Sainz on McLaren: “very elaborate & very different” | Alonso to test?

With the drivers preparations in full swing for the up and coming test sessions in Barcelona, many have had glimpses of their 2019 car designs.

One such driver who is forever optimistic about his new team’s chances is Carlos Sainz. The former Red Bull and Renault driver moved to McLaren for this year to race alongside McLaren junior Lando Norris.

During a recent sponsor event in Madrid, Sainz was quizzed about the new car.

“The new regulations open the door to teams that had a very bad time last year,” he said.

“I have seen the car in the factory and I really like the design, even though it was only the engine and chassis that I saw.

The bodywork was not on, but it is very elaborate and very different. At first sight, I like it. I’ve seen images of the design and the aerodynamics and I like it a lot.

“The really important thing now is the test results and that I like to drive it a lot,”

“2018 was a year of reflection for the team but they have learned what was wrong and are trying to return to where they were years ago.

“There now has been a restructuring and the result will be seen in the medium term.

“Everything will be ready to start the testing. I think it’s going to be a good year for McLaren and for me,” he added.

Once asked the likely perpetual question of whether Alonso would return to F1 whenever the Spanish driver is in his native country, the new McLaren driver responded with:

“It’s too early to judge whether he will return to formula one. He’s only just left,”

Rumours have been rife in Spain on McLaren’s alleged request that Alonso has some participation testing the new car in Barcelona.

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