Rumour: McLaren will be radical compared to the competition

This week, we’ve seen several ‘launches’ for the 2019 grid, although only Mercedes have revealed their actual car, the rest seem to make do with mockups or virtual renders.

Later today will see the launch of the McLaren MCL34, their 2019 challenger. The obvious first challenge is to drag itself off the back of the grid, not an easy task judging by the 2018 results.

MCL34 2019 concept art

TJ13 has been told from sources within Woking that their car will be quite different, particularly compared to the direction the 2018 car which was declared a ‘dud’ by midseason after it was discovered that the chassis design was wholly incorrect.

The front wheels happened to be placed at just the right distance from the sidepods, that huge aerodynamic instability would occur when the car was turning for sharp corners. Obviously placement of the said front axle isn’t something a team can easily change mid-season, so McLaren abandoned the 2018 car for this 2019’s design.

It has been said that the new car’s appearance will be very different from other cars, with emphasis on a loophole in the regulation with regard to the floor and diffuser. The source claims that this has been ok’d by the FIA already and it appears that thus far other teams have not exploited it.

Further speculation of the possibility for this radical car was evidenced yesterday by a cryptic tweet by a well know senior McLaren aerodynamicist, Ivan Roldan.

Could Mclaren have found their ‘double diffuser’, similar to Brawn GP’s controversial regulation loophole in 2009? Only time will tell.

Sainz was quoted a few days ago as saying that the new McLaren  “is very elaborate and very different. At first sight, I like it. I’ve seen images of the design and the aerodynamics and I like it a lot.”

Suffice to say, these whispers are emanating from a team who’ve consistently over promised and under delivered since 2012.


Slow motion of the new 2019 rain lights on the rear wing


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