Will an underdog star in Bahrain?

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How did I do last time?

Considering some of it was a long term prediction, we obviously don’t know, personally, I thought the race was a bit ‘Meh’, yet another Mercedes win but Bottas rather than Lewis, same whining from Lewis about the car, same bad tactics from Ferrari, same pit failure from Haas. So maybe it is time for Liberty to listen to the fans and take no for an answer when the teams try to block them.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury is now direct so communication glitches should start to wane, the only major moment happening on Sunday is Mars moving into Pisces, this could see martyrdom and self-sacrifice sweeping through the paddock this weekend.




What can we expect to see in the Bahrain Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Three of Cups

What to look out for – King of Spears

Outcome – Knight of Cups


Mood for the weekend: Three of Cups

On the card, Tyrion, Missande and Grey Worm raise glasses in salute.

This card and the final one are from the suit of cups, it represents the element of water, which shows us intuition and emotions.

This is a card of celebration, friendship and camaraderie. A  time of celebration with friends and teammates, who doesn’t celebrate a win at a grand prix but I think that this ‘Win’  will be particularly joyous because it is so unexpected. So expect to see someone or an underdog team to do well this weekend, this will  fill the paddock and the jaded F1 fans with joy.

What to look out for: King of Spears

On the card, Ned Stark sits under a tree contemplating the spear in his hands.

The suit of Wands, in this case, spears, represent the element of fire, this shows us pizzazz, passion, creativity and self will.

This is also a court card, it can represent people, of both sexes, as well as a situation.

This King is creative, inspiring, forceful, bold and charismatic, like Ned himself and I’m thinking that if this card follows on from the previous one, the underdog who does well this weekend may find himself in a more powerful position, within the team or in the paddock. It doesn’t necessarily mean a driver or team principle, it could be a team or engine supplier. This ‘Win’ will make people think twice  about seeing you as not worthy because you’re not a star, you will start to be thought of as a true contender.

Outcome: Knight of Cups

On the card, Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers sits astride his horse with  a raised chalice in his hand.

This Knight can be oversensitive, temperamental and over emotional. This Knight can be a bit of a drama queen and it the opposite of the previous two cards, the pleasure and celebration of the underdog doing well, is the Knight of Cups. Someone is going to have a tantrum because they were beaten and all the praise that should be his is being lavished on someone else, a rival, so be prepared for awkward media sessions.


An underdog may do well this weekend and it will give a somewhat jaded F1 fandom something to cheer about, this underdog will also find his stock rise in the paddock, people will start taking him seriously and listen to what he has to say. However, on the flip side, someone is going to have a meltdown of epic proportions.


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