Wolff explains about Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica, the Polish driver whose potential was cut short must be thinking what could have been had he not participated at the event in the spring of 2011 when he was a guest entrant in the “Ronde di Andora” rally.

But Kubica was not discouraged by his injuries and made his Formula 1 comeback in 2019.


Mercedes sports boss Toto Wolff at “TVP” in Poland pays him tribute and says:

“I was very happy about his return to Formula 1. Robert proved to the doubters that he can drive a racing car and fight even with such an injury”.

However, in the Williams FW42 Kubica and his team-mate George Russell had no chance, never made it past the first qualifying hurdle and only stayed at the back of the field in the races. Only Kubica managed a top 10 result: At the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim he finished tenth in the rain chaos and thus scored the only Williams point in 2019.

It was probably the last WRC point in Kubica’s Formula 1 driving career. Kubica did not extend his contract with Williams and in 2020 no longer has a regular place in Formula 1.

“I think he will stay in the paddock,” says Wolff, “but probably in a different role.”


Kubica could remain active as a test driver in the coming year, but nothing has been sealed yet. In any case, Wolff doesn’t want to exclude anything and says: “With Robert you never know. He might go now, but then he might come back again.”

“If he hadn’t had this very unfortunate accident back then, he could have become World Champion,” Wolff continues.

“If he hadn’t had this very unfortunate accident back then, he could have become World Champion,” Wolff continues. In fact, as a Renault driver at the time, Kubica was already associated with a Ferrari cockpit after he had initiated the BMW works team’s only victory in 2008 and the (Lotus) Renault upswing in Formula 1 in 2010.

Wolff does not rule out that Kubica will get a new chance – but not necessarily in a race seat:

“Robert is a smart guy. With his know-how he can definitely become world champion in another role.” But Wolff left open what that could be.


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