Alternative predictions for 2019’s drivers

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2019 F1 Season Drivers Tarot Reading

What does the 2019 F1 Season hold for…?

I’m using the Game of Thrones Deck that I used last year




what happened to lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: Ten of Coins

On the card, a sumptuous feast is shown (Margaery and Joffrey’s wedding feast) the ten coins shown on the backcloth has the Tyrell sigil on them, denoting who really paid for the wedding.

In traditional decks this card shows a happy, financially secure family who have worked hard and now can live in comfort and not worry about hard work anymore, they have it all. Perhaps this is what is surrounding Lewis now, the wins are coming easy, he’s nothing left to fight for, apart from a few more records, is this someone looking for another challenge?


Valtteri Bottas: Three of Coins

On the card, we see the Sept that The Hound was helping Septon Ray build in a forest clearing.

This card is all about teamwork, learning from others and the manifesting of a plan. After last year you need to  come up with a plan to break this ‘Number 2 driver’ stalemate, the plan is formed about how to get the best from the car, the team and yourself to help you beat Lewis this year. For this to happen you need to get people on board to help you get all you need to succeed, people loyal to you.


Sebastian Vettel: Five of Cups (Fell out when shuffled)

On the card, Cersei is mourning her children; the last of them, Tommen, has died. Three wine goblets lay spilled around her but she cannot see the two full ones as she has her back to the room.

This is a card of loss and mourning, is he mourning the loss of Kimi or his loss of status as Ferrari’s darling now that the new Wunderkind is his teammate. It seems that his influence is waning, again. Is history going to repeat itself? This card has been drawn for Vettel before, five years ago and we all know what happened then. The lesson to learn here is, don’t concentrate on what you don’t have, there are still two full cups behind you, don’t ignore them.


Charles Leclerc: The World

On the card, The map of Westeros is shown with the sigils of the four prominent families flanking it.

This card represents both endings and beginnings, one cycle of life has ended and another is beginning. This is saying, you’ve shown your worth in your rookie year, you surprised a lot of people with your talents and you earned the reward of the Ferrari drive for all of your hard work, now the new cycle of life is beginning, a fully-fledged Ferrari driver, so now the cycle will start all over again. However, you have the knowledge and understanding of the last cycle to make a success of it, just like last time.


Max Vestappen: Four of Spears

On the car, Tristain and Mycella are walking towards a bower made of four spears and a garland of flowers in the Water Garden in Sunspear, Dorne.

This is a card of results, rewards and celebrations, whether that is in the present or the future, I don’t know. In the present it could mean, the team is now yours, Dan is gone and all the emphasis is on you, you were successful last year and now everything seems to be in place for your dreams to come true. In the future, this could mean celebrating race wins, even a championship, in the very distant future.


Pierre Gasly: Eight of Coins

On the card, Gendry is working hard in the blacksmith’s shop making metal pentacles, which are show in various states of completion.

This is a card of diligence, hard work and commitment, it is also known as the Apprentice card.

It’s fairly simple to work this card out, it’s a learning curve for you this year, you need to work hard, to learn the ropes, yes, this is the big brother to Toro Rosso but the dynamics are different. All attention is going to be on Max, but if you keep your head down and learn everything you can and you can show your talents at a later date.


Nico Hulkemburg: Temperance

On the card, Samwell Tarly sits in the library in Castle Black reading a large book by candlelight.

The main message of this card is finding balance, equilibrium and compromise. Two of the nicest guys in F1 on the same team, is this going to be a problem? You are going to have to find a way to be ruthless and still be seen as a nice guy, this is the balance you have to find or Dan is going to walk all over you.


Daniel Ricciardo: Queen of Swords

On the card, Cersei sits on the Iron Throne in all her splendour.

This woman is cold, calculating and ruthless and I’m not just talking about Cersei, the Queen of Swords is exactly this, as well as having a sharp tongue, cruel with and no bullshit tolerance. You are a nice guy and where has it got you? Walked over by your team and teammate last year, Nico is another nice guy but you have to embrace your inner Cersei and I don’t mean kill those who oppose you. You need some of that cunning, cool logic and hardened reserve that has made Cersei someone to fear.


Romain Grosjean: The Tower (Jumped out when shuffled)

On the card, the Old Tower, where Bran Stark was pushed from by Jaime Lannester, is shown against an orange sky, at the bottom, Summer the Direwolf is looking up.

Oh dear, this year isn’t going to be easy for you, the rug is going to be pulled out from under you and your world is going to come crashing, your foundations may very well crumble away. However, it is not all bad news, because from out of this chaos, you’ll get the chance to rebuild on firmer foundations.


Kevin Magnusson: Eight of Cups

On the card, Jon Snow walks out of the gates of Castle Black and goes back to Winterfell, his watch has ended. 

The meaning of this card is just what the picture says, walking away. You may think you have gone just as far as it is possible in this team, even though they have been good to you it’s time to move on. On the top of the card the cups are unevenly stacked, three are balanced on four with one cup on its own, maybe you’ve feeling things are becoming uneven here and it’s time to regain equality or strike out on your own, By the end of the season you will have reached your decision.


