Sainz: “The new McLaren is going to be completely different”

New McLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr has been particularly coy about what he says in the media, and after numerous quotes, not much has been ascertained about the 2019 McLaren effort.

During the last test in Abu Dhabi, the rumour in the paddock circulated on McLaren actively making a clone of the Red Bull for 2019, in a bid to best exploit the Renault Power Unit.

During the test, Sainz was eager to deflect some of this speculation during his media duties saying:

“Our technicians certainly look at all the cars of the competition, just as the opponents do.

“And indeed, certain solutions are being adopted, which is also common in the industry, not only in Formula 1”

“But it wouldn’t be too easy to just copy a car”

“We have the same engine as the factory team. I received proof of this at my test in Abu Dhabi.

“I’m not worried about 2019, I’m convinced that I’ll get good material. We learn from our mistakes and that’s why everyone is burning for the coming season – they want to show that they can do more”.

The only thing Carlos Sainz Jr is willing to give away, is that of his goals for the 2019 season.

“McLaren must be strong enough to nestle at the top of the pack.”

In other words, behind the top teams of Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. But in front of the works Renault team.

Carlos Sainz senior, his father, has been far more willing to talk in an effort to prove his son has the right stuff for racing in Formula 1.

Giving away his thoughts as to how Sainz Jr will be near the sharp end of the grid, the 56 year old 2 time World Rally Champion declares that:

“The new McLaren will be very different from the 2018 racer.

“In Woking, they are working on a car with a new philosophy. If my son gets the right driving feeling then I expect spectacular races.

“Carlos can also count on the support of Fernando Alonso, they talk to each other regularly and Fernando will also come to some races.”

The upcoming McLaren MCL34 was similarly spoken by CEO Zak Brown:

“We expect a good car that will be very different from its predecessor. Development is going according to plan, but of course you can never say what the competition will be like – except that it’s getting tougher.”

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2 responses to “Sainz: “The new McLaren is going to be completely different”

  1. So Mclaren is going to turn it around in a winter by copying Newey?

    Zac Brown has basically shown that Freddo bars were not ideal bonuses for the workers and their derisory efforts since 2013 were the malaise of previous management.

    Now he’s even got the Spaniard believing the previous rhetoric.

    Eric the believable has morphed into Zac

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