Watch British Prime Minister do a pit stop for Red Bull

No more introduction needed….  today Boris Johnson was a guest at the Milton Keynes HQ for Red Bull Racing F1 team.

Some in the UK might say, “Don’t quit your day job”, but in this case it might just be better overall if he did…



Abu Dhabi testing trackside footage

Video footage of Perez tapping Vettel into a spin at Turn 11





Honda pull out of F1, Red Bull quits & manufacturers question participation

A while ago, TJ13 published an article that could herald the beginning of the end of big global manufacturer participation in Formula 1 – In it we described a set of circumstances recently occurring which are making the current F1 teams sit up and take notice.

For your information, the article in question can be found via this link here, but in summary, we describe the announcement from the VW Group declaring that VW will not participate in any motorsport involving internal combustion engines, as possibly the most seismic event in…. READ MORE



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