Wolff finally confirms talks on Mercedes future with Daimler CEO

Today during an interview with Germany’s Motorsport Total, Toto Wolff, the F1 team boss of Mercedes AMG, revealed some details on his future and certainly didn’t quell the speculation that he will stand down as team boss as TJ13 reported last month.

F1-Insider’s Ralph Bach had published a news article highlighting the stepping down of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff from the F1 team. Germany’s Motorsport Total had also reported on this story.

In a video interview today, Wolff certainly didn’t do too much to refute the rumours on stepping down as team boss saying “I have been very lucky to be team boss since 2014” and that he “had great fun” in a rather ‘past tense’ sense. 


“Nevertheless”, Wolff admits, “I have to question myself… I don’t want to be one of those team bosses who used to be great and now are only good and don’t realise that they might not be able to contribute as much to the team as they did at the beginning.

“I have the feeling that I can still contribute a lot. But I am thinking about my future.” says Wolff.

Further, Wolff today admitted that there had indeed been talks with Mercedes and Daimler boss Ola Källenius saying “we are in the middle of the process of working out our common future.”

“Whether that means team boss or managing director is irrelevant. And to be honest, I haven’t decided yet, because the races haven’t even started yet. All these talks are going on right now.”



When asked about the rumors that he could at least resign as team boss at Mercedes, he replies in a similar manner to a politician dodging a question:

“Something I’ve always been proud of in our team is the fact that we’ve managed to promote senior members of the team into new roles. We have opened up opportunities for talent. And the same is true for me.” says the Austrian.

Quite what Wolff’s plan is certainly up for speculation, and the interview today has only confirmed that change is in the air.



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