Leaked: Vietnam Grand Prix Layout


The proposed Vietnam Grand Prix layout has been leaked ahead of the announcement for the race in Hanoi tomorrow.

Formula One chief executive officer Chase Carey said in June 2018 he was excited by the possibility of a race in the Southeast Asian country, adding that Formula One had been discussing the idea of staging a street race in Hanoi with Vietnamese authorities.

“All (government) ministries and agencies support the idea to create a new attraction for Hanoi,” Mai Tien Dung, chief of the government office of Vietnam.

Funding for the race appears to be coming from the private sector, and not the government.



Mai Tien Dung, chief of the government office, said in August: “Hanoi authorities have asked people living in the planned area for their opinions about holding the race and they have all shown their support, to attract tourists.”

Well it seems like it’s moved ahead further than the efforts of Liberty Media in Miami with an imminent announcement, expected tomorrow.


The layout appears to be similar to many recent ‘street’ circuits that actually are more similar to fast Monza like environments, such as the now defunct Korean circuit and the Baku street circuit for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

Judging from the images, it appears to be anticlockwise in configuration but sources suggest it’s to be run clock-wise.

It is expected to be the third race in south-east Asia following Singapore and Malaysia.




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  1. would be great to see Malaysia back on the calendar, some cracking races had there and the weather liked to throw in a variable which could see a break from the norm as well. as for another street circuit, hmm, think formula e has that covered, I’d prefer to see more ‘real’ tracks on the calendar.

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