Wolff suspicious of Ferrari engine power again

Toto Wolff, the boss of the Mercedes F1 team, believes that the Ferrari engine will be very competitive again this season, despite a relatively poor showing in winter testing this year.

Last year, Ferrari engine was in turmoil because of its alleged illegal power output, which was considered illegal by some competitors but was finally found to be compliant by the FIA.


After launching an investigation into the Ferrari engine at the end of the 2019 season, the FIA finally reached an agreement, the terms of which will controversially remain secret with the Italian team, and announced that it was impossible to prove that the Ferrari engine did not comply with the regulations.

In other words, they probably bent the rules, but nobody could prove it. Perhaps a big handicap of these incredibly complicated hybrid power units.


For the 2020 season, Ferrari may not yet have revealed all its cards during the winter tests in Barcelona this winter, at least that’s what Toto Wolff thinks, who believes that Mercedes will have to make sure it closes the gap from the start of the year. 

“The Ferrari engine was very strong last season, and I think we haven’t yet seen the true power of the Ferrari engine in winter testing. ” Toto Wolff says, implying his suspicions.

“Only in qualifying [in Austria] will we finally be able to see where everyone stands, but as always, I’m very pessimistic. 

“On our side, we need to close the gap with Ferrari and make sure we have a reliable and solid power unit. Nor should we exclude Honda and Renault, because the level seems to be fairly uniform. ”


On the other hand, Ferrari team boss is talking down the teams’ chances of a decent showing in Austria explaining to Marca the Spanish newspaper.

“So I don’t expect us to have the fastest car in Austria.” admits the Ferrari boss, READ MORE ON BINOTTO STORY HERE

The 2020 season will start on the Red Bull Ring circuit in Austria on July 5th with two races in one week.




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