Ted Kravitz missing? Ted finally returns to SkyF1

Where’s Ted? A Twitter hashtag that has been rather popular of late since the formula 1 winter testing in Barcelona last February after the popular Sky F1 pitlane reporter appeared to be purposely missing from the TV coverage, and then also missing from the Australian Grand Prix was ‘Teds Notebook’.

The Twitter storm even brought about an online petition where around four thousand people signed up at change.org to “Keep Ted Kravitz in F1”.


After Sky F1 did confirm the absent Kravitz would be featuring in the F1 broadcast, the new Sky motorsport director Scott Young said this of his 2019 presenter lineup:

“We have an amazing line up of experts who have real first-hand knowledge of the sport and are brilliant communicators. They are supported by the best commentator and reporters in the business.”

It appears that Ted’s Sky F1 career was indeed in question due to an unfavourable reputation with Scott Young (read the story below), but a last-minute rescue deal ensured that Ted Kravitz would indeed appear on Sky F1’s coverage for 2019. That said, the reporter was still missing for Australia prompting further speculation as to the popular presenters’ whereabouts.

Sky F1 has remained quiet up until now.

Unfortunately for fans of Ted there is going to be further disappointment this weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix as Ted Kravitz will again be absent from the coverage, but today Sky tweeted a confirmation that Ted will indeed be back for 2019 by the Chinese Grand Prix following on from the race in the middle east. It’s unclear whether the ‘Teds Notebook’ format will remain as before however.



Ted Kravitz booted from Sky Sports F1?

22nd Feb 2019

An intriguing little twitter storm has occured today since the press release from Sky Sports F1 for the up and coming Formula 1 Sky coverage in 2019.

This morning, Sky Sports F1 published their press release article highlighting the new TV presenter team mentioning by name everyone but pit lane and paddock reporter Ted Kravitz.

Much speculation has been made as to his whereabouts, including the unlikely scenario that he has indeed gone missing altogether!




How Ted Kravitz was nearly sacked by Sky Sports F1

26th Feb 2019

Last weekend saw a huge surge of protests on social media against Sky Sports F1 and unfortunately Karun Chandhok (his alleged replacement), when it was speculated that popular pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz was thought to have been sacked by the new Sky motorsports boss Scott Young.

Yesterday Sky announced that their pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz was confirmed to join in their full lineup of presenters for the 2019 season. Much speculation and even some gossip had been emailed to TJ13 by an industry insider claiming that Ted had fallen out of favour with the new boss Scott Young.


So what happened? READ MORE ON THIS STORY

13 responses to “Ted Kravitz missing? Ted finally returns to SkyF1

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  3. Ted is a commentator whom makes F1 most enjoyable. I very much look forward to his comments, humor and notebook. If economies need to be meet, then dismiss Scott Young. As much as I enjoy F1, and F1 is the only sport I watch/follow, if Ted is a permanent fixture, then Bahrain will be the last F1 event I watch again. Talk about stupidity. But then we are talking about a management decision aren’t we !

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  5. Because Ted is no longer involved I have my long weekends back thanks to Scott Young now I only watch or record the Sunday race.
    A bit of advice for Sky “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

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