Could there be someone looking for a new FIA F1 job?

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Australia GP Tarot Reading 2019

I’m using the Game of Thrones Deck that I used last year




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Well, here we are again a new season beckons, so what can we expect to see, astrologically speaking this weekend; well Mercury is retrograde for the first time this year.

For those who are new to this I’ll explain, it’s a term for when the planet moves backwards in the sky, not physically backwards, because the planets move at different speeds, the Earth passes them in the sky so it looks like they are moving backwards.

All the planets do it at last once a year and this is called Retrograde, generally, it means, the planet’s power and vibes in the zodiac are reversed. Mercury is the planet of communication, when it moves backwards it means communication goes on the fritz, phones don’t work, computers and software start getting bugs, breaking down, not working as well as they should, even verbal communication is affected, Chinese whispers start, things that are best left unsaid get spoken allowed and dirty laundry gets aired.

On Sunday the moon moves into Leo, it is emotionally proud and needs to feel special, it hates being ignored and put down, so ego’s may get a bit out of control this weekend. The Moon squares Uranus sees cold, distant chaos, sometimes seen as emotional terrorism, with the moon in Leo and the ego of drivers not being stroked the way they think it should be; the Moon squaring Uranus could be the fallout.


What can we expect to see in the Australian Grand Prix?


Mood for the weekend – Queen of Coins 

What to look out for – The Magician

Outcome – Four of Cups


Mood for the weekend – Queen of Coins

On the card, Lady Olenna Tyrell sits on her balcony in Highgarden; in her hand, she holds a gold coin her house’s sigil, a rose, on it.

The suit of coins or pentacles represents the element of earth; this in turn shows us the material world, money, family, career, home and the actual earth.

This is a Court Card, so it can represent a person as well as situations.

This Queen is a practical, organized woman who makes sensible decisions for her family as well as a nurturing mother figure. She has created a secure comfortable home for everyone, cares, and protects those around her.

I can safely say that this is Charlie Whiting; he took care of F1 like family, refereed squabbles, protected the drivers and teams and created a safe environment for everyone. This card is saying, although he’s gone his legacy in the paddock will not be forgotten and neither will his influence. Lady Olenna may have been known as the Queen of Thorns for her biting wit and vicious tongue but she was devoted to her family and so was Charlie.


What to look out for – The Magician

On the card, the figure on the card is Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, standing in his brothel. Behind him, on a red, shelved wall are the suit symbols, the Sword is represented by Catspaw, the Valyrian steel dagger that was used to try to kill Bran Stark after his fall and ultimately caused Littlefinger’s downfall at the hands of the Stark children. As well as the suit symbols is the infinity symbol and the necklace he used to frame Sansa Stark for Joffrey’s murder, there is also a raven and scroll, information is key to Littlefinger’s machinations. On his coat is a broach of a Mockingbird. A Mockingbird imitates the sounds of other birds and animals and this is Littlefinger all over, changing his tune to suit his ends.

This is a Major Arcana card, its message is important in this reading.

Traditionally, the Magician stands for using everything at his fingertips to get what he wants and he will get what he wants, by fair means or foul, he is also a trickster which is Littlefinger all over.

Someone is going to use everything at his fingertips, his confidence, his will and everything he has at his disposal to win this weekend, by fair means or foul, dirty tricks could very well play a part in this weekend’s victory so don’t believe the innocent face of the victor. Someone is moving, possibly, to secure support for plans he has to move into an important position, perhaps someone who is after Charlie’s job.


Outcome – Four of Cups

On the card, Sansa Stark is sitting under the Weirwood tree in Winterfell’s Godswood, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish is handing her a chalice, which she ignores, whilst looking in the distance, she fails to see three other chalices in front of her.

The suit of cups represents the element of water, which shows us emotions and intuition.

This is a card of indifference, boredom, withdrawal and general ‘Meh’. I have a nasty feeling this is pointing to the race being less than stellar, if this is the case, the FIA, the teams and Liberty need to withdraw and regroup to really get down to what the real problem with F1 is. The answers are there and so is the inspiration to get F1 to where it needs to be to turn it back into the sport it once was. The problem is that all parties in the paddock are so absorbed in protecting their own needs that they’re not seeing what’s being offered to them, helping secure their assets and the sport itself and this is a dangerous situation to be in before 2021.



All thoughts this weekend will dwell on Charlie Whiting, the man who nurtured the paddock and acted to secure the best interests for the drivers and the teams. Beware of someone whispering in ears and courting favours in an effort to secure himself an important job. After the race, there maybe a feeling of ‘Meh’, the teams, the FIA and Liberty need to address the feelings of frustration and apathy from the fans, before 2021, they need to withdraw and get down to acknowledging what is actually wrong with F1 and how to fix it long term and not just paper over the cracks.



13 responses to “Could there be someone looking for a new FIA F1 job?

  1. Its telling that the only reference so far to the sudden and tragic loss of Charlie Whiting, has been in this nonsense post (no offence)


    • You’ll have to speak to the site owner, I’m only a writer, but what you say is very true

    • You may (or may not) know, but TJ13 hasn’t exactly been overly fond of CW since the site’s inception in 2012, so rather than join the masses of content that are obituaries, sometimes it’s more respectful not to say anything at all

      • Sometimes its more respectful to put aside petty differences and arguments and respectfully offer condolence

          • you get my point tho
            But by your own admission….
            “TJ13 hasn’t exactly been overly fond of CW since the site’s inception in 2012″…
            which clearly indicates issues going back well before that tragic day

          • Adding my own condolences won’t be much of a benefit to the F1 community online, in my opinion. But suffice to say on a human level it’s a tragedy that someone that young would go so fast and unexpectedly, that’s never in question. He will be missed by many and it is a sad day when he passed, even for me. But I won’t wax lyrical and sing praises when I’ve always said that he’s been overdue retirement in F1 for well over a decade and was culpable for the death of a youngster who’d trusted Whiting to keep him safe. He was culpable and was never called into question by the FIA or his mate Bernie.

          • The Judges points about Whiting and Suzuka 2014 are valid. Both Whiting and his assistant, Herbie Blash, both of whom previously worked for Ecclestone and were put into the race directors positions by Bernie, broke / ignored the the FIA’s rules so that the race could be finished so the Russian race, which Ecclestone was making a lot of money from could be run and not cause any issues with Putin. Whiting / Blash and Brawn were then used to absolve Honda who were the track owner and who also refused to stop the race for safety reasons. Whiting death was a tragic event – but his actions in Suzuka contributed to a drivers death and raise questions of who he was really accountable to – the drivers and their safety or Ecclestone and his commercial deals.

        • Sometimes it’s more respectful to be honest and not hypocritical.

          When Senna was killed, many drivers were present at his funeral, including Derek Warwick and Alain Prost.

          Of course there was a number of Brazilian drivers but significantly Nelson Piquet was absent.

          When asked afterwards why he hadn’t been present, he replied, and I paraphrase, ‘I couldn’t stand him in life, why lie and go to his funeral now.’

          My personal respect for Piquet rose 100-fold that day

  2. Seldom agree with you Judge on what you write, likewise Cav, but you are both correct to fly against the outpouring of grief, sad as it may be, for Whiting. He was so far passed his use-by, has been a has-been for years.

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