Breakthrough for Red Bull; problem of dirty airflow solved

According to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS), Red Bull Racing has made huge strides during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend with some updates started at the French Grand Prix.

Yesterday, the news outlet published a piece highlighting some updates Red Bull Racing has put on their car, enabling Verstappen to take his victory at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. TJ13 reported some time ago that Red Bull had produced a car for the 2019 season with some inherent aerodynamic flaws and the poor performances of the car weren’t just down to the Honda power unit, new for this season.


While Ferrari has been struggling with a lack of downforce throughout the season, it was not so much the problem for Red Bull. The designers at Milton Keynes have had a serious issue controlling the airflow downstream of the new regulated front wing rules, resulting in an unstable rear. The team describes the ‘dirty air’ as a real issue causing a ‘nervous’ tail for Gasly and Verstappen.

During the French Grand Prix three weeks ago, Red Bull brought an update package to solve that problem. Very quickly the team learned that it didn’t have the desired effect, but according to AMuS: “The updates on Paul Ricard already confirmed that they were trying to find a solution to the problem. It now seems that the new package with a new front wing has led to a breakthrough.”

Great news to the ears of struggling driver Pierre Gasly who was denied the new wing with only Verstappen running it during the race.

According to Auto, Motor und Sport, Mercedes’ aerodynamic package is still dominant. Something needs to be done quickly at Ferrari to limit the time lost in the corners on Mercedes and Red Bull and thus stay competitive. However, the Maranello team doesn’t have to switch to the Mercedes concept, says an engineer from the current world champion: ‘That takes four months, because it affects the whole car’.

Not the news the Tifosi needs to hear.


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