Hulk considering a return to Renault F1

Germany’s Nico Hülkenberg is not ruling out the idea of returning to Renault in F1 in 2021, after a year’s ‘sabbatical’.

After three seasons with Renault F1, German Nico Hülkenberg left the French manufacturer’s team at the end of the 2019 season to be replaced by Frenchman Esteban Ocon in 2020.


Contrary to appearances, Hûlkenberg and Renault have parted ways on good terms and the Enstone team could very well consider its former driver as an option for 2021 due to the future departure of Daniel Ricciardo, who will join McLaren next year.

In any case, the main interested party himself does not rule out returning to Renault in 2021, especially as Nico Hülkenberg believes that the F1 story is not yet completely closed for him.

“It was interesting to look at the transfer market, and the fact that the teams are announcing new drivers so early is quite unique. ” Nico Hülkenberg told Ziggo Sport.

“I think things will calm down now. The teams want to focus on the races. Carlos Sainz is still a good choice for Ferrari, I think he’s fast and hard-working. »

“[for me] The F1 book isn’t closed yet but the teams must want me. ” said the former Renault driver.

“If there’s an option, I’ll think about it. It’s a nice break, of course, but I still want to race. “concludes the German, who sees Renault as a “serious option”.


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