Former Champion of Vettel has hard words for German

The former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger believes that 2020 could be a particularly important year for Sebastian Vettel if he wants to fulfil his dream of winning the World Championship on Ferrari.

“Leclerc is the youth, is the next generation”, says today’s DTM boss in an interview with “ServusTV”. Berger was team boss and advocate of a young Sebastian Vettel when the German drove for the Toro Rosso team. Vettel scored the single ever victory for Toro Rosso in 2008.


The advice the former team boss has for Vettel is hard, but true.

“He has quite clearly recognised that with Leclerc he has a man in the team against whom he has to pull out all the stops, let his experience play which he has gained in four titles, 

“For next year this will certainly be a tough number getting a fifth,” Berger believes.

“But the guy [Leclerc] is fast, he’s already his big moment in the hearts of the Italians. Sebastian must really attack next year”.

Berger is alluding to situations like Monza, where Leclerc has thrown all his brutality into the equation. First with a not quite clean tactic in qualifying that prevented Vettel from going on his fast lap. Then with a tough manoeuvre against Lewis Hamilton, which secured him the victory much acclaimed by the Tifosi.

Ferrari has “two alpha animals” in the team, the ten-time Grand Prix winner analyses: “The technology is used to the full. The disadvantage is that someone has to manage it. But if you look back, the successful teams have always done that.”

“Frank Williams has always let the two fastest guys he got drive against each other. Enzo Ferrari has always been careful to put his number 1 under pressure and maybe one day make the number 2 number 1.”

In this respect such a situation is “nothing new”, says Berger.





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