Ex-Driver suspects Red Bull | Marko: “This is something that Gasly often does. He is always…”

GP veteran Mika Salo suspects that Pierre Gasly’s performance crisis is more than just a poor performance of the Frenchman. Otherwise, the ex Formula 1 driver is convinced that Red Bull Racing would have reacted already.

Every race increases the pressure on Red Bull Racing’s latest promoted driver, Pierre Gasly. It’s fair to say that Gasly has not yet lived up to expectations in the senior team. Red Bull motorsport consultant Dr Helmut Marko had already publicly criticised the Frenchman – and set him a deadline until the summer break to deliver the required performance.


GP veteran Mika Salo is nevertheless certain that the weak performance is not only due to the driving performance of the 23-year-old. In an interview with the newspaper “Ilta Sanomat”, the Finn explained:

“Red Bull Racing normally reacts very quickly to such things. If someone doesn’t do well, they’re put in front of the door.”

“I think Red Bull knows more than we do. I’m sure that within the team they understand exactly what Gasly’s problem is and that’s why he’s still there. He has never been a slow driver in his career before”.

Gasly’s performance crisis is made even clearer by the successes of his team-mate Max Verstappen. The Spielberg winner was even able to outperform his team mate at the Red Bull Ring. In the World Championship table, the Dutchman is third in the World Championship, while Gasly is currently sixth.

Today, TJ13 published an article highlighting a breakthrough aero update that Red Bull finally got working, no doubt a big factor contributing to Verstappen’s win. Pierre Gasly was denied the update (READ MORE)


Helmut Marko and Pierre Gasly

Red Bull allegedly takes Gasly’s chassis apart and finds nothing

“This is something Gasly often does,” lambasts Helmut Marko

“He is always looking for an error in the car or chassis. We have his RB15 well inspected and there was nothing wrong. The plan now is to help him as good as possible. To start with, he gets almost the same set-up as Max.”

“Because Max has more experience, he knows what he can and cannot do. Sometimes all that experimenting goes wrong, but in the end it will be all right. That’s what makes him go from one extreme to the next in terms of performance.”

“At Gasly’s side of the garage, on the other hand, things have gone wrong since the beginning of the season. The two crashes in Barcelona came at the wrong time. After that he had a strong race in Bahrain but an error on our part caused an undesirable result. He also had a strong race in Monaco. In the open air he is doing fine and he has good lap times but the overall picture is still missing,” according to Marko.


Team boss Christian Horner wades in

“We know what he’s capable of as a driver, which is a long way beyond what we’ve seen so far,” Horner said ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix, “Obviously there’s an awful lot of scrutiny on him at the moment, an awful lot of speculation about how long his future will be.”


“But as a team he has our full support, we’re doing our best to work with him.

“(He should) not focus too much on the data and try to be perfect, and just drive the car and ignore his teammate. That’s my advice to him.

“Turn your phone off, don’t look at any of the social media and just drive the car.”



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