Haas rumour: Grosjean out by German GP? Ocon in

Sources within the paddock at the British GP have indicated that there’s yet more trouble afoot at the Haas F1 team – not only off track with the ridiculous shenanigans with principle title sponsor Rich Energy, but also with the driver pairing of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

Team boss Gunther Steiner has had reoccurring problems with his driver since last season, namely that of colliding with each other, his outrageous reactions made famous by the Netflix series ‘Drive to survive’ so the latest rumour shouldn’t really come as much surprise to readers familiar with the show.

Groesjean unforced error in pit lane exit at Silverstone


Last night, a source from Reddit F1 sub collaborated the rumour with the below post explaining that indeed Grojean might well be ousted soon, possibly before the next race in Germany.

“Im close to someone who has been at a number of the races with great access. (The mods have seen evidence of this.)

“What i’m hearing is that after the British GP, Steiner was furious at the drivers, blew up at them (for obvious reasons) and phoned Gene Haas for permission to fire a driver. Word in the paddock is that they are looking at Ocon to replace Grosjean. If possible, by the next Grand Prix.

“Thats all I can say for now, If this turns out to be correct, Ill be back with more.” – F1ThrowawayF1


During the Grand Prix weekend, the pair collided in the race, taking themselves out of contention early on during an already bad weekend for the team (sponsorship issues aside). Despite reasonable qualifying speed, the team’s performance has been in crisis in terms of race pace and the British GP was intended to be a ‘reset’ to try and understand the problems of their 2019 car and how it uses the Pirelli rubber.


The team needed the drivers to have a solid, uneventful race and sadly this didn’t occur starting out with Grosjean ruining his front wing with a spin in the pit lane during Friday practice.

Suffice to say Stenier wasn’t happy post race.


Haas incident onboards + radio



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  1. I’ve never understood how Grosjean held on to that seat but Ocon mid season without the seat time could potentially wreck his career. The best Haas can do is see out the year with their current line up and then recruit Rossi from the US. They wanted an American driver and Rossi is head and shoulders above the rest of the Indycar Field. His return to F1 would add a real personality to the grid.

    • That would make a lot more sense than a contracted Mercedes driver going to a Ferrari powered team.

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