Baku redemption for THE Red Bull driver?

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How did I do last time?

I guess there was some luck in the pits and Quali but a bit of a bust elsewhere.

Astrologically speaking, the Moon will be in Aquarius during the race; this means some unpredictable emotions on display during the race.



What can we expect to see in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix?


Mood for the weekend – Queen of Swords

What to look out for – The World

Outcome – The Lovers

Mood for the weekend: Queen of Swords

On the card, Queen Cersei sits on the Iron Throne.

The suit of Swords represents the element of air, which in turn shows us, logic, challenges and communication. This is a Court Card, which can identify people, of both sexes, as well as situations.

It’s time to face up to unpleasant truths this weekend, things haven’t been going to plan for a lot of people so it’s time to think and plan logically on how you’re going to get yourselves back on the right track.

This Queen can be dry witted, sarcastic, cool and calculated but she knows how to get things done using her mind and this is how you are going to get things back on track and get yourself back on the right path.


What to look out for: The World

On the card is a map of Westeros; on the corners are the sigils of the four main families, the Stark’s, the Lannister’s, the Targaryen’s and the Baratheon’s.

This card and the following are from the Major Arcana, this means the answers they give you are vitally important to the reading.

This card means this particular cycle of life is coming to an end, you have learned all the lessons you can, you’ve made choices, rectified mistakes and are now ready to take on the next cycle.

I believe this follows on from the previous card where you’ve realised that you’ve made mistakes and you need to rectify them before you can move on back to the path you need to be on. This card is saying that once you have used the Swords logic and met the challenges you’ve set yourself to get back on track, you will find yourself back on the right path.


Outcome: The Lovers

On the card, Jon Snow and Ygritte stand on top of the wall, they look like they’re about to kiss but they’re not looking into each other’s eyes, they are both looking over the others shoulder.

This card is all about making a choice with your heart rather than your head, again I believe this is linked to the first card, the Queen of Swords. I said that logic needs to be used to learn from the mistakes that have set you back, this card is saying, logic is all well and good but sometimes it’s right to go with a gut feeling and let your heart choose the right course.



This reading is all about rectifying mistakes of past races by using logic and your hearts choices to get yourself back on track.


Editors note: Far be it for TJ13 to interpret the work of Reefgirl, one cannot help but feel that perhaps Red Bull’s Max Verstappen might be on for a win or at least a surprise result – redemption for the Baku crash last year with his teammate Daniel Ricciardo.




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