Carlos Sainz: Queen of Cups

On the card, Sansa Stark is praying in the Kings Landing Godswood.

This card is saying listen and use your intuition, listen to what the universe is telling you. Pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you and pay attention to what your heart says. You intuition will get you out of trouble, on and off the track so listen to it.


Lando Norris: Eight of Swords

On the card, Brienne of Tarth is sitting under a tree surrounded by swords, fencing her in; she can see her own sword, Oathkeeper, just out of her reach.

This is a card of feeling trapped, fenced in alone with no chance of escape, but there is, you just have to have the courage to break the bonds that hold you and step out of the fence. A lot of this feeling bound by circumstances and unable to break free is self-imposed; you can break free, if you want to. Yes McLaren haven’t been successful lately and people must be wondering why you agreed to race for them but it’s a foot in the door and you are not bound to them for your entire career are you? As soon as you’ve shown your worth and how good you can be in a less that spectacular car, the offers will come flooding in and you can escape, not everyone’s fate is that of Stoffel Vandoorne.


Sergio Perez: The Hanged Man

On the card, the sigil of House Bolton, an upside down flayed man.

This is a card of surrender, new perspective and waiting. It’s a well-known fact that you only kept your drive because you bring in money. Your new teammate is only there because Daddy bought the team and this may be troubling you, will you have to surrender positions to Lance, surrender parts of your car because Lance has broken his or wait for the inevitable, you beating the pants off Lance so Daddy fires you. This is of course just paranoia but it bothers you, you need to think things through, get a new perspective on team dynamics and be prepared for a sacrifice to get what you want.


Lance Stroll: Eight of Swords

On the card, Brienne of Tarth is sitting under a tree surrounded by swords, fencing her in; she can see her own sword, Oathkeeper, just out of her reach.

This is a card of feeling trapped, fenced in alone with no chance of escape, but there is, you just have to have the courage to break the bonds that hold you and step out of the fence.

This is a fairly easy interpretation, you are feeling bound by your father, he bought the team so you could have a better car. However, you are also bound by the fact that this is seen by many as the only way you could move up the grid, your reputation precedes you as a car breaker and the son of a rich man who can buy and keep you in an F1 seat by money alone. You need to break out of this feeling by showing what you’re made of, you have shown moments of brilliance in the past, you need to dig deep and show what talent you have to dispel all the comments that you are just a rich man’s son who is keeping a talented driver out of a seat this year.


Kimi Raikkonen: King of Swords

On the card, the Night King stands with a long curved sword in his hand in the Fist of the First Men (Oh the Irony)

The King of Swords is someone who uses logic to help him compete, he is also someone who like order, authority and is emotionally distant (Does George RR Martin know Kimi?) This is a pretty good description of Kimi and I feel now he’s away from the constant demands of Ferrari and Sebastian back to Sauber where he first started, he’s be able to stamp his authority on the team and do things they way he wants.


Antonio Giovinazzi: Ace of Coins

On the card, a hand holds the iron coin Jaqen H’dar gave Arya Stark if she ever needed to get to the Hose of Black and White in Braavos

This card is all about growth and the beginnings of a new project. This definitely a time to grow, this is just a small step but remember, Charles Leclerc started in this team and look at him now. Begin to sow the seeds of new plans and watch them grow.


Daniil Kvyat: Page of Cups

On the card, Bran Stark stands in Winterfell holding a goblet out of which a fish is jumping.

You may be feeling emotionally needy, everyone knows you were booted out of both Red Bull AND Toro Rosso because you face didn’t fit. This can also indicate you’ve become a bit of a wet blanket. Listen to your intuition; it will help you get back on firmer foundations.

Alexander Albon: Justice

On the card, Ned Stark sits on the Iron Throne, in his hand he holds his sword, Ice, above him a hand holds a set of scales, the symbols of Justice.

This card indicates that everything is going to go in your favour; you will also need balance in everything you do and be ready to hold yourself accountable for your action. Don’t shirk your responsibilities, Ned’s favourite saying was “He who passes the sentence must swing the sword” if you make statements or pursue actions on track that have consequences you have to deal with them yourself.


Robert Kubica: Seven of Swords

On the card, Samwell Tarly steals his family’s Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane, from his family home, Horn Hill after being berated by his father.

This card is all about serving your own needs, deception and breaking agreements.  Are you really doing what’s best for the team or are you in it for what you can get. It’s well known that the seat was basically yours from the middle of last year and it was only your money that stopped Ocon getting the seat. Will your sins find you out this season, there is something less than honourable hanging around you this year.

George Russell: Six of Spears

On the card, Daenerys Targaryan rides into Mereen after defeating the Masters and freeing the slaves.

This is a card of victory, recognition, praise and self-confidence. You’re a victor already, the F2 champion, your confidence is high, you have an F1 drive and you are the darling of the press. This could see you getting the better of your teammate this year but be careful, it’s a long way down from up there on that high horse, you are now on the lowest rung of the ladder now and you have to work your up. The old saying “Be careful who you tread on, on the way up the ladder, you may meet them on the way down, so don’t dismiss all those who helped you get where you are now.



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