Ferrari boss critises team, explains their problem

The former president of Ferrari, Luca Di Montezemolo, had some strong words to say about the situation that Scuderia Ferrari has been experiencing since the start of the 2020 F1 season.

Luca di Montezemolo spoke about the crisis that Ferrari is going through at the moment, but while trying to suggest a guideline to solve the problems, the Italian clearly points the finger at the team’s organisation, which needs to be changed immediately.


“I want to be constructive, not destructive. I want to be constructive, not destructive,” said Di Montezemolo on the Ferrari team.

“In 2014, I was wrong to accept the transition to hybrid engines. Mercedes had been studying them for two years, German industry had knowledge of the subject that we didn’t have in Italy yet. 

“Unfortunately, since 2014, Ferrari is no longer competitive for the world championship. When they replaced me, they told me that it was important to win on the track, that we didn’t have a positive track record, but at least in my time we were fighting to the end. 

“With Michael, Irvine, Massa and Alonso, we lost the world championship but we stayed in the race until the end. ”



“Today, the crisis at Ferrari stems mainly from the organisation. It’s totally different from the other teams, Binotto is too lonely. 

“Mattia Binotto has yet to gain experience as technical director. He is responsible for sports management, driver management, the technical area and must also deal with policy. 

“In my day, I organized a team with the best of the best. There were people of the calibre of Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne, Paolo Martinelli, Stefano Domenicali. 

“In Formula One, to win, you have to look for the best and grow the people you have in the team. 

“At Ferrari, all talents were made to disappear: from Allison to Sassi, all of them ended up at Mercedes. 

“Some mistakes were made, both for the anguish of winning and for inexperience. The crisis at Ferrari worries me a lot because it won’t be easy to get out of it, and we should already be working towards 2022. 

“Talking about a re-foundation is excessive, but we need to change the organisation quickly, which is not right for today’s Formula One. 

“It will be difficult to improve the car and to think about the future, a nose and a spoiler are not enough to change the SF1000. I think brave choices have to be made and it has to be done fairly quickly. ” said the Italian.


The former Ferrari president also returned to the situation of the drivers within the team, in particular the fact that Vettel has already been replaced before the start of the 2020 season.

“The drivers are not guilty. I would never have separated from Vettel so soon. Too much pressure has been put on Leclerc and it is difficult to involve Vettel in a constructive discourse since he will be leaving. ”


Finally, when asked what he would have done after Ferrari’s double withdrawal from the Styrian Grand Prix following a collision between the two drivers, Di Montezemolo replied: “The walls would have shaken at Maranello. ”



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