need to do more,” said the Mercedes driver, who is aware that there is no “quick fix” but is convinced that F1 cannot mobilise “once and then move on”.


We have to stay focused,” says Hamilton, who had made a strong case at the beginning of June, hitting out at other drivers, against the silence of “the biggest stars” in Formula One, a world he says is “dominated by whites”, after the death of George Floyd in the United States.

Perhaps Hamilton senses the obvious lack of momentum within the paddock and drivers for the cause he is Champion. The first race of the season saw 14 drivers kneel, the second was 11. For the Hungarian GP just 8 followed Hamilton’s lead.    



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