Provocative photo of Hamilton proves Tifosi turned on Vettel

Yesterday, Italian publication Autosprint published an astonishing front cover, further proof that things are in disarray in Italy.

In the photo, we see a classic internet ‘thing’ – the head swop – but rather than the usual unlikely head onto an unlikely body, we see Hamilton’s face presumably replacing Ferrari ‘star’ driver Sebastian Vettel’s body.

Well the article in Autosprint tells of a pie in the sky situation where Hamilton joins the team, from a brief ‘never say never’ statement given to the journalists there. Laughable? Perhaps…

“Mercedes is my family, I grew up with them. That was the case even with McLaren, but I knew that I wanted to change and show everyone that I could win with another team.

“I knew I could, but I wanted to prove it. At the moment I am not thinking about going to another team to win with them as well. But you can never say never,” Hamilton said.

Autosprint say that “LH44 in Maranello as believable as Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus ? Why put boundaries on wild fantasies?


Warning shot to Vettel

The Italians press do not mince their words when it comes to the red team. The backlash of failure in Formula 1 is oft swift and brutal. The fact that the number one motorsport publication in the country has revealed this image with a very weak written article behind it sends a message to the number 1 driver of the team, Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel is well known for keeping himself out of the spot light of the media, a private individual who admits he shuns modern social media and internet broadcasting.



He is also known for not reading opinion online about him, indeed during the failure of the 2014 season, his last with Red Bull Racing, it was understood he retreated even further away from the public gaze.

FORMULA 1 - Bahrain GP


In light of this, a photo such as the one published by Autosprint is sending a clear message to Ferrari and especially Vettel. Not many believe Hamilton would move to Ferrari at any stage, why would he? As long as Mercedes dominates, and there’s a chance of reaching the seemingly unreachable statistics of Michael Schumacher, then why should he?

Unless of course, he would like to prove that he can win another World Drivers Title outside of the cockpit of statistically the most dominate period of Grand Prix racing ever?

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6 responses to “Provocative photo of Hamilton proves Tifosi turned on Vettel

  1. And the Italians are also the quickest at back pedaling, when their, at that moment, hated driver starts winning again.

    • You misunderstand the Italian psyche.

      Ferrari is similar to a football team in the sense that it’s the team supported irrespective of players.

      A high profile signing over the summer was Ronaldo to Juventus, to Real Madrid he means nothing whereas to Juve he’s the future – whilst he wins…

      If Ham moves to Ferrari, Red Bull or Williams, the Hamfosi will follow, similarly Max etc

      But whoever drives or leaves Ferrari is not followed by the Tifosi.

      When MSC joined Mercedes, Ferrari fans respected his achievements at Maranello but they didn’t follow him over.

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