Ferrari introduces a “small” update on the SF90 at Silverstone

The Ferrari team arrives in Silverstone for the British Grand Prix with a small aerodynamic update on its car.

The Maranello team continues to develop its SF90 and provides updates at every race since the Spanish Grand Prix, even if they are minor. The biggest update having taken place at the French Grand Prix, the Scuderia now wants to refine the SF90’s aerodynamic package.


“Silverstone is one of the most challenging tracks of the season, it’s a real test for the configuration and balance of the car. ” explains team principal Mattia Binotto.

“Tyres are also very stressed and wear is a determining factor in racing. The track does not necessarily suit our car, but we have seen during each race that the balance of forces can sometimes change unexpectedly. ”

“For the British Grand Prix, we have a small aerodynamic modification as we continue to develop our car. ”

“The weekend will also be an opportunity to improve the understanding of the work we have done, which has allowed us to close the gap with our competitors. ”

These updates are a continuing development program to try and recover lost ground to Mercedes with the Red car suffering from an overall lack of downforce, but if we’re to believe technical analyst Craig Scarborough over at, perhaps the Tifosi need not be too upset after Austria.

According to Scarborough, the Ferrari car has failed to keep the Pirelli tyres in the operating window, compounding their issues, particularly in the slower corners. Downforce is key to keeping the energy flowing into the rubber, and despite the all-powerful Ferrari power unit, the resultant straight line pace simply isn’t enough to win races.

The raft of other ‘minor’ updates since France and in particular Austria, hasn’t reaped too many results on track, but the unusually hot temperatures at the Red Bull Ring would’ve no doubt masked the benefits. 

Binotto is playing down their chances at Silverstone this weekend, but actually, we might start to see these small incremental steps in recovering downforce pay dividends in Great Britain.




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